Thursday, May 13, 2010

"I want to paint too!"

Because there is a big dummy in Concorde, North Carolina who forgot to pack the battery she left charging when she packed the camera this morning,...
Today's post will be all about something OTHER THAN what she is doing in Concorde, North Carolina!

I will try to keep it related though! Let's talk art! ART. ARTTTTT!!! It makes my heart sing!
It kinda makes Ellie's heart sing too! I have started buying her little projects to work on while I am painting.

The good news is she never feels that she is "finished" with her piece. EVERY time I get my paints out, she asks, "Mom, can I paint my 'E' for Ellie?".

Sure, Ellie. Paint it again!
Ok, so speaking of art...

I am at the INSPIRED Event in North Carolina. Already, I have taken 3 classes, and I think each has been better than the one before!

I called Todd the Bod to send me the camera battery, so I can share this experience. I would love to show you all the travel journal we worked on today. Sooooo cute! The teacher of this course was Diana Hollingsworth Gessler.
I think she may gave the world's greatest job! She works for a magazine. Her job is to CHOOSE little towns she would like to go see, then go and sit in little cafes and meet local folk and draw highlights of the town. Her little journals of her travels are UNBELIEVABLE to say the least!

Then, later tonight, we took a course where we had a huge pile of scrap fabrics, trims, ribbons, buttons, etc.
We learned how to make three different kinds of flowers that are so popular in scrapbooking, fashion, and all accessories these days. I have been wanting to know how to do this, and BUDDY-RO, wait til I show you what I made! The coolest cuff. I hope to make lots more of these when I get home. I took extra fabric even from the class to make another one tonight. Talk about CUTE headbands and little cuffs for my girls! ooooh weeee!
I am having a ball, but must say, I can't wait until my little girlies are old enough to come on these retreats with their mama! We are going to have some kind of fun!

Oh, and guess what... some of the teachers have already said they would be available for a retreat in Louisiana! Duuuuuude! It is going to be the!



Unknown said...

UGH. I want to BE there ! I've seen some of those "cuff" things in DD's fabric scrapbooking book and have wanted to make them. I noticed how properly Ellie is holding that paintbrush too ! And, it's unusual for someone that young not to go wild w/ the brush the minute they have it in their hands. I always tell my students: "Hold the paintbrush like a pencil and pretend the tip is breakable." By the time I can go to Inspired with you, Ellie will be ready LOL. HAVE enough FUN for me too !

MLP said...

Have fun! Love these little pics of Ellie painting. Hope Tod the Bod comes through with sending your battery!!!

snekcip said...

Somebody looks a little sleepy on this post!! She still trying to hang though!!

Amy K said...

Look at what an awesome job Ellie does, at her, following in mama's footsteps.
What an awesome girls trip - can't wait to see your photos.

tricia said...

she looks very sleepy or else very intent. taking after her mama the artist!

Martha from NC said...

Glad you're enjoying Concord (drop the e). Hoping the classes get better and better. Can't wait to see all your "pretties".