Friday, June 25, 2010

A day on the river.

Lots of action around here! I mean LOTS!!! We had the JOR Foundation golf tourney today and it was quite the hit! However, I have not loaded up those pictures, so might I entertain you tonight with our trip to the river!
Staci and Don were out at the river earlier than us, and we met up with them when I got off work. My girlies didn't know what to think!
Maddi was the only one in a bathing suit. My poor deprived children.
I don't know why exactly Maddi kept on tilting her head, but this is what I got!
So we boarded the boat and got ready to set sail!

Lifejackets. SO WE CAN BE SAFE! (Dora lovers out there?!)
That messy unruly hair that just can't be controlled. Work it, Maddi Boo!
These two have hilarious conversations, often sounding something like this...
"Hey Maddi."
"Hey Ellie"
"I like your shoes, Maddi."
"Thank you, Ellie."
"You're welcome."
"I like your cute dress, Ellie."
"Thank you, Maddi"
"Your welcome."
"Did you get that at the store?".....
I swear, they are like little miniature adults. SO funny to listen to.

This is our captain, Don.

And Gabbi Girl needed a little break from the wind, so Daddy-O put her behind the glass for a while.

Can I just say that I really really loved that Jake was with us on this trip!
ANytime I see a sky where the sun is glaring through the clouds, and there are streaks coming through, I just imagine that is our Jakipoo saying, "Hello. I wish I was there with you. Oh, wait. I am!"
Isn't it beautiful!?
Gabbi Girl was all about the river! She loved everything about it!
And, well, I love everything about her! She is the sweetest angel ever!

This is the house on our river that lost its footings and started falling into the river. The city is making them take it apart board by board!
That is our downtown area. Courthouse to the left. Interstate crossing the river, and Staci being all hubba hubba in her strapless number.
Maddi was lying there saying, "This is MY mama!" NOT wanting Ellie to have anything to do with her mom!

Precious little one! I could eat her up!
This is my cute husband.
Who on this particular day was a very good daddy!
We decided to stop at a sandbar on the river. Where, incidentally, Maddi found the "perfect" acorn! Ellie proceeded to take it. (Note the PANIC on Maddi's face. And the nonchalance on Ellie's!)
And as I scolded her from the boat to give Maddi back her acorn, she tossed it right into the river and, well..... I'd say she is pleased as punch.
I swear, we try to raise nice, friendly, generous children. I don't know what happened!

Twinkly eyed Todd!
This is where all that good dad stuff comes into play! He got out and romped around with the girls so I could stay in my comfy spot on the boat and take pics!
Just like Todd, Don always feels the need to make funny faces when I aim the camera his way. WHEN will these boys learn?
Even Gabbi Girl liked the sand. Actually, way more than her big sister. But NOT more than Maddi. Maddi would actually lie down in that nasty stuff!
WHen the girls got back in the boat, and climbed all over our laps, I was very glad that mine didn't also want to lie in the sand! (Note Maddi sitting in the background... she was FULL of grit!)
And the final photo of the night was of Staci trying to back the trailer down the boat ramp to load the boat. I was about to pee down both legs, laughing at her total JACK KNIFE of trailer to truck!
Todd got out and went to save the day. The whole trip was "a trip!" Can't wait to do it again!

And for tomorrow.... pre Shake 4 Jake photos. Stay tuned!
Several bloggers coming in for the big event!!



Chattin' with the Chief said...

Take lots of pictures from the auction. I hope my package arrived safely and you get lots of bids!

Amy K said...

What a fun post to have with my coffee!
I love the looks on their faces in that 5th picture - especially Maddi's. All 3 of them are going to have such wonderful childhood memories.
Woohoo on the sucessful golf tourney, and I know The Shake will again be a wonderful event in honor of the most precious little boy...the sky says it all!
Many blessings to all of you...

tricia said...

Just loved the pictures of you all on the boat. The girls are so precious! Those rays shooting out of the sky were breathtaking.