Monday, June 7, 2010

The Hangout.

Sit back and enjoy your coffee. This is another one of those posts with LOTS of pics, and if I am lucky... maybe a video!
We made our annual trip to the Hangout to eat dinner. We love this place because our kids can wander!
And it is actually an environment which actually encourages silliness. That's good for our group!
As for the wandering... well...
Gabbi Girl is our new wanderer! She is ALLLLLLL over the place! Even Ellie is shamed by how active this one is now, particularly in a public place.
And oh, MAN. If she sees stairs, it is all over! She has to be watched and allowed to go up, down, up, down, up, down, ....
or a fit ensues which is just not worth the drama!
The stairs were pretty entertaining. UNTIL...
She found this little toddler sized grocery cart!

The problem here is that she only wanted to push it AWAY from the store and the area in which you are SUPPOSED to pay for the thing! Anytime I switched her direction and encouraged her back toward the store, this is what I got!
It is kinda funny to watch Gabbi learn to use her fake crying and even tears to get what she wants. OR SO SHE THINKS!
Mom don't play that!
Now this is a sweet cousin. He wears his little cousins' Vera Bradley diaper bag on his back. He is in touch with his feminine side!
While we sat around, this caricature dude saw Grant sitting there and decided to start drawing.
I watched this dude draw some people last week when I was here with my MMPT girls. He was pretty awesome. I was just a braggin when Staci walked up.
I convinced her that we should get one done.

But, Ummmm... I am not so sure I should have!
I don't really consider me nor Staci to be vain, but daaaaaang!
Those caricatures were U-G-L-Y!!
Kinda makes you a little paranoid!
Then we were seated.
All 20 of us!
This is Veronicia's brother, Zach.
He's come on our beach trip for years. Kinda as the boys' sitter of sorts. He could drive and they had wheels to go to the go kart track and whatever it is that preteen/ teen boys like to do.
Here are mine, still running wild! Me, KK, and Mary Allison kinda took shifts!
I am proud to see that gabbi Girl is now learning some of the "tricks" that Ellie was doing last year.
The teens in our group were mesmerized by this dude's magic tricks!
They remembered him from lsat year and summoned him to our table! He really is pretty awesome!
While they were thrilled by that. The little ones were thrilled by this balloon man!
See why I like the Hangout so much? Something for everyone! And always up and busy.
ANd for the adults, LIVE MUSIC! And it was awesome!
Oh LORD. Look at this!

ANd then Don chose another dance partner!
Even Gabbi Girl, who never EVER goes to anyone got in on the dancing floor fun!
This dude just has no idea how priveleged he is!
And as usual, Don got my attention behind Todd's head and got me to take a picture as he made yet another attempt at hugging his bff, bro in law, Toddly.

Fun had by all. Now if I can just get MA to link a video to this dadgum blog. I can't upload it, so I am going to try to link it to my youtube account. Hmmm.... we'll see.

As for those of you who have asked about the oil. Well, first off, follow me on Facebook. If you have friend requested me, message me and tell me you are a blog buddy. I just don't recognize everyone's name, so I don't always confirm. Anyway, I try to update a little on FB about the oil. Today was beautiful!! NO SIGN of oil! None in water, none washing up on shore, and no smell in the air! I have no idea what tomorrow will be like, but we are blessed! Having a great family vacation!



blessedmomof3 said...

Wow! I can't believe that I am the 1st to comment. Thàt must be worth a prize or something!lol! JK. These pictures are precious! It looks like Miss Gabby is going to hit the "terrific" twos right on time! That is great to see. I love her little orange dress with the ric rac trim. My favorite pics of the night would be the one of Don and Maddie (that's a wall pic) and the one of Gabby dancing with the "privileged" young man. Her expression is priceless.

Emily said...

As you have probably read on FB, we have been having some PT issues....but do not fear, you have taught us well. We are doing PT in everyday activities. I am having her do everything herself that she possibly can at home like dressing, sitting to standing,etc. and we went swimming tonight where I had her kicking both legs a lot and using both arms,too!

Amy K said...

Awesome post, awesome photos. Oh my, the ones of you & Gabbi and you & Staci are beautiful!
Ellie looks so angelic sitting up and resting her arms on the table.
What a great group, from toddlers, to teens, to adults - looks like fun had by all!
BTW - have you done any running on the beach?

Jeni said...

That characture looks nothing like you two. Looks more like a scary cartoon. ha

Who is the 4th little girl in the picture with the girls on the stairs? Looks like ya'll are having a great time!

Beverly said...

All I've got to say is I want to go next year!

Renee said...

Looks like a blast! Keep having fun!

tricia said...

Looks like there is plenty of fun going on. Hope it continues!

Diana said...

Hi Mo ~ What great pictures of your beach time. Looks like a good time was had by all. I'm glad the oil is not moving closer -good for you.
Gabbi is really getting to be a big girl, she looks so cute in that dress with the ric-rac - just adorable.
Continue enjoying your well deserved rest, Diana from Colorado

jmckemie said...

Looks like a great time was had by all!!
I just sent a FB friend request but hit the send button before I put in that I was a blotg follower.
Also, just recently bought that same shopping cart for my granddaughter's birthday. She loves it, but also only wants to go in one direction! If you turn her around and try to get her to go the opposite way you get a reaction very similar to the one Gabbi has!
Love those baby girls!

Jessica said...

great pictures! loved the one of you & staci! you both look way better in person! ;-) i chuckled at gabbi's crying pics. i think fox at 10 months has mastered the fake cry. :(

Kenzie Holley said...

That hangout it so much fun! We like to go there too! Thanks for the oil update. Hopefully when we go next week, it will be clear.

Shannon said...

What a great Hangout!!! Keep making the memories!

Unknown said...

I cannot stop laughing at the caricature pictures...too funny! You girls are way too pretty to claim those as your own. At least he tried!

I don't think I have ever seen Gabbi crying like that. Is it sad that she is adorable even when she is crying?

Hope you all have a great trip. Looks like so much fun!