Wednesday, June 23, 2010

First Day of Dancing

Well, the day finally arrived!

The first day of dancing!

So the paparazzi lined the parking lot.

and we waited with anticipation for the 1:30 class to begin!

We had Staci, Me, Veronicia, her mom, Mary Alice, JinJin, CoCo, and KK all present for the witnessing of the first day!

We are like wolves. We travel in a pack!

These two had not yet seen each other in dancewear!

They went into full gear ACTING like they knew what they were doing.

Actually, they are pretty convincing!

Well, maybe lying down in the parking lot is a little over the top!

Heeeeere we go!

That's better!

Ahhhh. Much more like it!

We had two big cameras flashing, and I am sure the other parents wished they could get in the front door with their kids. We are such a strange bunch!

But I will tell you one thing. No one can say we don't celebrate life's daily adventures!

and might I say, they will be well-documented!!

Gabbi Girl's day will come next year!

Ellie already knows all about a "bun" in her hair too! She loaded her hair with bobby pins when we left the house. Here, Jin is doing a little re-do!

She was so excited. And obviously so were we!

Linda Lou will be her teacher, but she is out of town this week. She and I were communicating via FB, so she knew our big day had arrived!

Oh my word... LOOK at my big girl doing this all by herself!WEll, not exactly all by herself. She has her trusty sidekick, Maddi!

Did she just go put her dancing bag on the bench? WHAT?

That big girl!

ANd then naturally needed to tell Maddi exactly what SHE should be doing as well!

Don't they look so big doing all of this? and "Big" is certainly a relative term.

Ellie is the smallest one in the class! People are always surprised to meet her and see how small she actually is! She is just BIG in spirit! You go, girl!

And there it is. Dance class!

First day of a long line of adventures, I am quite sure!

A whole line of preciousness. Many friends to be made!

As we watched out in the lobby, I remembered my own days at Linda Lavender's School of Dance!

Dancing actually played a big part in my own life. We'll save that for another day. Betcha didn't know I had a dancing scholarship in college! And was one of ten chosen for a special dance line who performed at basketball games, etal. Or that I was actually a member of the Twin City Ballet Company! Or... that I... some other day.

Oh the memories I have of dance! and the memories my babies will have of dance too!

So exciting.



Molly said...

Well, as always, this post brought the biggest smile to my face! That picture of JinJin hugging them? Oh my- that is the sweetest picture ever! Brought tears to my eyes. And there's Miss GG still loving on Goofy. Precious. Looking forward to hearing about all the dancing adventures and cannot wait until recital time, which will be such a hoot, I'm sure, LOL. Maybe the paparazzi can get some video of the dancers in action for us sometime. =)

Amy K said...

Ohhh, these photos are fantastic! I can't wait to see how much they enjoy this.
I see Gabbi Girl brought Goofy along.
Have a wonderful Wednesday!

kimybeee said...

ADORABLE - How warm and fuzzy your heart must have felt - and for you and the dancing - I can totally buy it!

kris said...

So sweet! As a mom of 4 boys I can't wait for the new adventures of dance class. Have fun (everyone)

Sandy said...

Awe this is just too precious. Seems like yesterday we were seeing post of you and Todd becoming parents and NOW the Dance line!! Oh what fun you are going to have.

Diana said...

Hi Mo ~ What a great post! Ellie, Maddie (and of course Gabbi) all look so cute! I love the dance wear and those tap shoes...WOW! She must think she hung the moon!
I love how she tells Maddi what to do & Maddi does it - too funny.
And Gabbi picking the flowers - a beautiful site.
I love how you travel in packs, I think it is great.
And Jin-Jin getting to be a hugh part of their lives - that is how it is supposed to be.
Have a wonderful day.
Diana from Colorado

Jessica said...

the girls are sooo, sooo cute!! love their leotards!

Kellye Hoogland said...

THose pics and the memories are ABSOLUTELY FABULOUS!!! Thanks for sharing!

Emily said...

I'm so excited for Stormie's day to come! She will start next year, but I'm definitely not rushing next year to come. I know you had a lump in your throat, they seem to come closer and closer together, those O My she's so big moments.

tricia said...

Such a girly milesstone. Ellie looked so ready!

Mindy said...

I know you can't tell it by looking at me know but I danced for 13 yrs!! I loved every minute of it and was so excited to see my neice in her first recital this spring. Can't wait to see more adventures in dance!!

Beth E. said...

I was gonna ask you if it was a camera trick, or if Maddi is bigger than Ellie... then you answered my question! I can't get over how little Miss Priss is! ;-) She may be tiny, but she has a big heart and an even bigger zest for life!

Adorable "firsts" in Ellie's, Maddi's and Gabbi's lives...I don't blame you one bit for celebrating every second!

rjpotter said...

Such cute pictures!!! Almost every single dancer was in black--- was that planned? You have adorable kids. Thanks for sharing. You brighten my day.

Zhohn said...


Ellie Sue is growing up too fast!

Melanie Christian said...

The girls are absolutely precious in their dancing clothes! Keep the pictures coming!

ScottSeab said...

Didn't Linda Lavender also teach piano lessons back in the day? Seems like Todd and I tried that briefly-

Kendall Family said...