Tuesday, May 4, 2010

OMG! Photo problem SOLVED! CANVASES!!

Oh Lordy Be!

I have a computer and am able to upload my own pictures now! Not only do I hear angels singing, but the skies have parted and Jessi is on her knees in grateful prayer that I am no longer calling her and saying, "Jessi, please upload a few pics for me and just surprise me."

Todd the Bod bought a new computer this past week and has agreed to let me put my pictures on his new gear! That means, I am back in business for my day to day photo uploads!

I stuck my camera card right into the side of his computer (never had that luxury before), and couldn't wait to see what all was on my card. I was not disappointed, and you won't be either! I LOVE those daily memories.... out in the driveway, eating Cheerios, on the couch with Dad, etc.

With all there is to write about now, I chose Canvases. That is because there are so many people who are waiting to get their's or who have already received them and I never got to share them. Sooooo.....

Here we go. This is actually a little 8x10 canvas that I played with and doesn't have a home yet. I wanted it to be last, but I forgot how to move things, so it is first. If you are interested, let me know, and it can go to yo' house!
This is the shamrock I showed the last time I posted canvases. My bro-in-law requested this one!

He said, "Just sign it and send it." I couldn't convince him to let me write something great on it. He just wanted the signature and date. Said he'd make millions on it someday on ebay!
Then Rochelle, up in Collierville, TN, asked me to make a few for end of the year teachers' gifts. This one if for Mrs. Gantner.

And by now you can understand that this one is for Mrs. Barber!
I don't know if you can tell it, Rochelle, but there is black glitter all over it. LOVE that!
And let's not forget Mrs. Bullough!
Like that red/ orange glitter?! I do!
I am showing you this to show you that the canvases start out pretty basic, and actually, I NEVER draw them out. Well almost never! ( Kaia, yours are not so easy!)
I just start painting.
Bajeerah, do you like this one? It is the one I was talking about that has the black in it. I have never done the holly on the paper though. I am adding your names and will get it out to you this week! Send me your addy again, please!
Angie, you still read my blog? This little beaut is for you! Hope you like the odd colors I chose. Have you seen my new BAH? It is my way! 32 colors! It is loud and proud!
And Shannon asked me to make a canvas for a couple of young friends of hers who are going into the ministry. This is the verse she requested. But there were so many other good parts of the verses she liked, sooo....
I added them here, there, and yonder.

This was a special request from a Mrs. who is giving it to her Mr. for an anniversary this week! I am guessing this is a personal message between the two of them. Or, well, USED to be personal! Ha. Welcome to MoJoy!
She asked for yellow/ red and Tuscan feel and to leave a place for her to add a photo. I couldn't leave it empty though... so....
WHO are those cute little girls?!
One of Staci's little chicks who works at her store, is starting her career as a teacher this fall and laid claim to this bright red apple. Well, here is my signature again. Not sure why I loaded it twice. Enjoy!!
This is how I roll. Notice all the 1/2 done canvases. And the Sonic diet coke! And the paper plate with all the orders I have received emails on. Wonder why I can't keep up with orders, payments, etc? really, Mel? a paper plate?!
Here is the Believe canvas again. Want it?! It is $35!
And for one of my favorite patients/ buddies, Andy, had a birthday on the 30th. I made this canvas for him.
He is a huge basketball fan!
One of the first canvases I ever painted was for Nena Beth in Alabama. I did her son's in tan crackle paint over a red base. Kimie, Andy's mom has liked that combination ever since. And so,...
And when you have had such a severe brain injury as Andy, you CLING to scripture with promises from God that He is in control. He knows what you are suffering, and He KNOWS the plan He has for your life. Nothing is a surprise to Him. We may not always understand, but God's plan is to prosper you, not harm you. That's for you, Andy Bee.

The cake I posted last time had a great deal of response. I ended up sending it to Avery who was turning 10. But, apparently, Mackensie is also having a special birthday coming up, and her aunt wanted a canvas to celebrate it and requested a little "bling".
Mackensie will be 30 in May. ANd please note all that silver glitter. It was FUN to make!
OK, last but not least, here are a couple of canvases for some sisters who are redoing their room. They have purple walls.
Apparently, they appreciate color like I do, because their mom also mentioned, "black, hot pink, tangerine, lime green, turquoise, and white.
I think I covered all the bases, don't you?!
Well, peeps. That's it for tonight! I have PICTURES on MY COMPUTER, in MY HOUSE, and LOTS OF THEM to choose from! Yiipppppeeeee!!!

Let me know if you are interested in a canvas. mgroves11@comcast.net


kimybeee said...

I had a dream last night that I was babysitting GG for you! I enjoyed it...lol I am not much of a traveler, but if you are ever in WV, I will be happy to spend some quality time with your girlies! They would love it at my house - I have about a million cats and kittens, a dog, chickens, sheep, lambs, goats, kids, and calves. Ellie and GG would have a ball with all my critters!

I was thinking about scrapbooking today and I remembered that I had seen a whole line of 7 gypsies scrapbooking stuff at AC Moore a month or so ago that was all "nesting" themed. I was gonna tell you about it then, but I forgot. I only saw it there once on an end cap, but you may be able to look it up online if you haven't seen it already.

I love looking at all your pics and reading about all of your adventures. Can't wait to see your BAH completed. I know if we lived close we would be friends, I feel like I already know you and your family. I have been following since way back in the early Jake days. My crazy dream had me thinking about how small Hunter and Hayden were back then and how much your family has grown since Jakie-Poo went to live in Heaven. I was thinking of Jake's halloween tree, four-wheeler rides and love of M&M's. "Believe" is my word and often when I see it I think of Jake. He was such a special little boy that touched many of our lives. I have a feeling that Ellie got a little of his ornery side and that GG got his sweet snuggly side. That is just part of the blessings that you get from having faith.

Keep postin' pics, I am looking forward to you being back in business!!!!!

Amy K said...

YEAH for computers and photos!!!!

These are all gorgeous! I wish I would've thought about Teacher Appreciation gifts such as these before seeing this post, since this week is already teacher appreciation!

Thanks for showcasing your amazing talent for us...looking forward to BAH pics, and of course girly-girls too!

Jeni said...

How well will the canvases do in a bathroom? It is my main bathroom and I need something for above the toilet. My bathroom is earthtones and could really use a "pop of color" any ideas? 11 x 14 would be perfect. Pay now or later? I love striped, polka dots, curly things...all Mo things!

Also a little later I am going to want to order Christmas canvases. I love me some Mo Christmas canvasses. The present ones are my favorite!


Unknown said...

L-O-V-E it! I'll mssge you on FB w/ my address.

Diana said...

Hi Mo ~ The canvases are just beautiful!! I love them. When I finally stopped lurking on this site I had asked about a Christmas canvas with five packages on it for my boss, but I asked way too late. I am now going to go on your email address & enter my request for my boss & of course I need one with three boxes for my girls. I'll write to you as soon as I am finished on this site.
I'm glad to hear that you can get to your pictures now & looking forward to seeing them.
Have a wonderful day!
Diana from Colorado