Thursday, June 3, 2010

Drew's Rehearsal Dinner

This is Drew.

He is my cousin. Actually, he is my second cousin. His mom, Cherry, and I are first cousins. Our moms are sisters.

Anyway, Drew got married two weekends ago. And on Friday the 18th, he had his rehearsal dinner at Staci's house. It was supposed to be the first shindig at the BAH, and I told him about 10 months or so ago, that he could have it at my house. But I won't go there... house not ready.... go to plan B!
That is a perk of living next door to your sister. If your house plan falls through, there is another option right next door!

He wanted an LSU themed rehearsal dinner and wanted it to be very casual. It was actually a fish fry.
So, Staci, Jin, and I pulled out the purple and gold and got it going on!
Breanna was in town and added a few touches. She wrapped those boxes in fabric which turned out really cute!
Once the guests arrived, the fun began.

Except for this little girl! She couldn't escape Ellie's watchful eye. Ellie was enamored with her shiny leggings and flipflops! She followed this poor child everyhwere!
I love it that kids were also welcome at this event. Most of our family events are pretty casual and kids are a part of it. Remember, we travel as a pack! Wolf-like!
It is amazing what a single roll of ribbon can transform!
Staci just rarely takes part in a party without decorated cookies. This was one of her contributions!
We decorated outside and inside, as the guestlist included about 75 peeps.

Drew and Jennifer, his bride, seemed very happy. It kinda brought back memories of my own wedding. No matter what anybody else thought, I thought it was the best, most uniquely awesome rehearsal/ wedding that anyone could have ever had! I still look back on it with those same memories! It was perfect. But, I digress...
We began the night gathered in the gameroom to watch a video of the two of them as babies and watching them grow into young adults. Ahhhh, young love!
This is my cousin, Cherry, protecting the stalked!
Second from right is the bride's mom. Strangely, Drew is an only child, and Jenn, his bride, is too. Isn't that a little unusual?
Todd the Bod and Don Juan were in charge of the fish fry. They didn't actually fry the fish, but they kind of orchestrated it.
Todd was supposed to fry it, but we hired this crew instead! It gave us all the flexibility to hang out with the crew and not be so stinkin' hot and sweaty that we couldn't even enjoy ourselves.
These three THOUGHT they were running the show!
Gabbi Girl just wanted to play with this ball.

Ellie was just a stalker and I threatened her if she took her dress off or changed clothes, she'd be in very big trouble!
Huh? What? Me?
We purple and golded everything we could find!
Luckily, I have tiger Arthur Court pewter. That came in handy!
This is my Aunt Bonnie and Uncle Speedy. I wonder why he is called "Speedy"? He is NOT speedy!
Aunt Bonnie is my mom's sister... one of her closest, if not the closest sister. She has a twin brother. His name is David Earl. This is Bonnie Merle. Mom was the baby of EIGHT!
Bonnie has two girls and a boy. Cherry, mom of the groom, seen here....

She really lucked up on the daughter in law thing! Jennifer is a fun, bright, charismatic young lady. A great wife for Drew, and a fun new addition to our family!
JINNIE... CLOTHE yourself, woman! Is that short skirt and a criss cross back shirt?! NO MA'AM!!
Drew gave little goodies to his groomsmen, and
Jenn did the same for her woman-folk wedding party.
I am tired of my nephew looking like a man! He looks so much like his daddy! Jin just keeps right on shrinking!
Gabbi Girl found her something to preoccupy her.
I am not sure there have ever been cuter pigtails in the history of the world!
She was ALL about loving on this little guest!
And then it happened.... in the middle of the party, out came THIS....
This kid really is a riot!
Good times had by all. Another hitched couple in the world! Wishing them love and laughter... all their days!

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