Saturday, July 31, 2010

Austin and the fence.

This is Austin. He is Paula and Johnnye's "other" kid.
I say that because Austin is there just about as often as their own children are.
And because we are at their house, like, every weekend, he is kinda like our "other" nephew!

ANd, well, Austin has a very unique trick! And Johnnye, the proud father, likes to have him go outside and show him off to his friends.
Austin has what you call an unbelievable vertical jump! I mean, unbelievable!
That there fence... it's umm.... about 5' tall or so!
And Austin can clear it by about a foot!
ANd although it appears that this was all taken in a sequence, it was really two attempts. This second try was from about 4' away from the fence, and Austin took two steps to jump flat footed right over this fence, clearing it by that foot!
Way to go, Austin. We are glad you are such a good buddy of John. And glad we got to know you so well. And congratulations on winning that vertical jump thingy at school this past week. 43" straight up vertical leap.

Your Proud "aunt" Mo


tricia said...

definitely should be in track. i see a scholarship in his future.

Amy K said...

Holy Moly! He's got some height!

Melanie Christian said...

That's awesome! How old is he?

Unknown said...

Impressive! I'd fall flat on my face trying that!

Mary Allison said...