Friday, April 16, 2010

Easter with Nana and Pops

You didn't think I was finished with Easter did you!?
HA! Nope. We still have more grandparents! And we havent' even "dyed the eggs with JinJIn yet"!!
Pops and Nana had just gotten back from a trip to Key West. They bought Ellie and Gabbi these little straw purses. You KNOW Miss Thang had to pose with hers!
It was perfect, too, because her Easter dress was purple!
They also bought her this black and red Vera Bradley headband that she thought ROCKED the HOUSE! SHe wears that thing every day!
As for Gabbi, well, she is simple. Here, she just wanted to look at her stickers. With the Easter bunny (maybe tomorrow's post), she was all about a ball from the dollar store. I love that little girl!
Is that not just precious?!

No family event is complete without Sarah from next door! Actually, Sarah came over to ride with us to the big Easter Egg hunt at Staci's house.
Ellie was pleased as punch with all her new goodies.
And this is Pops singing a song to Ellie. Of course, it was a made up, nonsense song about who knows what. That's how he rolls!
And my sweeet, sweet girl... still studying her stickers!
Oooooh, I miss my little rabbits!

I am learning all kinds of things about neck and arm pain, so it will be worth it, but buddy ro... I want to be with my babies!!

Good ol' dad sent me a picture of Ellie (and his new grill), to which I emailed him and said, "REally, Ellie and the GRILL? What about my Gabbi Girl?" So maybe he will take the hint and email me a bunch of cute ones tomorrow.




tricia said...

Your girls are just like mine were when they were little.....they liked the little things;the "goodies!

Amy K said...

The little cuties - precious time spent with grandparents!
Lovin' Ellie's outfit - that green is an awesome color on her - well, she really looks adorable in any color! And, Gabbi's hair looks super cute pulled back like that.
I bet they're missing you too...

Melanie Christian said...

What precious girls you have! Oh, and guess what? Todd has an identical twin here in Alabama. He was even wearing a visor! As soon as I saw him, I just knew it was Todd. I should have taken a picture of him, but I thought that would probably be too weird. Oh, I asked him what his name was, and guess what it is?........ TODD! How weird is that?!?!