Thursday, June 24, 2010

Family beach pics.2010

Are you ready for this? The annual attempt at getting a family picture!

Todd never likes to do this, so what I did was wait until he came out and saw what he had on. We went back to the room, and I got everyone coordinated so he couldn't complain about having to go find a white shirt, or black shirt, or whatever. I am getting good at this!

And you should KNOW that my girls had every color at the ready!

Mary Allison knew the drill. She is the annual beach photographer!

Since we were all dressed, I just told Todd, "Ok, start walking toward the beach!".

He really couldn't complain at this point.

I love this picture. I may have to get it blown up for the BAH! Maybe for Gabbi's room. Her room is light teal. It'd be gorgeous in there. I even like the big sun streak across my back!

It just so represents where we are in our lives right now. When I look back at last year's beach trip, I can't believe that Gabbi Girl couldn't even walk. She was practically bald. They really do grow so fast. And Todd and I are aging right along as well, but growing closer as we do so. Not half bad!

I am thinking I need my lap band filled. Just sayin'!

(Or my jaw wired shut!)

There is something about family pictures that brings out the WORST in Ellie Susanne Groves!

Just like last year, some of these don't look NEARLY as bad as to reflect the behaviors we were actually dealing with!

See my hand strategically placed on E's belly? To KEEP her sitting on my knee. She was bucking and arching, and fussing. Good times! Good times!

So give me your opinions on which one is your fave. I need to get one blown up for the house.

I LOVE this one. Not sure why. But it is candid and just indicative of their ages and their playing together.

This one's neat too. I like the background of dad and Ellie.

I wish there weren't shadows all over Ellie's face. But she does look like a little angel here.

I am just waiting for her head to spin around!

Since I don't have them numbered or anything, you will have to just describe your favorite. Please do. I need the input. And I am so undecisive!



Christina said...

It might be that she couldn't do her favorite "pose's" in the family picture's. And BTW I looooove the dance pics, I think we would also fall into the smallest kid in the class category!

Beth E. said...

Ummmm....maybe I'm weird, but the one where Ellie is VERY unhappy (and you and Todd are looking at her and reaching for her...trying to comfort/restrain her...well, that one just shows how family life usually is! That should definitely be ONE that you have enlarged! lol I don't know that I could pick just one, though. They all are good. I like the ones of you and Todd holding hands. I also like the ones of just the girls...precious.

tricia said...

I LOVE the exact same one that you do. It is so PERFECT!

jneman said...

I love the one with Gabbi in the front and Todd and Ellie in the background - too bad you weren't in the picture:)

Amy K said...

Oh my, they're ALL gorgeous! Yay for Todd for picking an awesome color for your photo shoot.
I love the one of you & Todd holding hands and walking away with each of you carrying one of the girls, and the way the sun is shining - just beautiful!

Renee said...

The colors are fabulous. Love the aqua and green. My fav posed pic is the one where you are strategically placing your hand on Ellie's tummy. My non posed fav is the one of Gabbi in the front with Todd and E in the background. BTW, it doesn't get any easier. B/C at 13 & 14, mine still complain and won't smile and talk etc.. during photo time.

Unknown said...

Love the one of the two of you holding hands and holding the girls w/ your backs to the camera. But also really love the last pic of the four of you (the vertical one). And what a fabulous idea re: matching the clothes!

Shannon said...

All are good...I think I like the one of you and Todd standing each holding a girl and holding hands. Gabbi is a little hard to see, but love the sun light...I also like the walking away one with your backs to the camera.

Todd you did a good job at picking that shirt for the family picture color!!

Denice Bell said...

I love the one where ellie is standing behind gabbi, and the one where you and todd have your backs to the camera.

Kelly said...

for the family all together I LOVE the last one. You and Todd look great and so of course do the kids but those of us with kids all know that there is no perfect family portrait, and personally I like when the kids are not perfectly posed! I also love the one of you and Todd holding hand and each carring a beautiful little girl, I am more to lean more to non posed pictures.
Just my thoughts!! Your family is beautiful!!!

snekcip said...

1st choice-Ellie being unhappy
2nd rear shot of you guys holding hands
3rd Ellie and Gabbi playing

I say do a STORYBOOK like collage of the pics in Gabby's room, I think they would be cute in her room!

Jessica said...

My favorites are you all walking to the beach, the one where you are holding hands & looking at the camera, the one where you are holding Ellie in place (heehee) & Todd & Ellie, & the girls playing, and the one of Gabbie with Todd & Ellie in the background.

I know that's a lot of favorites.. but I don't think you can just get one printed!! Get a few!

Amy said...

Even with the sun streak, the last full family photo is my favorite. I think the one of Ellie chasing Gabbi would be cute in the bathroom they share (at least I think you said they have a Jack and Jill bath?).

rjpotter said...

LOVE the colors!!! I really like the one of the backs of you holding hands. And the one of Ellie and Gabbi playing.

sococo said...

Mel, I love all of the pictures! Especially proud of Todd for smiling in all pics! With my kids it did get better, a lot better! In fact, my boy twin is usually the one telling his sister the best pose! LOL- and NO he isn't in touch with his femine side at all, he just thinks he is fine! Ha! I agree w/the others and like the pics they mentioned! Loved the dancing pics too! How exciting! Ash refused to follow in my dancing shoes. Broke my heart, but she is her own person!

Momma and Her Doodle said...

The back of the entire family holding hands and the two girls playing.

Oh they are all cute!

Unknown said...

I love the one of you guys walking down the beach with your backs to the camera! That is just so sweet. I love the one with Todd and Ellie in the background too. That would be really cute in a bathroom or the girls' room. Of course, you know I love those outfits that the girls are wearing. So cute and perfect for beach pics! :)

Zhohn said...

Love alll of the pictures, and glad Todd chose that color. haha
The one with the two girls alone walking/playing in the sand-LOVE! And of course the one of Daddy holding Ellie's hand is precious. And for family, the one with your backs to the camera!

Debbie said...

Wow, this is hard, but the one with your backs to the camera, each holding a daughter, is so sweet. I like the family pic of y'all that is right under the one of Ellie fussing, and the one of the girl's playing is awesome too! Great color choices for a beach pic. Good job!!!

God Bless~
Debbie Jean

blessedmomof3 said...

Collage- Shutterfly poster size. They are too cute to choose just one.

René S said...

I love ya'll facing away from the camera. But, the one of you with your hand on Ellie's tummy is just classic. You and Todd look great in all of them -- so that's good! I just think it would be great to commemorate the work it takes to get a picture.

The one of Ellie where she looks angelic seems like it should be an ad for the beach.

Good luck choosing!

Debbie said...

I like the 8th picture down. The one where you and Todd are holding hands and each holding a baby. It looks like GOD and Jake are looking down and letting you know that they are protecting you by surrounding you with the sun's rays.

kate523 said...

I think you should use the one where you and Todd are walking holding hands each carrying a kid. I LOVE that one. You can tell how content and happy you are with your nest.


BenefitsLink said...

I think the best family family picture is the one right after the one with Ellie grimacing and you talking to her. You and Todd have great smiles and the kids have similar 'pensive' looks :) I LOVE the teal and tan skin. The one of walking on the beach holding hands with the sun streak is great too. I'd do both?

jenny said...

My hands-down favorite is you and Todd holding hands and walking (faces) away from the camera with the sun shining down. I love how even Ellie's little foot is hugging her daddy. Todd chose a great color for all of you, by the way!

Carrie said...

These are all great pics but if I had to pick ONE it would be the third to last one of Gabbi up close, Todd and Ellie in the background with the sun flare. SUPER COOL shot. What am I saying...they are all super cool! Good job Mary Allison :)