Friday, June 11, 2010

Dinner at LuLu's.

Don't you just know that when we show up with these three in a restaurant, people notice!
Sometimes, we get the "awww", as in they are so cute!
And sometimes, I sense the "Ugh", as in there goes our peaceful dinner!
Luckily we have figured out how to find places that kind of encourage all the chaos, and we stick to those!
Enter LuLu's! If you have never been to the Gulf SHores area, you may not realize that LuLu is Jimmy Buffet's sister. And if you've ever listened to Jimmy Buffet music, then you know that he is CHILL to the n'th degree!
All three girls are in an "I'd rather be on the move" kind of stage right now!
But, luckily I bring SUPER MODELS with me to to babysit, so we just take shifts!
and by shifts, I really mean "whose turn is it to follow them around the room?"
Apparently, it was not my shift as me, Staci, and Veronicia posed for this picture! I think it was more like my Appetizer shift!
LuLu's is situated on a marina, so the girls have things to constantly go check out.
They can buy fish food and feed the fish. There are boats coming in and out of the canal off the gulf.
This is Veronicia, her nephew, Cody, and her younger brother, Zach.

And if you didn't know better, you'd think these two were all sweet and innocent.
This is Tyler. He's been fun to have on our trip this year, as Hunter's buddy.
I have hardly even seen Haynden and Grant. They sleep til noonish, then, hmmm... I don't really know what they do. It doesnt' involve a beach! X Box maybe?
And they seem to have that pre teen angst thing down pat!
ahhhhh.... another live band!
Now that's what I am talking about! The girls love to take center stage and dance away!
And this is me....
the happy, joy-filled mama.
Heading home today from a very filling vacation.


tricia said...

Sounds like you had a fun filled back to the real world.

Kenzie Holley said...

It's always sad to leave isn't it? I hate it!

Denise said...

Maddi Boo's dress is adorable! And as always, GG & Ellie are so cute!

Emery Wilkerson said...

Oooooo. Lulu's is my fav! Love it!
And that is a great picture of you & Todd! Glad you got him to cooperate! :-)

Diana said...

Oh Mo ~ The dresses on Ellie & Gabbi are ADORABLE!!! (Maddie looks pretty good herself) I just love how their skin has a great sun glow with those white dresses & the bows - precious!
You know just the places that welcome kids - thank God.
Have a safe trip home & a wonderful weekend, Diana from Colorado

kimybeee said...

Love you hair in the post!!!

Of course, you probably had bed head or just had on a ball cap or something and you think it was such a mess - lol!!!

Rhonda said...

I think I just bought Mary Allison's crocheted shirt at Canton last weekend! Funny!! My husband made fun of it - he said I could wear it with my crazy pants....good idea, Honey!!!!! The three girls are gorgeous in their little dresses and everyone's tans are beautiful! Another good shot of you and Todd!! Still hoping my Destin trip happens next month!! Glad you all had a wonderful time!

Amy K said...

Beautiful photos as always! The girls all look so cute in their sundresses.
Great pic of you gals & of you with Todd.
What an awesome, back to reality all relaxed, refreshed, and renewed. Is it almost moving day?

Beth E. said...

I can just picture those three little girls giving everyone a run for their money! lol

So glad you've had a great safely!

Jennifer Taylor said...

fabulous picture of you and todd the bod!

Hallie said...

OMG...I am so excited....I just saw where you finally listed the necklace kits on Etsy....I have been waiting for one of those for weeks. Just orderd one...probably shoulda ordered two....and another necklace....can't wait to get them.

And btw...I really do love reading about you and your girls. I am as attached to those girls as I know them. If you come to Little Rock one day, I would love to meet them.

Sarah B said...

We love LuLu's and their fried green tomatoes! Yummy!!

Carri Russo said...

You look fabulous....the kids are precious as usual, I would love to walk into a restaurant and see you guys, my crew would just add to the craziness......