Monday, May 3, 2010

MORE daffodil patch.

Ok, you were right about that last "long" post. I have done so much better with regard to length of post. Well, to not disappoint adn to show I still "got it".... here we go...

More pics from the daffodil patch!
This was the day that the miniature horses came to our clinic. I didn't have to work on that Friday afternoon, so the girls and I hit the road to a big field that is COVERED in flowers!
I remember being surprised that there were so many blooms. Usually, the daffodils are in full bloom in February in Louisiana. This was the first of March.
I had such a fun little bonding day with my girls. I didn't look back to see who left this comment (sorry... I am lazy), but I loved the comment this weekend regarding my "purposing" to make memories with my girls. I really do. And I so consciously try to remember something awesome about every day!
When we all get in bed at night, and by "we all", you know that means Ellie in the bed with me and Todd, I try to recount our "best things of the day". It usually goes something like this...
Me: I had a super fun day today, did you?
Ellie: Yes. It was super fun.
Me: What did you like the most today?
Ellie: (something random.... like getting in the car or putting on flip flops or every once in a while a recollection of what we actually did!)
Then I go into a full description of the day...
For instance, today...
Ellie: (favorite thing of the day): "Happy know, clap your hands." (when asked her favorite thing of the day, she remembered watching a video on my computer of "Happy and you know it clap your hands".
Me: What about swimming? ANd what about having Mary Allison over?
Ellie: Yep.
Me: And remember swimming at Emma Lou's?
Ellie: Oh yea.
Me: I start the process...
Remember when we got up this morning and Daddy took us to eat donuts? And then we went to the new house. and then you went swimming with Emma Lou and Brittney? And they you got on the tramploine? Remember?
Ellie: Yes.
Me: And then Mary Allison came over. You and Gabbi played with Sarah outside. Wasn't that fuN?
Ellie: Oh yea. ANd we got on the swing and we found a frog and we ....
and then she kinda buys into the process!

I am gonna miss her in my bed.

We are going to try to encourage them to sleep in their own room (shared at first) when we move. I would say, "yeeeaaaah riiiight" myself, but we HAVE given up our paci and our bottles! and I would say rather painlessly! So, it's a possibility!

Didn't I post that picture of Gabbi before? I LOVE it! That little bit of drool hanging out of her mouth makes it all the more adorable.
I did a little review of scrapbooks this weekend when I was packing upstairs. And because I have been on a scrapping hiatus while things are boxed up and while I have TWO toddlers who stand at the bottom of the stairs wailing to come up with me (and if I let them, I spend all my time taking Sharpies and glue out of their hands), well, I haven't been very current AT ALL with my scrapping.
I just can't stand that. Especially because I don't have much written documentation on Gabbi Girl's last year, well, I had to get on it today!
Mary Allison came over today so I could spend a little while up there scrapping. I will share when I get pics taken later this week. I told her, if it weren't for my blog, I would really, really be freaking out because I will have forgotten so many of the little words and funnies that they are doing right now.
Because I DO have this blog, I can get it printed and bound and basically, I have my babies' last year all chronicled and thus remembered. Sorry, but it has always been this way...

If I dont' have a picture of it and better yet, a little journaling to support it, I don't have a good recollection of it. Call it aging?!
Gabbi would just as soon eat the daffodils as to smell them.

Is that sweet or what?!

And guess what... we may only be about half way! Told you!
I don't know what it was about this day, but Gabbi Girl got all independent like and walked all over that field with a great deal of excitement and pleasure.
Probably some of my favorite pictures of this day were of the girls playing together.
And another favorite is when I have pictures of my girls learning!

That would be the case here:
Once Ellie realized that some of the flowers were "baby flowers" (aka, buds!), she was enthralled! She wanted to find all the baby flowers all over the field vs. looking at the hundreds of thousands already in bloom!
What can I say? She marches to the beat of her own drum, for sure!

I wish we could have days like this every week. I love nature. I love my girls. I love days off. And the weather was beautiful. What more could I ask?

Well, I guess I could ask for Dad to have been there with us. Surely one of these could have then been blown up for a bright, springy family portrait.
Look, Mom, more baby flowers!
KK was with me on this day, so I was able to spend a little "special" time with each of them.

KK got some cool pictures with a really bright sunny background. I as happy to have a few pics of me with the girls!
Especially since I coordinated our outfits!

I LOVE this picture!
Gabbi is more of my hugger! Ellie is more of my inquisitive one.
Not only does Gabbi hug, but she hugs with BOTH arms, and pats me on the shoulder with one of her little hands. Sometimes she rubs my back. So precious.
Now prepare to be cuted out! It involves two of the cutest kids in the whole wide world.
Gabbi has such a sweet, tolerant personality! She puts up with a LOT of loving from her big sister!
And when I watch this... I just melt! I can't even believe how blessed I am!
So blessed that two birthmoms chose me. So blessed that my girls are close in age. So blessed that they have such different personalites (I couldn't handle two Ellies!!). and so blessed to have quality time to spend with them while they are "babies".

Have a good week. It is the only week of May 3, 2010 you will ever have. Make it significant.


Oh, and to those of you who are interested in a tee shirt... hang tight. I am going to move on that. I think we can raise some money for the kiddos, and intend to follow up with this plan!


Beth E. said...

Awww...I love this post! The pics are adorable...of all THREE of you! A mommy and her girls. You are blessed, indeed!

Kendall Family said...

you are right - the two cutest girls and a blessed family. keep nesting!

Molly said...

Can you hear my daughter, Hannah, and I oohing and ahhing all the way from Georgia?! Precious. Y'all are just beautiful... the pics are beautiful as always and so is the bond you share with those 2 special little girls. Trying to think of t-shirt ideas. Really excited that you are doing this T-shirt thing.

MLP said...

Oh Mo!!!!!!!!!! These pictures are priceless! What an amazing mom and what precious girls!!!

Amy K said...

This post just made me say awww over and over. The photos are beautiful, especially the ones with you and the girls. What an awesome day it must've been!

snekcip said...

Love the pics!! My fav has to be you in the girls by (on) the tree and the pic of Ellie alone on the tree!! LOVE IT!!! BTW...check your email for my tshirt idea!

connie said...

i love the pics of you and the girls out in the field of flowers so so so cute like you said if todd was there you could have had that pic blown up as a family picture thank you for sharing your girls with us in internet land i have enjoyed watching them grow up all the pics are priceless have a great week today is tuesday and its pretty here so im sure if its pretty there yall are out enjoying the weather there hugs and love ya

Kellye Hoogland said...

Mel, Those pictures are precious!!!Yo are right about being so blessed to have 2 birth moms choose yall! This weekend at church David and I are telling our story about have God gave us our two precious babies! I usually do not go to church on Mother's day since my mom passed away. It is so sad. BUT we were asked to tell our story and what a perfect day to tell how I became a mother. Pray for me! I know you understand the blessing!!

SamC said...

I think these are some of my favorite pictures of the girls and you. I love them.

Belinda said...

I love this post! The picture of Gabbi with the drool is too cute..I love the look on her face. Thank you for sharing! and by the way...thanks for adding me on Facebook!!

Carrie said...

Now, that is more like the good 'ole long picture posts I remember! I soooo wish we had a daffodil patch like that around here. It is so gorgeous. And your girls look so darling in their matchy matchies. You are so lucky to have gotten this special time with your girls and I am sure you will forever cherish being in the pictures along with them.