Wednesday, May 12, 2010

New canvases heading out.

Well, Mocephus is heading out on a big trip tomorrow BRIGHT and EARLY! Stay tuned! And to my Facebook buddies, I will be posting pics often! If you have friend requested me, don't forget that you need to mention the blog so I can know our "relation".

Anyway... Let me share a few of the canvases that went out this week. Kaia, I haven't forgotten you. I am intimidated by you! I seriously don't know if I can handle your request! To the person who asked me to paint a house, please email me. I think I can do it, but I'd like to see the house in a photo.

This canvas was made a teacher down in Zachary, LA. Hope you like it for your new pre-K classroom.

And Alli, FINALLY, I have one for your new precious. This baby was adopted from Guatemala (is that right, Allison!), so she wanted, "A gift from God" in Spanish. Cool idea!

This canvas is for a local teacher, whose name is Mrs. Senn. She is a first grade teacher and has been teaching a long, long time!

Kaye, I hope she liked it. I am sure she has gotten many a gift over the years, but hopefully, this one was very unique.

And Bajeerah... YAY! I finally got to yours too! I put your family's names on the tags.

Thanks for your patience! Dawn, you seemed a little back and forth on the green in the painting, and I actually ended up using a good bit of green in the canvas. In this photo, it looks more neutral.

Your canvas is at my West Monroe office off Cypress Street, so tell your sonny boy to pick it up there any day!

Just a little view of my extremely dirty kitchen.

Hey Candy, I hope this gets to you in time for the teacher to get this before school is out. SImple... but I think it is good for a teacher.

Kelli, this is for your friend's new baby girl.

And Nann, don't be hatin'! I heard you stopped by to pick up your canvas and soooommmeeeone didn't have it there yet. I think I missed you by about 30 minutes. SO sorry!

Here is a little sneak peek for ya!

This has become one of my favorite verses too! I intend to paint verses all over the floors of my new house prior to the flooring going down. I think Micah 6:8 will be on one of the rooms' floors for sho!

And I am hoping that a certain senior doesn't read the blog. So... I think I won't mention a name!

All I knew was BRIGHT, Peace signs, and this saying, (which I think is waaay cool!)

And Rupa... like i emailed you... I never do two exactly alike, so I know you wanted the exact purple/ pink glittery heart with wings.

Buuuuuut. You can count on me for one thing... yours is one of a kind!
And to the history teacher way up there in Manassas, VA....
Your colonial, patriotic "Pursue Happiness". I had fun doing it!
I just did that rainbow, but can't decide what to write on it... yet!
And I am doing the light heart with wings for someone who wanted it muted, "like willow tree angels", but then I realized... it is 8x10 and she wanted 5x7. Anybody looking for a muted 8x10 painting? I can add whatever on the side. Same is true for the rainbow. I love the swirly clouds. Can you see them?

Well, I will tell you more about my adventure when I arrive there tomorrow....
Concorde, North Carolina!


Kelly said...

Your paintings are bee-you-tee-ful Mo! What an artist!! Glad you are sharing another of your gifts with the world!

Amy K said...

Absolutely gorgeous - as always!
What an awesome idea - painting verses on the floors of your BAH. I hope you share photos of them.
Blessings as you travel...

Anonymous said...

I always love to see your work!

Ally said...

awe, I love it. Yes thats correct! Can't wait to hang it in her room!! You Rock Mo! Can't wait to give you a BIG hug when I see you at Shake!!

Diana said...

Hi Mo ~
Those canvases are super! One more beautiful than the other. It has me thinking about my order (I had requested 3 Christmas boxes with my girls names on them) but now I have a question:
Should I have 5 boxes (me, hubby & the three girls) with my last name "The Wolz's" or 5 boxes with "Believe" Can you let me know what would look better? I appreciate it since I am clueless. Btw, no rush - just thinking....
Have a great time away & enjoy!
Diana from Colorado

Diana said...

Hey Mo ~ It's me can I paste my picture by my comments? I am also computer challenged.....
Just thought I'd ask. I just tried to copy a picture of me from facebook & add it to my comments, but I could not get it to work.
At any rate - have a great day.
Diana from Colorado

Unknown said...

LOVE these SO much!!! I need to talk to my girls to see what they want for their new rooms!! Hope to place an order next week!

Nann McMullen said...

Not hating Mel. I understand! Will swing by and get it ASAP!!

I LOVE IT. Glad you like the verse, too, I think it covers everything..

Martha from NC said...

Welcome to North Carolina. Hope you have a wonderful time. As I recall, you came to a workshop last year in Concord and had a LARGE time. Hoping you have an even better time this year. Enjoy our state.

randdmom said...

Mo - You'll actually be in my neck of the woods! I am only 45 minutes south of Concord! If you want to hook up, email me...

Hallie said...

The canvases are beautiful as always. Been trying to come up with an idea to have you paint one for me, but so far no day... Any chance we will get to buy the necklace kits soon? I am looking for some summer projects....other than pulling weeds!