Thursday, April 15, 2010

My little girly girls!

Let's take a moment to check out my cute kids. Whatcha think?!
I thought they looked so cute! Todd came out and saw Ellie and said, "WHy do you have her dressed like a circus clown?" He just doesn't know! In fact, when I left today for Tulsa, I left him four little outfits, complete with matching bows and in some cases, the sandals even buckled to the hangers, so that he would have no trouble sending them out in public with some degree of dignity!
These two absolutely LOVE being outside. When I come home from work, I may as well just leave my things in the car, because they are NOT going to let me step foot in the door! They hear me drive up and know that it means... head to the driveway. We are playing OUTSIDE!!
But would you just look at the JOY on their faces?! They are the light of my life!
This little rabbit is so mischievous and funny. She is a livewire!
And this one is finally getting a little more mobile and agile and now thinks she OWNS that front yard! She is my sweet little angel. She loves her mom more than life itself. And I think that sentiment is mutual.

I think this picture is a hoot because it kinda sums up Ellie's life.... FULL SPEED AHEAD!
WHAT have you got on your mind, Ellie Sue?! I have seen that look before. You are scheming.
And oh.. the preciousness! Gabbi gets in her carseat and immediately starts saying, "ree ree". That is her way of saying "movie". Or she will be more specific with "dabba dabba dabba" which means she wants to watch "Yo Gabba Gabba". Slowly but surely I am learning her language!
I am in Tulsa, OK, on a continuing education trip. I had a blast tonight, meeting a couple from here at P.F. Chang's. They invited us to dinner tomorrow night. Seriously, it is so much fun to connect with people from all over! And if you see my girls around town this weekend with halter tops and blue jean cut offs, please kindly take them home and add a seersucker ruffle leg pant and a bow and send them back out. Ellie looks good in blues and browns, Gabbi is sweet in pink and whites. There.... Todd, you are covered. It takes a village!

Supposed to be learning alllll about the neck this weekend. Mainly lower cervical, (whiplash injuries, et al). My concentration chip is missing, so wish me luck , as it is one of those 8:00 am to 5:00 pm kind of classes, Fri, Sat, and Sun! ugggghh.

Hey, Kendra... I brought your projects, so I will be sending them to you from here.

As for the southern wedding in LA. I don't think I will get that canvas completed in time for the wedding. If you want it for a wedding gift, let me know. I am just too nervous to commit to it being ready in a week or so. Email me so I can know the plan.

Adios, amigos.


Amy K said...

Oh my goodness, how could those precious faces not be the light of your life?! Your photos bring a smile to my face every day.
Have a great weekend in Tulsa...I mean, learn a lot! :)

Michelle said...

Such cute girls! What blessings!

Tracy Solomon said...

I haven't been by in quite a while. I love the pictures and the polka dot top is just adorable! It makes a statement and she is keeping up with fashion:)

snekcip said...

Todd is HILARIOUS!!!!! I had to laugh at the "laying out clothes" scenario!! I do the same thing, HOWEVER, the hubby would never attempt to style Bree's hair!! She has WAY too much and it's thick and curly!!! That is a job ONLY a woman could handle...and not many can handle that MASS amount of hair!!

tricia said...

Such delight on the girls faces. If only it could be bottled! It would sell for millions!

SarahBeth said...

focus focus focus! you're patients are eagerly awaiting you new knowledge! hint hint! heehee! on other important issues, your girlies get cuter by the day!!! hope you have a fun and safe trip!