Thursday, June 17, 2010

Pool tricks. R U ready?!

Ok, remember how gabbi Girl could swim with floaties?
And Ellie just pretended to be having a blast on the steps of the pool?
Well NO MORE! Enter the RING!
Ellie was sicka and tired of watching everyone else have all the fun!
She would start on the side of the pool, and start counting...
Uno, Dos, Crackers!
Me, being me, wanted to teach her to count in Spanish seeing this as one of those "teaching moments" .
Apparently, Crackers, or really more like "Quackers" sounds a lot like "Quatros".
She just altogether skipped "tres". Who needs tres, anyway?
ANd not to be outdone, Gabbi Girl would let KK and CoCo throw her back and forth.
My kids became quite the little water daredevils.

Not sure if that is good or bad!
But one thing is for sure... Ellie would NOT be shown up by her baby sister...
"TRICKS" in the deep end! And her head even went under water. Way to go, Ellie Sue!


Beth E. said...

Way to go, E!!! There's no holding her back now, Mo! ;-)

Renee said...

Glad Ellie decided to give the fun a try. You may have quite the swimmers on your hand by next summer.

tricia said...

I knew she'd eventually get tired of watching Gabby having all the fun! Way to go Ellie

Amy K said...

Love these photos...Ellie's smile while standing on the table just melts my heart!

Momma and Her Doodle said...

LOVE that bathing suit on Ellie.
What a smart fun girl, she watched and waited and conquered her fear. Way to go Ellie Sue!!!

Glad Gabbi and Ellie had fun! Mom did too, I can hear/read it in your words.

Adorable girls...

Melanie Christian said...

That last picture of Ellie is so cool! It looks like the girls had a blast!

Hallie said...

That girl crack(er)s me!!!!

c.holley said...

Go Ellie! She's gonna be swimming like a fish real soon!