Saturday, June 12, 2010

Mary Allison: fashion diva.

Have I mentioned that Mary Allison is interested in fashion? Maybe not?
Well, the child LOVES fashion!

(the above picture slipped in ONLY because she insisted that we take a picture of ourselves with our "friendship necklaces"on!) She called them that because I bought her one for her birthday and I liked it so much, I got myself one too. She now says we are "bound" by our friendship necklaces. SHe's a goob.

Ok, so maybe you have also noticed tha Marymallison (Ellie's newest way of saying it.), also knows how to POSE it up!
I think she studies America's Next Top Model. You are NOT going to catch her just looking at the camera without a full-on/ back arch/ hand on hip DIVA pose.
Then, we are lying around in the grass near the condo, and she says, "Miss Melanie, this is my super model pose."
The girl even said, "Check this out. I am 'smizing'".
Anyone care to guess what that is?
Well, in the "biz", it is "smiling with your eyes".
Like this:
Or better yet... this!
Or maybe it is more like this? Is this "smizing", Marymallison? I am just wondering.
Jay and Pam, MA's parents, be ready! She is going to be a handful of a teenager.
And not to mention, an EXPENSIVE one! She has high standards and good taste. Uh oh!
Is is just me, or does she look 6' tall in the above picture? Daaaaannng!
I think I was just "centhening"... that is, "lengthening with my camera"!
Ok, ok, Mary Allison, I think you are pretty. (She says I never tell her. I try to tell her my love language is gifts, not words of affirmation.... and didn't I buy her a "friendship necklace" after all?!)
She calls us her second set of parents.
And I guess we will claim her!
(WHen you are rich and famous, don't forget how we took you on all these trips, and that I was solely responsible for lots of public exposure and your first official portfolio!)


Mary Allison said...

I am about to CRY!!!!!!!!!!!
I cannot believe you called me pretty and said so many nice things about me! This made my day!

Amy K said...

What a beautiful "daughter" you have. What a blessing Mary Allison is to you & your girls, as well as I'm sure you all are to her.

Anonymous said...

I guess we know where Ellie gets her 'posing' techniques! :) Very cute pictures of MA.

Dawn said...

She is very pretty and very sweet. When she's famous, Mason can say, "She babysat me once". He'll be the envy of all his friends. :) I do like the feature on MA...good job Mel. (Just 2 more weeks and we get to see y'all!)

Beth E. said...

Awwww...Mary Allison is beautiful! I have a feeling she is beautiful on the inside, too. :-) I love the poses, and I agree with Deb...Ellie must learn her posing from Mary Allison. lol

The pics are gorgeous, Mo, and your commentary cracks me up! Never know what you're gonna say...that's why I like visiting your blog so much.

Speaking of's been a long time, girl, since you visited and commented on MY blog. *Hint, hint* I'm not trying to pressure you or anything, though. Just sayin'... ;-)

kimybeee said...

Marymallison is a beautiful young lady and I am sure you don't hesitate to claim her!

connie said...

oh mo mary allison is so so pretty she is going to be a beautiful young lady her dad better be ready for the boys if not already . i love the dress she had on and oh how sweet to buy her that necklace and then buy yourself one. thanks for sharing the pics of maryallison with us and oh mo i sent you a message on etsy . about the necklace kit thanks oh i can tell that mary allison loves to pose for the camera and the camera loves her. how is your babies doing? since yall got home..

Mary said...

beautiful pictures of MA, I believe she has what it takes to be a model. You & your girls are very lucky to have someone like MA

stephleighjenkins said...

She is just precious! It has been so neat to watch her grow up over the years on the blog!!

MLP said...

Mary Allison!!! You are BEAUTIFUL! Love these pictures!!!

(Where did ya'll get those necklaces? Love them. I want to be in the "friendship" with ya'll!)

blessedmomof3 said...

My youngest loves Mary Allison's dress in these pictures and insisted that I write and ask where she bought it. So I am following orders. Where did that precious dress come from?