Tuesday, May 11, 2010

Hunter turns 16!

Here's your warning... clear the roads.

I mean, head for the hills!!

Hunter Bunter turned 16 today and got his driver's license.

Can you BELIEVE that?!
He got to pick where we went to dinner, and he chose Copeland's. It is a cajun style restaurant, and you didn't hear anyone complaining!
Dinner is always exciting with this little sweetheart...
And this little princess...
And this very special angel.
To tell the truth, even Gabbi is now hard to contain in the restaurant scene. And noisy children make this daddy very nervous! See all that gray?!
That's from noisy children! (HIS!)
Don wanted a picture with me to put on the blog. He is a huge fan of MoJoy.
No, actually all he does is make fun of me for blogging. I don't know why. He's just mean that way. But you let me get a camera out and it's all, "Hey, let's take a picture together.". He knows he wants his big mug on this blog.
If only all three of the girls had this sweet little demeanor!
But nooooooo....
We get this....
followed quickly by this.....
They are like a dadgum tag team!
But, I'll tell ya. Hunter's friends gained some bigtime brownie points with ol' Aunt Mo tonight by playing with my girls!
Not a lot of 15 year olds who don't seem to mind being around baby girls.
Especially ones with this much energy. (ellie is in mid-flight in this picture!)
Tyler was even taking turns bicycling the girls until they were so tickled they couldn't talk.
Oh, except to say, "NOW MEEEEEEE!"
Tyler usually goes to the beach with us, and I think he is going again this year. (Three weeks away!!! wooo hooo). I am glad Hunter chooses him, because I love how he interacts with the babies!
Well, that's it for tonight. It is late, but I knew I HAD to do a post on Hunter's big day. (And you notice it is the 11th!)
I can't believe what a young man he is becoming! Don't y'all remember us hauling them back and forth to Memphis, with them playing their Nintendo DS in the backseat, then rushing to the arcade in Memphis once we met up with his mom and little brother? They were just kids when this "journey" began!
Both the boys had to learn a degree of maturity that most never do at their young ages, (Hunter was 12, Hayden 10), due to the loss of a sibling. I am proud of who both of them have become!

Aunt MO


Amy K said...

Happy Birthday to Hunter. Great photo of him & Staci. And, you look terrific in the photo with Don! Oh and Don, sorry to tell ya, some of us live for our daily dose of MoJoy - glad you could join in today! :)
The picture of the girls with the forks in their mouths made me laugh right out loud - hilarious! They must just keep you all in stitches.
I've gotta tell you, I'm very impressed and inspired by your running....keep it up..woohoo!
Have a great day.

Jeni said...

Love all the pictures. Happy Birthday to Hunter!

Jeni said...

Love all the pictures. Happy Birthday to Hunter!

kris said...

Happy Happy birthday to Hunter.

Mary said...

Happy Birthday Hunter, what a handsome young man he is.

SamC said...

I can't believe he is 16! I remember the first picture I ever saw of him and his brothers - it was on Jake's website and they were on the beach with black (I think) t-shirts on. The big brothers had Jake by the hands on the edge of the water. Priceless picture!

So, what kind of wheels will he be driving so we can look out for him?? :o)

Diana said...

Hi Mo ~
Happy Birthday Hunter!
It looks like a good time was had by all. Those little girlies are just too cute - even with forks in their mouths!! I know what Todd means about them not sitting still - mine drove me crazy in restaurants - I would just cringe. Oh well, this too shall pass...
Btw, I LOVED the picture of Ellie in mid flight!!! You go girl!
Have a wonderful day!
Diana from Colorado

snekcip said...

Happy Birthday Hunter!!! I can't believe 16!!! Next will be prom, graduation and off to college!! Where does the time go!!!

tricia said...

HAPPY BIRTHDAY HUNTER! Wow 16! Enjoy! any car yet?

Pictures are great!. I'm more like Todd about kids behavior out in restaurants. It worked for me to set expectations about acceptable behavior out in public especially where others dining experience could be affected by my kids. Not fair to them. But that was me so I get Todd's grey hair! I just dyed mine! LOL

Renee said...

Love Copeland's if it's the same one we have in Baton Rouge. Happy Birthday Hunter!