Saturday, June 5, 2010

Beach bums.

I looked back at a few pics I had of the girls from last year at the beach, and little Gabbi Girl barely even had hair. She was 10 months old. Can you believe that!? And Ellie Sue was Gabbi's age. CRAZY!
Now look at her... wearing strapless dresses! HUH?
Ok, so on to the story. Courtney (CoCo) and Katelynn (KK) showed up yesterday evening. Ahhhhh.... Hallllleelljhah.... can you hear the chorus of angels?
These two are college kids, and they KNOW what I am talking about when I bring a sitter to the beach. I mean, they do the diapering, the bathing, and mostly, the baby pool! Floaties, ziplocs of chips/ M&M's, extra swimmy diapers, floaty ring, extra cover ups, baby face stuff...

I sound lazy, I am sure, to some. But let me assure you... if today was any indication, although I talk big, GG wouldn't get in the pool with anybody but good ol' mom. But, I can dream, can't I?
This is the usual pace Ellie keeps around the grounds!
And I don't think I can adequately convey how much this baby is mama's baby! Those of you who have a clinger understand, but then you can also understand that although it is sometimes a bit overwhelming, when they ONLY want to LOVE you... it is the sweetest thing EVER!
Just a few minutes ago, for instance, Gabbi Girl kept pulling my head onto her lap and when I lay my head on her little legs, she would pat and rub my back like I was HER baby!
She really makes my heart swell!

Not sure what happened to these pics, but they would've been quite good if they hadn't had "film" all over the front of them?!

And then Maddi came in for the LOVE. I quite liked this group hug!
My girls! I wouldn't have it any other way! LOVE me some baby girls!
Then, like a moth to a flame, Gabbi Girl made her way to the pool with the big boys.
Not sure what this new face is, but you will see it often. It is the new "smile", I suppose.
So, the sitters went upstairs to grab bathing suits, but not quickly enough for Miss Thang. She got right in in her tee and pajama bottoms. Oh, well. They'll dry!

And there it is again! This is in those few minutes we were waiting for the bathing suits. I purposefully left the naked kids running on the side of the pool out of the mix for you tonight! It was comical. Take my word for it.
Then, while Ellie PRETENDED to swim, Gabbi actually got after it!

Some "big" girls, huh?
Yes, Ellie. YOu are so cute!
And I can tell what you are thinking too.
Heck yea, I OWN this place!

And whatchu gotta say about it?! Huh?

I mean, that girl has got some swagger! She walks with a great deal of confidence!
And have I mentioned the MAN in the family? This just freaks me out!
He brought his best bud, Tyler. (wearing Mary Allison's shades?!?)
ANd this is my other good looking nephew! Hayden, who tries his best to avoid my camera, got captured!
This is the buddy he brought, Grant.
Once again, Hayden attempting to avoid my lens. Turd!
WHat you must witness firsthand is my baby girl swimming in her floaties.
She absolutley loves it.... swimming with her floaties, that is.
I was steadily snapping pics of Gabbi and bragging on her. "Gabbi, I am so proud of you."
"Gabbi. Way to go, baby. Mom is so proud." etc.
Then I hear, "MOM, look at me!" I turned to check it out, and this is what she is doing....
There was Ellie, doing what she does best... posing it out!

NObody was going ot steal her thunder!

Ok, Ellie. Good pose. BUT did you see this?!

Center of pool. NO adult. Gabbi kicking her little feet fast and furiously.
Awwwww..... I mean, just awwwwwwww!!!
This is DEFINITELY worthy of a scrapbook page! Did I mention I got back on that hobby a couple of weeks ago?!
I also made a whole big ol' bunch of earrings today! It rained, and they closed the pools due to lightning, so I chilled in my room with sitters to help in the entertainment area.
I hope to have a little contest this week to get rid of them. I know I owe Rhonda some (turquoise crosses), Wendy (and since two of you emailed me, I thought, what the heck... I will send out two prizes), and..... hmmm.... who will be next?!
Stay tuned for an interactive week.


tricia said...

Gabbi is so BRAVE around the water. Love seeing her enjoy it. And Ellie..well....Ellie is a great poser! LOL She's practicing for the pagents!

Amy K said...

What a little fishy Gabbi is! Ellie's pose gets better everyday. Lovin' Maddi's new smile.
Cute, cute, cute - looks like everyone's having a good ol' time! Mo, I'm pretty sure anyone who reads your blog would NEVER call you lazy - take full advantage of the time you get - it's your vacation too! And, hey I think the sitters are getting a pretty good deal too! And, who could even resist those cute baby girls?

Renee said...

The pose is cute, but WTG GG! Keep on swimming sista!

Carrie said...

That little Gabbi is so brave! I am so amazed at her fish-like abilities!!! So very sweet. Both of your girls are simply adorable. I just love how you capture their sweet and sassy little personalities! I bet them running naked was a sight for sore eyes. As we speak my chitlin's are naked and jumping into the couch cushions that are strewn across the floor. Gotta love the little ones ;) Hope you have a great rest of your vacation!

Jeni said...

I am a day behind as I had no access to the computer yesterday. I love the girls swimsuits ALL of them. Where did you find them?

Go GG go!! My daughter was the same way in the water. She would jump of the diving board at 2 with her life jacket on.

jmckemie said...

Such BIG girls! Growing so fast.
Hope the beaches are going to be okay for the rest of your stay. Supposed to head down in a couple of weeks but thinking it is time to re-think vacation destination this summer!

MLP said...

They are just too darling...every ounce of your three baby girls!!! Love Gabbi swimmin', Maddi's smilin' and Ellie's posin'!

Kaia said...

Wow, Gabbi is pretty impressive!

Beth E. said...

I love that sassy walk Ellie has! And Gabbi...oh, my! She's a little dare devil in those swimmies!

I'm looking forward to seeing pics of the earrings you make. I'm about to get inspired...I'm seriously thinking of jumping on the CRAFTY bandwagon *gasp* and learning to make some of my own!

Beth E. said...

P.S. I was admiring Maddi's hair...she has some beautiful curls goin' on!

jneman said...

Wow! Gabbi swims better then me! Way to go Gabbi!

Rhonda said...

Oh yes ma'am, I am still waiting on my torquise cross earrings!!! That Ellie is CRACKING ME UP - she says, don't even THINK you are going to out-do me on something, baby sister!!!!!! That beach ball and pose is super model ready! ADORABLE! As always, I just want to LOVE on Gabbi Girl - she has the most lovable little face!

On another note, went to Canton all day today! Woo hoo - it was HOOOOOOOOOT! But worth it!!! Our crazy pants lady had summer racer back style dresses out of the same patches - they were so cute but super form fitting and would not have worked on my girlish figure! ha! I'm anxious to hear yall's beach reports, as we are headed (hopefully) to Destin in July.

jenny said...

LOVE the pics of Gabbi in the pool. As the kids say... saaah-weeeeeet!

Melanie Christian said...

Go Gabbi! She's a little fish just like my two! Ellie and her poses are so cute, too!

Kenzie Holley said...

GO GABBI GIRL! That is awesome! And Ellie, you work it, girl!

Jessica said...

Yay for Gabbi!! She is just too cute & adventurous!! And I definitely love Ellie's poses!! heehee!

connie said...

hey i love the pics of your girls swimming so sweet and cute so glad yall are having a great time there gabbi looked so cute swimming in the pool with her floaters on how cute and then elli stricking up that pose how cute and sweet that is she loves to have her pics made huh and so does gabbi girl ohhh i wish i could just hug them and play with them. and you making ear rings while in the room during the storm i wish i could have took my stuff with me but my mom wouldnt let me she said you might lose your stuff i said Me Lose MY BEADING JEWLERY NNNOOOO WWWAAAYYY i could have made alot of new stuff while at the beach but instead i sat in the room watching tv and sitting on the bacolony i dont like laying out in the sun so i just sat in the room during the day. but anyway i hope to win some of your ear rings necklaces or what ever you give away. and oh when are u going to do the kit??? i cant wait to make what ever you have done as a kit! i love making jewelry you got me hooked into it now :) i love love love making stuff i can sit for hrs on hrs making stuff coming up with ideas on how to make them what color to use and so on well enough about that i cant wait to see more pics from the beach have fun and be careful when yall come home.. oh how is the oil thing going there has there been any seen there?? i hope not so yall can enjoy your vacation.. well im going to go ohhhh i found a bead store and i was in heaven i got some there wahoo some very pretty ones i now got to figure out what im going to make with them here goes my thinking process well im gone now i will check back later on today hugs to you all

randdmom said...

If there is a cutest kid photo contest, you have to send in the one with Ellie and the beach ball. I really did LOL! Once Gabbi understand how to hold her breath, she'll be all over that pool! LOVE it!!!
BTW, glad to hear the oil is better!

Anonymous said...

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