Tuesday, April 27, 2010

Easter Dresses

Oh, WAIT! Did I ever show you the girls' Easter dresses?

What? I didn't ?

Well, that just won't do!
Staci had this super duper cute little dress in her store and brought a couple home for my girlies. She said, "This has to be their Easter dresses. Maddi's too! And we will get them all monogrammed."

Ok, I 'm in!
All of these pics were at JinJin's after church where we were doing our best to get a picture of the three of them together.

As you can very well see, that is not exactly an easy feat.
Then, we all went to lunch together and we got a few cute little shots of the girls playing at this big window. I was pulling the old, "Look. Do you see a dog? Is there a dog out there?" trick!

Cruel. I know. But it worked.
What? You don't see a dog? Keep looking. I can hear him, "woof woof."

Then JinJin naively said, "awww, let me take a picture with my three granddaughters." Riiiiiiight, Jin!

We had the late seating at the lunch, so we were among the last to eat. With that said, I went against every grain of my uptight, nervous, worrisome husband's fiber and let them just "run around" for a while!

But, geez. Look at the joy on their faces. And I think the people there thought they were cute. Not obtrusive. They didn't, like, eat their salads or anything. They just walked around a bit.
Ellie being her "loving", yet so aggressive self with Maddi.
And this pic... have NO IDEA!

But this one.... PURE SWEETNESS!!!
See that dog, Gabbi?



Melanie Christian said...

I LOVE the girls' dresses! Those are 3 precious girls!

Kaia said...

CUTE! I love that color on Gabbi!

Dottie Phillips said...

Oh my goodness! What cutie patooties!! I live live live that last picture if Gabbi.

Amy K said...

Awwww...couldn't have said it better myself...pure sweetness - all 3 of them.

stephleighjenkins said...

Precious girls!

Diana said...

Hi Mo ~ What a great way to start my day out at work....seeing your little angels (and Maddie too.)
They are beyond adorable....who would mind that they are just taking a little walk in a restaurant?? I for one would enjoy seeing them!
Where is Maddie's bow?
You can really see how much taller Maddie is in the picture of them with their backs turned looking out the window.
I also noticed that Ellie had to have something to keep her busy while she was in the chair....my oldest was that way. I have a darling professional picture of her looking so adorable with a baseball in her hand????? She would not stop fussing until she had that ball - what a trip! She ALWAYS needed a "prop" to keep her busy. BTW, she is still busy!
Loved seeing your Easter!
Have a great day, Diana from Colorado

Rhonda said...

Beautiful baby girls!! I love their dresses - they look like three little pastel Easter eggs! I'm glad you FINALLY shared their dresses with us!!

Sharidrew said...

Awww....ok, after a long 1 hour and 45 minute commute to work because of detours, traffic and the occasional stupid person....I was in a bad mood. Not any more! Thanks to your commentary and those beautiful, sweet, adorable girls! Thanks for sharing, MO....you have made my Wednesday a better day!

Hugs from Missouri,

Kim said...

So sweet ~ absolutely precious!!!

You may not have an idea on what Maddi and Ellie are doing in that picture....but golly, it sure made for a GREAT memory...what a CUTE picture!! And then Gabbi....uh, such a doll baby!!

Pure sweet blessings these girls are!

Shannon said...

cuteness x 3 :)

Martha from NC said...

Yep, I'm feelin' your pain trying to get those girls to sit still for a picture. Every time I get all my "grands" together I try (in vain I might add) to get a picture of all of them. My kids and husband tell me to forget it - it "ain't" gonna happen but I keep trying. I just know that one day they'll all sit there like little angels and smile for their Nana. Oh, did I mention there are EIGHT of them.
Love the dresses on the girls and YOUR pictures are pretty darn good. Thanks for continuing to make me smile with each post.

Pam said...

Have you read Bella Tuscany by Frances Mayes? She writes of monograms and why she now collects linens that are monogrammed. She was raised in Georgia. I thought of you when I was reading. They are one of my secret loves.

tricia said...

The girls are adorable

Theresa Shirley said...

That picture of Ellie & Maddie is hilarious!!! That will be something they can laugh at when they get about 15....As always---TOO CUTE!!! And the one of Gabbi is precious---but aren't they all? BTW---can't wait to see more pics of the BAH!!

Renee said...

Precious girls! Precious dresses! The things we do and say to get pics of our lil loved ones. :)

MLP said...

So glad you finally posted these! ha!

LOVE the darling dresses and LOVE that font. Do you remember the name of it?

Such beautiful little girls...all precious three of them!!!