Saturday, June 19, 2010

Jogging for Jake 2010

Well what have we here? Who is that 5ker?
Ohhhh.... surprise, surprise! It is ol' Mo. Those of you following me on Facebook know that I have been running. I don't think I have mentioned it on my blog yet. But, yep. I have been considddeerrrring running the 1/2 marathon in December.
Asusual, we started months ago, rounding up the volunteers (Jordan, Caroline, and Aunt Marina)
and Dawn Hardie, who has organized this for the past two years so gracoiusly agreed to do it again. She is also a perennial member of TEAMJAKE!Madison Raborn won second place in his age group. But, I am getting ahead!
This is Cydni, my "training partner".
PawPaw Raborn made us change locations, because he felt we MUST be in front of this sign.
Oh, and by the way, I assume these will be on sale at the Foundation's website?!
And this is Sarah Peavey. She has also been training recently, and well, I think she should be in an advanced running league. (She also reads MoJoy! Hey, Sarah!)
All first timer 5kers!!
And this is my friend, Lauren. She drove all the way over from Longview, TX, to do this 5k. How cool is that?!
Robin and Crystal got up at the buttcrack of dawn to volunteer to help the runners with water and encouragement. Thanks, girls!
Anytime Fitness has been so good to us to sponsor this event. JOR Foundation is very grateful!
Brookshire's, a local grocery store chain, formed a TEAM! They were well represented! And I think at least two of them ran (maybe more?!).
Smoothie King gave smoothies to anyone who came in with their race number. Can you even believe that I have an actual "Race number"? Ha!
And then.....
they ran!
Clara, crystal's daughter, and Ellie Sue's idol, was there bright and early too.
Travis, member of TEAMJAKE, did the 1/2 marathon last year in Memphis, and is already gearing up for this year too.These are our TEAMJAKE fearless leaders, Karl and LoriAnn Kaufman.
And dragging up the rear... Melanie and Jessica. That cop car behind us must have had the paramedics in it! You know, just in case!
Karl came back out to pour water all over me as I was about 100 yds from the finish line.
It was a dramatic ending for ol' Mo!
Our heat index is something like 106 degrees!
I can't even believe I made it. I didn't know that I would! Becky, in black, also came out to run me in!
It was kinda cool. I had lots of people cheering for me. I can only think it is because I have proudly held the role of cheerleader for them for so many years! Cydni and Mel at the end of the race. Does she have on make up?!
Quit showing me up , Cyd.
Oh, and Kimberly Kelley, also a former MMPT intern, came over from the Minden area (about an hour away) to run in this event. Such nice support we have and such nice friends I have!
Then came time for the awards.
The above is something I will never have to worry about cluttering up my house!

More of the Kaufman clan, Gary and his g'ma, Miss Jo.
Anyone recognize the little learning song, "One of these things is not like the others..."?
Well, let's just let you figure out who is NOT a veteran runner!

Nevertheless... I FINISHED! And I kept in my mind what I saw this little angel go through on so many not so pleasant occasions! Bless his little heart!


Mbeaty19 said...

So proud of you for running. I know that was a big accomplishment and goal that you've had for awhile. I'm sure Jake was cheering extra loud for you. Maybe that's why there's been so much thundering lately.
After being such an amazing cheerleader for so many for so long I am quite proud of you for doing the run. You are such an inspiration to so many. CONGRATULATIONS!!!!

Acutescrubnurse said...

CONGRATULATIONS MO!!! I am so proud of, if I could just get out there and do it.....been thinking about, but need to take care of my foot problems first, ugh.
Enjoy the rest of your weekend!!

Renee said...

WTG Mo! Kuddos to you and the JOR foundation! Awesome job!

Beth E. said...

You go, girl! Congratulations on your run! You're an inspiration to us all, Mo. :-)

Anonymous said...

WOW Way to go!! Thats impressive and now you have your first run under your belt! I am sure your precious little nephew was watching his Aunt Mo run this moring and was sooo proud of you!

Ronda said...

Congratulations!!! That's an awesome thing to do -- especially in that heat. Yikes.

Molly said...

Go Mo!! Congrats to you! Cannot even imagine how rough the heat/humidity must have been.

I've always wanted to be a runner but am so... NOT. Running the St. Jude's 1/2 marathon as part of Team Jake is on my "life list" but not sure which year that will take place. Maybe 2011? We'll see. Nursing is on my life list, too and will be starting nursing school in July. Maybe I'll add walking, jogging, and eventually running in with school, too. ;)

Molly in Georgia

Molly said...

P.S. Love the shirts, too! Will be looking for them on the JOR site. I have absolutely worn out my other JOR shirts and need new ones.

kimybeee said...

Bravo - Bravo - to you Mel!!! I see a marathon in your future!

Marti said...

Love it!!! You rock.

Melanie Christian said...

Go Mo! We're all so proud of you for running for Jake! I can just see his big ole smile!

jessie said...

awesome! my sister ran it this morning to! way to go!

Cori said...

Congratualtions on the run!! I just love how your family keeps Jake's memeory alive in so many positive ways. Y'all seem to have found the balance of moving on and taking him with you!! : )

tricia said...

Upset... .wish we non facebookers would have known beforehand. I know I would have cheered you on and encouraged you.

Nice job Mo

MLP said...

Mo...what an accomplishment! Is there anything you can't do!!! What a precious, wonderful, amazing source of inspiration you had!!! Way to go! I'd love to be able to do that someday. Congrats!!!

Jeni said...

Even though I have never met you I feel like I know you. I have tears in my eyes reading this post! Way to go Mo!!! I am so proud of you!! You are an inspiration to all.

Rhonda said...

Congratulations on completing the 5K! I am so proud of you!! I can't even imagine running a 5K - not being a runner myself! I think it is just SO AWESOME that YOU DID IT FOR JAKE! With his precious little face in mind the whole time. And you had some pretty funny parts in there - like the cop car following you with paramedics on hand for you! And the "Which one of these is different?!" And I love the JOR Who Dat shirts! Everything was awesome!

Teresa @ Grammy Girlfriend said...

What great picutures...and what a special little boy...
Your header is awesome...
Trying to catch up some blog reading...Love your blog..
Hope you will stop by for a visit. I have a guest post from my son this weekend...Happy Sunday

Christy said...

Way to go, Mo! What a huge accomplishment!!!!

jneman said...

Congrats to you - Something I would love to do, but must work on losing some weight first. Got my kits in the mail today - looking forward to working on them tomorrow.

Amy K said...

Congratulations Mo - what a wonderful accomplishment! Especially when the heat index was 106 - yikes!!
Wow, what amazing support for the foundation.
Love the FB pic of Gabbi holding your number!

Kathryn said...

Dang! Way to go! I am so proud of you.

stewardlisa said...

Way to go MO!!! I ran my first 5K at St. Jude a couple of years ago and it was the most wonderful feeling crossing that finish line.

c.holley said...

Great run, Miss Mel!! Me and Kenzie have been doing a lot of 5Ks and running. I'm on the cross country team at my school now- Wish we could have made it for Jakes 5K this weekend!

We are going to the Beach Club this week!! Woo hoo! Can't wait for the Hangout!

Melissa said...

Congrats girlie! Beware, 5Ks are sooo addictive!
I hated that I didn't make it Saturday. I think I ate something that didn't like me Friday night. :(
and GOOOO Sarah. If you want some great blackmail, I'll let you in on one of her childhood nicknames. Maybe I better not....I think she'd kill me.

Kris said...

Congratulations Mo, Jake would be so proud!