Saturday, May 1, 2010

Catfish Festival

I don't know about your state, but down here in Louisiana, we do FESTIVALS! Lots and lots of festivals!
If I am not mistaken, the Catfish Festival in Winnsboro, LA, is among , if not THE, biggest. I have not been in years, and with baby number one at the beach this particular weekend, I thought this may be a good year to try it again.
Pops and Nana happened to mention that they wanted to go too, so we all hooked up for a day of funnel cakes, catfish plates, and kettle corn. After all, isn't the carnival food one of the best things about going!?
I'd say it was pretty packed! We weaved in and out with our tiny little umbrella stroller. I forgot the sunscreen, though, and Gabbi Girl was getting pink early in our day. I was a little panicked. I asked every woman I saw with a baby and a diaper bag if she had sunscreen.
I never found any, but luckily, she pinked early, then stabilized! Ha.

Festivals have a little of everything!
This is a cowboy doing tricks with his well-trained dog.

All the seats were taken , so we plopped right down on a grassy spot to enjoy our lunch. None of us minded a bit!
And who can got to a festival without getting a little chicken on a stick?! Yuummmm....
I like when I get a little one on one time with either of my girls. Having two means my attention is divided to each of them in half.

I suppose that is how it will always be. WHen Staci had the three little boys, we would call them "special days". Either Hunter, Hayden, or Jake would get a day with Mo without brothers. I see some things never change. Looking forward to special shopping days, days with only one of the girls and their bestie, and special days with mom at work.

Have a happy weekend.

Amy... I will get those Q's to you tomorrow. Cleaning the art room today! Todd and I are spending today packing up! Woo hooo.


tricia said...

love that gabby girl. she's so chill. have fun packing!

Carrie said...

FESTIVALS are FUN! Most of ours are called "___ Days" like for instance, our little town has 'Spunktacular Days' I know, sounds kinda weird, but it is a blast.
Hope all goes well with the packing. How exciting!

Steph said...

I think the Jazz Fest in New Orleans, might be the Catfish Festival in terms of size. However they are all so much fun. I remember the well. There isn't another place, outside of LA, that really knows how to do a parade or festival right.

Lori Curran said...

Looks like a lot of fun! I absolutely love how many memories you purpose to make with your girls. My boys are mid-teens and I regret not making their childhood as full as I could... so, since I cannot go back I will just move forward! THANK YOU for your ever-inspiring ideas on life... I know I don't post often, but I read EVERY day. Can't wait to see your new "nest" take shape! (Todd IS going to let you take that loft-ladder with you, right???) :)

Lori from Oregon

Amy K said...

Love festivals!! FUN!
I do one-on-one days with my kiddos favorite is back-to-school shopping and lunch that I do with each of them individually. I love the joy on their faces as we spend a day just focusing on him or her!
I hope your packing and art room cleaning went well yesterday - looking forward to the Q!!
My oldest had her junior prom last night - I'll get photos uploaded to FB a little later - check 'em out!
Have a ROCKIN' Sunday!

Amy said...

I've been meaning to ask how Hunter & Hayden are doing? I'm sure they are busy with girls and their friends.