Sunday, August 1, 2010

A lunch and shopping date.

This child of mine is something else!
No really. I need to be writing down some of these crazy things she says! She is hilarious!
Since Gabbi Girl does therapy three days a week, Ellie gets a little one on one time with KK!
And because she is, like, 14, she likes to go to lunch and usually requests the mall!
Apparently, today, she also requested yogurt!
How funny is this crazy nut's facial expressions?

I'll say one thing. She enjoys her little life!
ANd nothing could make me happier.

Oh, wait.... did I also mention they DID make it to the mall!
And after Ellie checked her receipt...
She proudly slapped her purchases over her shoulder and made her way to the exit.

Wanna see what she bought?
HEadbands. Lots and lots of headbands!
Hey, mall... see ya next week!


P.S. KK has a new work schedule in the fall. We are looking for a new afternoon babysitter. Daily around 12:30ish. If interested, holla! Need to have wheels and willing to put on dress up clothes! Ha


Amy K said...

Oh Ellie, you are such a sweetie-pie! Love the mall pics. YUM the yogurt looks soooo yummy!
If only we lived in your neck of the woods; I'd babysit your darling babies in a heartbeat.

Renee said...

I have a feeling that girl will cost you a small fortune in her teenage years. LOL LOVE her checking the receipt. Precious!

Dawn said...

Oh Melanie. Don't ever give that girl your credit card!!! She is a hoot.

tricia said...

If only I lived there;I'd babysit for free! Want to drop them off in ST Louis?

Kendall Family said...

notice the work "Laugh" spelled out on the wall above Ellie's head while she has the big scoop of yogurt... great shopping trip pics.

Cori said...

All of the pictures are so cute, but her checking her receipt made me laugh!! She seems like she is just so much fun!!

Shannon said...

Too cute!!!! Love the pix of her looking at the receipt!!! priceless!