Tuesday, June 8, 2010

Adult night out.

Guess what tonight was.

ADULT night out to dinner!
It'll probably only happen once on this trip, so we took full advantage and even took couple pictures!

At least we TRIED!

I swear.

I thought with every pose he was reallly going to smile and act right.
And he just kept right on goofing off.

SOmetimes even getting a little obscene!
Glad that picture was cropped! And yes, I am making a dumb face too.
And then, just when I think he may be cooperating....
Ahhh... Staci, hurry click it!
He was only taking a break, but I will take it!

And out in the parking lot, the three hotties posed for a pre-dinner "dress up" (as much as we get dressed up anyway) picture.

Can you match sandal to face?
Here. I will give you a little more of a hint. Here are the pants/ skirt.
The names are Mel, Veronicia, and Staci. But who is who?
Happy Tuesday. (Two posts in one day... that is because we are taking LOTS of pictures! And because I can't figure out the whole video thing!)



kimybeee said...

mo has the turquoise toenails, veroncia is wearing the white skirt and Stacy is wearing the brown capris. If I am correct, I figured it out before the hint shot. If I am wrong, then?? Todd will regret all those funny faces when you put them into "The many faces of Todd the Bod" scrapbook!

melanie, aka Mo said...

NOPE waaaaay off, Kimybee! IN fact you don't even have one right. Thank you for playing!

Rhonda said...

Stacey is in the blue jean capris, you in the white skirt and Veronica in the brown/black capris! BTW, the pictures of you and Tod the Bod turned out cute - AFTER he decided to cooperate!

Dawn said...

Love the pics! What about a couple picture of Todd and Don. I am sure Todd will cooperate then!! :) Can't wait to see you all in a few weeks!

melanie, aka Mo said...

Rhonda, you are correctomundo!!

Beth E. said...

I say the the feet (left to right) are Veronica, Mel, then Staci on the right.

Great photos, especially the pics of you and Staci with your hubbies. Tell Todd I know what he was grabbing...men are all alike! lol ;-)

Glad you are having fun...you deserve it!

tricia said...

Three Hot Babes! I hope you enjoy the evening.

Carrie said...

Darn it, Rhonda beat me to the punch! You girls look fab. So jealous of all that you guys do together. And man-o-man does Mr. Todd have a silly streak in him today or what???

MLP said...

Tod the Bod CRACKS me UP! I really think T-dawg and Trendy would fit in just fine with your group!!!

You girls look beautiful! Hope ya'll had fun. I like your sandals by the way!

Amy K said...

Beautiful photos! Yay for adult night...we all need those once in awhile.

Shannon said...

Veronica, Mo and Thtathi!
BTW...do you rent out your condo?

Shannon said...

Ummm - yeah...just saw you already had a winner. Duh. Sorry. I really didn't cheat :)!

Jana said...

Veronicia left, Mel in the middle and Staci on the right?

connie said...

i loved the pics of you and staci and veroncia and the ones of you and todd and the one of staci and don so cute i hope yall enjoyed your adult night out? enjoy the rest of your vacation down there.

c.holley said...

I love all those sandals! =)