Thursday, June 24, 2010

My kids...and too much on my plate

Who in the world drinks their sippy cup without a straw umbrella?
Certainly NOT Ellie!

She has a flair for the dramatic! You should see this child tell a story... her hands all flailing and her facial expressions are priceless!

And one more thing... the day I came home from work the other day to find this...

Daddy had let Gabbi Girl go to town on a pudding cup.

Staying with dad sure has its perks!

I havent' mentioned it, but I am in Wisconsin at an art retreat. Valley Ridge, WI to be exact. It is a quickie trip, and I struggled, struggled, and let me say it again, "STRUGGLED" with whether or not to come! I have a horribly busy week this week back home, and NEVER should have planned this trip. I did it a long time ago, and wasn't realizing what all was going on at this same time. But when I checked on it all, it would cost me a fortune to cancel. So... here I am ... learning from richard Salley (google him) how to use some of my metal working tools that I am clueless on. And missing my girls and husband!

Can you say "overextended"?



Sandy said...

Just make to most of your short trip!! and hurry back to WM for The SHAKE!! I know you are NOT going to miss it. Gabbi and Ellie are just precious

sportzmom said...

I just checked him out on Facebook. I can't wait to see what you create after a few days working with him. Have fun!

MLP said...

It will all be good! The pics are usual!