Saturday, May 15, 2010

SURPRISE for Ellie Sue.

Huh? What Dad?
Ok, Ok, I'll close my eyes for a big surprise.
Well, what is it?! Come on!

Not til you close your eyes, Missy.

OOOOOOohhhh, Dad!

Did you buy me shoes?!

How did you know that these are exactly the ones I wanted?
The very ones I steal from Maddi every time we are at her house!
The very ones at the center of a massive conflict when we go to Aunt Staci's.
How did you know?

They are turquoise and they have diamonds, and they are flip flops, and they ....

Hey Gabbi Girl, did you see my new flip flops?

Dad, you are my favorite Daddy!

And look, Mom, they match my toenail polish!
(and also look cute under those bell bottom pants!)

Geee, thanks, Dad.

You are the bomb!

See Ellie.
See Ellie very, very happy!



Amy K said...

Nothin' better than a new pair of shoes to brighten a girl's day!
Way to go Daddy!!!
Ellie, you are entirely too cute for words....

Lisa said...

Love it! New shoes always make my day. Her expression is priceless.

kris said...

Too cute!

Beth E. said...

Awww....what a sweet daddy!

Ellie's a girl after my own heart...lovin' shoes!

These are adorable pics, Mo. They!!!!

kimybeee said...

he is the best daddy ever! how sweet!!

snekcip said...

We have the same ones! Bree just had to have them!!!Don't you just love TARGET!!!

tricia said...

doesn't take much to please ellie sue!

Unknown said...

So sweet! And daddy looked just as happy to be giving them to her as she was to get them.

Tammy said...

To stinkin cute! Hugs from Fort Worth! Way to go Daddy!!

Melanie Christian said...

That is too cute! Go Todd!

Kelly said...

What a great daddy! What a cute little girl!! Love it!