Saturday, April 17, 2010

The Aftermath! And QUESTIONS 13-15!!

This was a funny night. THis is the night of the Easter egg hunt. The adults decided to stay in the gameroom and play cards. Eventually, Staci and I also joined in, leaving these two unsupervised.
I know, I know. NOT a good scenario! But guess what. We PAID for it!

I would say somewhere to the tune of 300 eggs were scattered around the den when we came out to check on them. (It was waaaaay too quiet and we KNEW we needed to look in!)
Then, the adults got to have their very own form of Easter egg huntin in the den! Even the guys hung around to help us clean up!
During damage control, these two came in and out and in and out and in and out with various coscumes on!
Yes, that is the yoga pose. Thanks for noticing.

I think that is a Dora fiesta dress . And Maddi is some sort of LSU supporting princess!
They typically always have on those heels, usually a purse, and for some unknown reason, they are usually pushing that doll stroller. I think Ellie uses it more as a "shopping cart" than an actual doll stroller. There are rarely babies in it, and she usually strolls through, saying, "Bye mom. I'll be back in a little while."
Not exactly sure how these pics showed up, but again.... Ellie has raided Maddi's closet for a new outfit, complete with red flats and numerous bracelets!
Maddi, on the other hand, is opting for the simple sun hat!
Ok, I am going to be looking for a bunch of people to sign on here. I am here in Oklahoma, in classes (Intense ones to say the least) from 8:00 am to 5:00 pm, and my brain literally turns to mush! I need some entertainment! I have my iPhone to check my messages, so be sure and write a little comment on my blog so I have something to read (besides information on the uncovertebral joints and the zygopophyseal joints of the neck... fascinating. Just fascinating!).
Let's throw a couple of questions out there so there is no excuse for having nothing to say!....

If you could choose one animal to represent you... what would it be and why?! Consider this to be your week 13 question.

Question 14: When you think back to when you are the happiest, most fulfilled, most giddy, and in total bliss, what are you doing and who are you with?!
(Maybe you should do that more often!!)

Question 15: What is your favorite flower? What makes you like it? What memories do they conjure up?

Question 16: What smell makes you think of a loved one who is either no longer with us on earth or lives very far away?!

There you go. And you are welcome!



Amy K said...

Oh Mo, WOW look at all those eggs! I'll bet that took awhile to clean up - YIKES! Looks like they had fun anyway...
Okay, so I have NO clue what you referenced to what you're learning this weekend, but I hope it's beneficial to you and your clinics.
And.....THANK YOU for the 52Qs...that will keep me busy tomorrow for sure!
Well, you enjoy the rest of your time away, and get home to those precious babes, and of course Todd!
As always, love reading about your adventures and seeing pics to prove it!

Jeni said...

Are you kidding me I am the second one to post???

Those girls crack me up! I so wish I had a girl cousin to grow up with. I grew up with 4 brothers and all boy cousins.

Any news on how Todd is doing dressing the girls with the outfits you left out for him?


SamC said...

Those girls remind me of my cousins and me. I am the oldest, 45, then Susan is 44 and Angie is 43. We were always into something when we all were together.

Thanks for the questions. Now I've got to get to work thinking and creating. :O)

Becky said...

Love, Love, Love the pics! Y'all just have so much fun living so close!!! Ellie reminds me a lot of my 4 yr old daughter, she is ALWAYS changing clothes and definately thinks she rules the house! Love that yoga pose!

My favorite flower (next to mums) are the Stargazer Lillies! We had those for our wedding, and I just made my husband buy some the other day to plant in the flower bed for me! Hope they grow....

Hope you are enjoying your inservices! Love reading your posts!

Sarah said...

Bahaha! I love that I wasn't the only person to leave a child unattended only to have the apocolypse (sp?) of eggs!

Were we supposed to answer the questions for you here? Well, I'm going to so that you'll have something to read during your interesting class! (I'm a speech therapist, so I understand "interesting" classes!)

If I could be anywhere, it would be the beach. That's where I feel most free, most giddy, most content. And I love to be there with my hubby, because he lets his guard down there like no other place on earth! He's like a kid!

Okay, I have the attention span and memory of a flea, and I can't remember the other questions, so that will have to do for now! Oh, except that, as I mentioned, I'm a speech therapist (in Arkansas) and I have a grad student doing a clinical with me currently, and she's from Monroe! (we liked to call it "Funroe" when I was in college!) Anyway, I was looking at your blog one day and she said she knew "of" you! It's a tiny little world! She asked me how I knew you, and I had to confess that I don't really know you, but I feel like I "know" you! It all started years ago when a friend sent me a prayer request e-mail for sweet Jake! Anyway, I've gone on too long...sorry! Have a great day! Thanks for sharing your fun life!

Mindy said...

Ha! They just wanted you guys to get to "hunt eggs", too!

My husband is working tomorrow (Sunday)....I'll make him leave his ipod touch here and we can play words with friends all day to pass the time in your meetings...LOL!

kjailshie said...

Hello from East TN. I look forward to your post everyday. These are 2 very lucky little girls. You can just feel the love you have for them in every post.

Beverly said...

OMG (and I hate that expression) but what else is there to say. At least it looks like they enjoyed the unsupervised time! What I want to know is where was Gabbi? It looks like something she would have enjoyed as well. Actually, it kind of looks like my house right now. I won't bore you with the explanation but it does not involve easter eggs.

Have fun-if you can-where you are and learn lots to help out all of us with back and neck problems. We appreciate you!

Me - I'll just sit here and wait for more pictures of the girls.

Lori said...

I don't know what animal I'd choose. I do know that my place of bliss would be in the mountains but the main thing is I would be with my husband and two girls. My favorite flowers are tulips because they are so colorful and cheerful. Ummm...what was the other one. Oh yeah, the smell of gardenias makes me think of my great grandmother.
She lived next door to us and had a huge bush. I remember her throwing a quilt over it every winter to protect it. LOVE the smell of gardenias.

Enjoy the classes.

Bella's mommy said...

oh my lawd! has ellie shown maddi a thing or two about posing? yeah, i saw miss maddi throwing that hip and foot forward! you go, maddi boo!!!! you keep listening to your cuz and ya'll will both be on the runway in paris by the time your sixteenth birthday rolls around! mo, you might want to take up french insteat of pt! lol!

Renee said...

I just can't help but smile everytime you post pics or a story about those girls---all 3 of them. Fun times ahead for you and Stacy that's for sure. They will surely keep ya'll on your toes. Too funny and too cute!

Unknown said...

You should have had the kids hide the eggs and the adults could have looked for them! :0) Looks like they had fun though. Do you have a huge trunk or something that is full of dress up clothing? I used to dress up in my sister's graduation cap and gown and walk down the stairs and pretend like I was graduating. We also had one in white, so that would be able to pass off as the wedding dress and then we would have "weddings". So much fun dressup is!

MLP said...

Those two little girls are going to have the BEST time their entire lives!!!!!!!!!! And the trouble!!! OH MY Goodness!

Total lately I have had many TOTAL BLISS moments. My family feels so complete now with Hudson. Several times, randomly like on a Friday night at home or a Saturday morning, I just have to express to Troy how I'm so happy. We aren't really doing anything...but I just get that feeling of overwhelming gratitude to the Good Lord!!! Driving around in college, windows down with my best friends, not a care in the world was total bliss. My honeymoon was total bliss, too! OH girl.........I could go on and on. I love life.

A scent?!? Original Baby Magic Lotion. I never really experienced "grandparents" because of death or them being too ill. My sweet grandmother who had a paralizing stroke when I was two that left her in bed for fourteen years wore that lotion. Such a sweet lady. Makes me cry thinking about that scent and her.

Good luck at your conference! Keep the fun pics coming. Have I missed Easter morning & dresses pics? OR do I still have that to look forward to?!? You need to answer these questions for us!!!

tricia said...

My favorite flower is a daisy. Its simple,pure,delicate. I remember picking wild daisies as a child up in the Catskill Mountains of NY&giving a bouquet to my Mom.

The place I feel most happy&content is anywhere on a vacation(no day to day stresses)with my 3 kids&hubby. No schedules.

The smell that makes me think of a loved one is "Old Spice". My dad's after shave. He's been dead for over 27 years and just the smell brings back memories.

Animal?....hmmmm I'd say a bird. A hummingbird because they love flowers and seem to be going a million miles an hour.(It seems I go that fast on some days)

stephleighjenkins said...

Those girls' are a kick!! They are too precious!!

Kendall Family said...

Love the unplanned egg hunt and your other easter posts... following along from Delaware!


jenny said...

My sweet daddy hated hiding the Easter eggs for us, so he would hide them so hard that it would take us a long time to find them. Once that backfired! He hid some REAL boiled eggs in the living room and didn't count them first. A week or so later, we smelled something rotten and sniffed out the missing egg - ewwwwwww. That became a family joke and Daddy was no longer allowed to hide eggs for us! I'm 50 now and Daddy died in 2005, but this story still makes me chuckle. God bless and happy Easter!

Belinda said...

tooo funny I love to sign on to see what these kids have been up too.....I LOVE IT!! Thanks for sharing..

Kelly said...


kate523 said...

I got to answer the questions. Hopefully I remember the order.

13. Bunnies and puppies cause they are so cute and cuddley.

14. Total Bliss was the month of December, 2009 with my family. Christmas with a 5 year old... need I say more?

15. Carnations. To this day, they remind me of my Mom (she lives and hour away).

16. Something baking in the oven reminds me of my grandma. She passed when I was 6. I can't remember a time when you didn't go to her house and she was either baking or just baked something yummy!

Have fun!

snekcip said...

Hey Mo! Question #16 was JUST discussed on my FB page!!! I want to thank you for the 52Q's as well!! Still "journeying along" with ya!!!

Nana said...

Hey...spent a few days up in Monroe/WM ....drove by to see the progress on the B-A-H, and yep, it surely is!!! Gonna be fabulous, for sure...There were actually people working on Saturday afternoon...started to stop and tour....but thought we better not...First time I have seen Staci and Don's mansion in real life. It is gorgeous...everything is so green and the azaleas were still blooming everywhere...I love the section where you are..Gonna have some great times. Drove by our old house on Eagle Lake.....made me a tad homesick for the green and big trees!!!
Wanted to go by Staci's shop and could not think of the name or where it is...meant to call Jinni and find out, but got busy with all the parties, movie, etc..Busy time in old Ouachita back to the Texas time...Will be back in the summer for sure and I want a guided tour...The girls are just getting cuter and cuter and cuter...That yard looked a little like it needed a little boy to run around in it, too!!!