Sunday, June 6, 2010

Just another day in paradise.

So, as the girls start straggling in from their restful slumber (with the Goofy "baby" that KK brought them from her recent trip to DIsney World)...

as well as the new Dora and Boots houseshoes they also scored from sweet KK,

And after a delicious breakfast.

No hate mail please. It's not like that is all I gave them!

They got a purple one too!

Makes you think of Cosby, "Dadddd is great. He gave us chocolate cake!"

Hey, nene, I may be taking that "caution to the wind" thing a little far now, huh?

Oh, well, anyway.

We go the babies ready for the beach. Gabbi Girl is wearing an Ellie Sue last year swimsuit. When Ellie realized that, she said, "Can I wear it next year, mom?" Sure, ellie, whatever you say!

Mary Allison kinda took on the Ellie job, while I got Gabbi ready to rock.


Now that Mary Allison is 15, (as of a week ago), she thinks she is all mature and way above those baby 14 year olds! I'm just kidding, but the kid DOES live more like a 17 year old!

Ellie. And by the way, you are TWO!

Then, KK took over the getting Gabbi ready process with slathers and slathers of "skunscream"!

And then, well, let's just see if Daddy reads my blog! I suppose we will know soon enough!

Dad got himself packed for the beach. All he really needs is an icechest!

And maybe an iPod.

He was thinking he was being all funny, and wouldn't pose and just plain smile for a picture. Mary Allison was holding the camera at this point.

I think someone is learning a valuable lesson about cooperation with wife and camera.

I call this one, "In Deep thought"!

See y'all! Went to the Hangout last night. Got some VIDEO! So, I will do my best to post it tonight. Mo


Christina said...

Deep in thought I LOVE it!!!

Amy K said...

Well..what does Miss Melanie need to get ready for the beach?
Mary Allison really is the best. She does look older than Todd having to be Dad to her at the beach and stand guard as the boys come a callin'?
Looking forward to your video...
Happy Monday!

Kenzie Holley said...

How cute. Those girls are getting SO BIG!!!!!!

Becky said...

popsicles are just mom who is 83 years young had us kids to lunch on Saturday and all that was served ~ Hot Fudge sundae's ~ I said mom if I had served that to my kids you would have had a fit. She said that she has learned you better live for the moment ~ I'm always so happy to see you all live for the moment. Have fun..Becky

Beth E. said...

Deep thought, huh? He just needed to be sitting on the toilet and he would've been set for the day! ;-) Haha

Theresa Shirley said...

Melanie, so how is the oil situation down there? I know you said something about the oil stench one day. Is the beach yucky or not? I know it doesn't matter with your group---ya'll could have fun in any situation!!!!! Wish I could be there to meet ya'll!!! PS...I would loooveee to have some of those earrings, if you would please tell me how to go about getting some.

tricia said...

Gotta love those babysitters!

Kathryn said...

Did the oil get to your beach? Hope it is staying clear!

Cherry said...

Lovin GG's pigtails...Nice shots of Todd...and Mary Allison is a beauty...Did not know that she is only 15...I bet Ellie gets alot from See ya soon..