Wednesday, April 28, 2010

What a fun day.

Alright I am warning you....

If you are at work, may want to do this at lunch.

If you are having breakfast, settle in...
It is going to be a very, very long one. I haven't had an opportunity to do a long post in a long time. I have only been working on this one for about a month! Ha. When I am at Staci's, I load a pic or two before we have to wrangle girlies!
So although it's been a long hard road, we are finally going to be able to show a few pictures of a fun day we had at MMPT one day. It was the day we also went out to the daffodil field, thus the same outfits. I'm just sayin... you know I don't like to duplicate!
We had a final IMOT (Intense Model of Therapy) day with a cowboy day. We asked the Children's Home to bring their miniature horses out , and they gladly did so. They brought this cute little cart too, which the little chillen' just LOVED!
Even MY little chillen!
Round and round and round the parking lot. Poor little tiny pony!

Especially with big mama on board!
Ellie liked it...
But Gabbi LOVED IT!
Have I mentioned that my baby girl is a HUGE animal lover?!

I really need to get this sweet baby a little lap dog. I just don't know if I can take two toddlers AND a puppy who needs potty training in my brand new house.
But she's so cute. She may just win out! She would love a little Maltese or a miniature dachsund, or something like that.

Don't get me wrong, she LOVES Earl! I mean, really, really loves Earl! They are BUDS!
Our therapists really like to get into the theme with the patients. This is Jessica.... she is one of the girls who works with Gabbi for physical therapy. And she is yet another person at MMPT who loves my baby girl!
Cowboy hat, plaid shirt, and flats?! Jessica. You need some boots!
KK went with us to the daffodil patch and hung out with us at the miniature horse party.
Gabbi, who rarely goes to anyone, would have ridden with ANYONE on this particular day! ANd I mean she would have ridden ALL day long! She was in hog heaven. Unlike other kids whose first animal sound is "woof woof" and picks the dogs and cats out of the books...
Miss Lou always finds the "horsssssse". And she says, "heeeee" in a high pitched tone and breaks her voice up like an adult would make the horse sound.
This is Gabbi Girl in between rides wondering first off, WHY the horse is not moving. After all, this is HER world, we just LIVE in it! And second, WHO is planning on riding with me? Again?

I just love this child's hair. When I wash it, it hangs down to past the bottom of her shoulder blades. And I swear, it looks like she has layers cut in it. When it is not back in a barrette (now), it is SHa hag gy! Hangs all down in the poor girl's face. Todd has been telling me to trim it to give her bangs. However, she has the double crown thing going on and her hair literally crosses on the top. I mean, there is a criss cross over the top of her head. I am afraid that bangs might be a mistake. I am hoping that the weight of having it long will weigh down that crazy growth pattern. There's a bird.
I guess this blog post was mainly about Baby number two. After all, she is the one who loves animals... and especially miniature horses!
And she is just plain ol' CUTE!


kimybeee said...

if you are interested in a dog and are not able to handle a puppy, just look up rescues. there is a rescue for just about every breed of dog out there. my sister adopted a doberman this way and has gone on to help the rescue she adopted from. a rescue will make sure the animal is healthy and well socialized. they can also let you know if they have a pet that will be good with kids and other animals.

always love pics of the girlies!

Carrie said...

Weeeellll...that wasn't too long! I could look at pictures of your sweet girls all day. Love their little outfits. Musta been ETSY purchases?? I love ETSY. (Look, now your bird is in all the way up in MN!)
Maybe you should just get Gabbi a tiny pony instead of a puppy. Then you wouldn't have to worry about potty training! I'm just sayin'!

Molly said...

Loved this long one. Love the girls' outfits. GG's hair is so shiny, too... just beautiful. Ellie's hair has really grown a lot. She (Ellie) looks SO grown up to me, sitting up so straight in that cart. The pic of you and GG standing, leaning over to pet the pony- precious! She looks so proud!

The little pony idea is a great one. ;) I was thinking a Maltese puppy and then scrolled down and that's what you mentioned. They have great personalities and don't shed, etc. Check, too. You just never know- you may find one that's already potty trained.

Looking forward to seeing new pics of the BAH soon.

Shutting up now - probably sound like a stalker, LOL. Your blog posts always bring a smile to my face though.

Amy K said...

Fun post and adorable pictures as usual!
BTW, while I'm thinking of it, (label me the 52Q stalker now)did you happen to find the box with your list of 52Qs? Really, only 2 of us left doing these? It looked like maybe you got a good response via your blog with the last group of questions...maybe that's an easier way to do it...just sayin' cuz I love participating in them - not trying to add more to your already full life!! :)

Liloia Family said...

Oh, how cute those pictures are! Gabby does love her some animals. You should consider getting a Shih Tzu, we have one and she is a very sweet dog, loves the kids and would make the perfect lap dog!

mom in iowa said...

My daughter also has that crazy double cowlick on the back top of her head & we finally had to give in and cut bangs when she was about 18 months or so. It worked out fine & she finally didn't have hair in her face constantly. She's 2 1/2 now, still has bangs, but on most days the rest of her hair does part & hang normal.

Diana said...

Hi Mo ~ You bet she is plain old cute!! They both are - and that bow, it's almost as big as her head! Love it!! What a fun day. Gabbi is so cute with the horse - what a little doll that loves her animals! Have a great day, Diana from Colorado

Shannon said...

ah too cute.

I was looking at the 2nd to last picture and noticed if you cut Gabbi's hair into bangs it might look something like the pony she is petting. :)

Jessica said...

your girls are just beautiful. clothes, hair, & smiles! i think fox has that double cowlick thing, too. i try to brush his hair to the side & it just falls back straight towards his face!

Theresa Shirley said...

I thought you said it was gonna be a long one!!! I've seen them much longer than that! :) Boy, Gabbi sure does have an intense look on her face in that one picture---she looks like she means business--and somebody better get in there and ride with her! Love the pics as always, and just LOVE your family!!!! Thanks for sharing.

snekcip said...

Awww what a cute post! Gabbi and the pony were just adorable! Hey, here is an idea, get Gabby a BUTTERSCOTCH (life-size pony by HASBRO)! It even makes a "neighing" sound! Gabbi will love it!!!

No cleanup, no feeding, and you can even store it in the playroom in the BAH and don't have to worry about BAP (B.A.POOP) in your room or yard!! LOL!!!

Renee said...

Precious, precious, precious is that Gabbi girl!

kate523 said...

Big Mama??? More like Little Mama these days! Keep it up!

Linda Corn said...

Looks like Mama was enjoying the pony ride too. I think you should get her a lap dog and I suggest a maltese. I have had one for 12 years now and she is so sweet, loyal & protective. She was also easy to potty train but I got her in June and the weather was nice when I trained her. Matese's don't shed either.

Kathryn said...

Hello! Guess what? I now have a MacBook, and I am just loving it. Himself and our Liz went and got it for me a couple days ago, and I am up and going again.

My laptop (Dell) did the dead screen thing, and I decided it was time. If you know anyone who has a Dell laptop, please let me know. I just replaced the danged battery in the thing, and bought the top of the line! I will be happy to send them the battery. Better than off to recycle.

Those girlies are beautiful. Ahhhh.

kanishk said...

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