Tuesday, June 22, 2010

Buying new dancing clothes!

Because I have had so many pictures of the beach to share, I have not been able to tell you all about the HUGE week we have had around here!
A certain little someone is now wearing panties all the time! She just decided herself that she would like to start that and, shazam... it was done!

With that said, a certain someone is now eligible to go to dancing class!

Which meeeeans..


Most of all... it means, new "tapping shoes". (that is all Ellie has been excited about since seeing Sarah in hers!)

And oh my, the excitement of getting to go to the dancing store to buy such fun-ness!

Can you see how pleased she is with her selection?

But that's not all! We have to have all new leotards/ tights, dancing bag, etc! Ellie Sue was in heaven with this shopping trip all for her! (and I was not planning this trip, so my clothes were MOVING clothes, not SHOPPING clothes... I don't usually go to town in a tight tank top!!)

The day was a fun one. I have flash forwards of shopping trips for school clothes, picking out cheerleading/ dance line/ whatever outfits, etc..

This baby couldn't hit that exit fast enough!

And this baby was her ever sweet self.

By the way, the reason I am actually in so many pictures is that Sarah (from next door) was with us on this trip and took a lot of the pictures!

Ellie had to get home. She had to try her new things on!!

And boy, was she ever proud. AND CUTE!

Naturally, she had to try on her tapping shoes first!

And naturally, she had to try out several of her poses... ooooooh, Ellie. an overhead pose! WOW!This kid of mine is so much fun. She keeps us on our toes.

Who needs entertainment when you've got Ellie!

Can't wait to watch her dance!



tammy said...

That is great!! I remember those days! Your girls are absolutely beautiful!! love reading about them!

tricia said...

she's growing up so quickly!

Kim said...

Precious ~ just precious!!

Kim said...

....oh, and I forgot to say MOVING clothes ~ YAY!!! How EXCITING ~ cannot wait to hear all about it!!!

Shannon said...

I can't believe how much older she looks in these pictures? Is it just me?
Looking forward to dance video!! :)

Sandy said...

Mo that is just WONDERFUL can't wait to come see Ellie at Dance Recital!!! Oh what fun you are in for.

Jessica said...

Super cute!! I hoping for a girl next time so I can put her in dance!!

Melanie Christian said...

How precious! I can't wait to see pictures of her first recital! What fun!

Theresa Shirley said...

She is just the most excited thing with that shopping bag!!! How sweet! BTW---just wanted to let you know that I DREAMED I met you the other night! haha---don't want you to think I'm a weirdo---but I guess it comes from reading your blog EVERY day, and already feeling like I know you! For some reason in the dream, you had come to Six Flags (in Atlanta). And I was telling my Mom all about you & your family, and I remember telling you that I wanted to bring my daughter (an aspiring artist) to one of your art retreats in the BAH. Please don't think I'm a stalker now!! :) Too funny!!!

snekcip said...

We are enrolling Bree in dance class as well! She was so enthralled by her 4yr old friends recital, she has not stopped talking about it since!She already has several tutus and is convince this should be her daily wear!! I can't wait to see my girl in all her glory!! Good luck Ellie on your new adventure!!!

Rhonda said...

Oh, I love it!!! I remember those days all too well - with my now 11 1/2 year old TOMBOY!!! She looks like a little doll in that leotard and skirt!!! Precious!!

Cathy said...

SO FUN! I can't wait to do this and still vividly remember doing it with my Mom, when I was tiny.

blessedmomof3 said...

Too cute! I love those special shopping trips with my girls!! Ellie Sue's sweet smile says it all! Can't wait to hear the tales of dance class!!

Amy K said...

WooHoo, way to go Ellie Sue!! No more diapers!!
Mo, you'll have to post dance videos of that little sweetie.

Anonymous said...

Oh my gosh, I dont know if I have ever seen anything cuter....she's adoreable and yes, you can see she is so proud of herself. YAY ELLIE!!!!!!!!

jessie said...

i love this! ellie will LOVE dance! i CANNOT wait until my daughter is old enough for dance classes!!

Renee said...

Fun times ahead for your family Mo. How exciting. Looking forward to dancing stories.

MLP said...

That is adorable!!! All of it!