Wednesday, June 9, 2010

Gabbi's Glip Gloss

There is only one thing as good as "num" (gum) and DumDum suckers.

And that would be her lip gloss.

The girl LOVES lilp gloss.

And I must really love her, because she was fresh out of a bath when she found this tube.

It is always the same stroke.

From her lip to the left cheek. Sometimes a little above her lip, so there is usually some nose involvement!

But one thing is for sure. Hell hath no fury like taking Gabbi Girl's glip gloss!



Carrie said...

Ohhhh...I haven't introduced Audrey to lip gloss yet but she loves to eat her flavored chap stick!!! I can't believe how much older Gabbi looks lately. Must be the long flowing locks!

MLP said...

Gabbi is GORGEOUS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! How in the world could you say NO to her!!!

Amy K said...

What a little beauty! Her big sister has taught her well.
Have another awesome day at the beach!

Diana said...

Hi Mo ~ Oh my, glip gloss on your nose - way to go Gabbi girl - you put it anywhere you want because you are so beautiful it does not matter!!
I loved the pictures from yesterday "sisters" and Miss Ellie falling asleep with her sister - precious. (I am a little shocked that Ellie tuckered out...I thought she was your energizer bunny) I guess she just had too much fun - way to go Ellie.
Have another wonderful day, Diana from Colorado

tricia said...

Gabbi looks adorable. A girl has to have her lip gloss!

Melanie Christian said...

How precious! I can't believe how big Gabbi is getting! Her hair is getting so long and beautiful! A true little lady!

Unknown said...

It must be the age...because Chloe Grace loves her some lip gloss and shoes!

Sweet Gabbi gurl!

Theresa Shirley said...

Looks like she's concentrating on getting that stuff on there just right too!!! Too cute---Gabbi Girl is just beautiful!