Friday, June 4, 2010

Family portraits... ha!

Hey. Leatherface here!

After that super long, picture-ful post yesterday, I have to tell you today's will be more succinct. Love that word..... succinct!
It is almost impossible to not even get the girls smiling at the same time, but JUST to get them both looking in the general direction of the camera at the same time!
These were taken the day after my hard core "burn" and you will be happy to know, I am now wearing a cap everyday.
Staci and Don, Veronicia, and family are heading down today, as well as KK and Courtney, (more sitter help! WOoo hooo), so the party should get cranked up here soon.
The local news said we would have oil slick by yesterday at noon. But, as of right this minute, still NONE. Thank the LORD.
Have I mentioned someone (see above) can now swim with only the assist of Floaties?! I mean, we are all awestruck at how this kid takes to the water! Ellie, on the other hand, "MMMmoooom, don't let go. Moooommmm, let's go back to the stairs. Moooommmm, I want to go to the baby pool."
Owners at the Beach Club can bring their dogs. I wonder how ol' Earl would like it here. Probably too swanky for his blood. Look at that fancy spaniel!
As God is my witness, we will get a family portrait while we are here.
Mary Allison is here, and she is as much of a shutter bug as I am , so we will for sho, go down trying!
thanks for reading.


SaraG said...

Great photo's!!
I hope you have an "oil" free vacation!!
Take care

tricia said...

I hope your stay there is sheer heaven. Enjoy the fun&sun

Amy K said...

What a beautiful family Mo!

snekcip said...

Hey Mo...OIL and LEATHER works pretty good together!!! You can buff your face to a nice smooth shine!! LOL!!!!

Renee said...

Keep snapping. Love to see the pics.

showtime said...

Great pictures of you and the girls!! Looks and sounds like you are all having a wonderful time!

Melanie Christian said...

Love the pics! I'm hoping for no oil!

Shannon said...

I was wondering if the oil slick would be coming your way. Prayers that you get to finish your vacation and they stop the leak or gusher.

Tracy Solomon said...

Love the pictures and I do hope you have a wonderful time with great weather, no oil and a great family picture (that will be fun to try). Those pictures leading up to the one perfect shot are always the fun ones to look back on:)

Love, Tracy Solomon
Ladybug Katia's Mommy

Vicki said...

love the pictures! You all look so happy and relaxed. That spaniel looks like a Cavalier King Charles Spaniel which is what we have. They are awesome dogs!!! Hope you all have a great time at the beach and that oil slick stays away. We are from Panama City and I'm praying the slick doesn't get that far.

breanna said...

the first one is ADORABLE!!!

coolgirl2011 said...

I love the family pictures.

Sandy said...

Great Pics Mo. Hope the Oil holds out til you guys have finished your vacation. Glad ya'll are having a BLAST

Kathryn said...

Oh, I do hope you can finish your vacation, and I really pray that this oil mess stops before millions are affected!