Saturday, April 24, 2010

Heading to the beach.

Remember a couple of weeks ago when Staci and Don took the two "big" girls for a quick trip down to the beach?

Well, I didn't get a good chance to tell you about the "goodbyes"!
Todd and I have sent Ellie Sue away for the night. She has stayed with JinJin, Pops, and Staci. However, it has always been IN TOWN! This was our first time to ship her off on a real, live TRIP!

She packed her bags, and of course, had plenty of accessories in her extra bag, purse, AND backpack! I put these little Polly Pockets in the bag for her to have something to keep her little hands busy on the 7-8 hour trip.

Right when we got her out to the car, Maddi was already in full-on BEACH mode! She asked her mom,

"Pass me my sunhat, please."

Staci says when her child has snowy white, flawless skin, we will see who's laughing at who then!
Dad strapped her in the carseat, with her "nasty" and we stood around saying our goodbyes...

for like, oh, 30 minutes!

I was a bit teary! You'd think we were sending her on another tour to Iraq. I mean, it was emotional.

Except for Ellie!

Look above at our reflection in the side of the car. We watched them go all the way out of the driveway!
With Ellie smiling and waving and thinking, "See ya" the whole time.

And steadily trying to roll up her window!

She is definitely going to be one of those, "Oh, Mooooom, please do NOT come pick me up from the dance" kind of girls!



Renee said...

Maddi's sun hat is precious! I'm sure they were a hoot together on that trip. Just wait til Gabbi figures it all out. She won't want to be left out.

tricia said...

Miss Independence for sure!

kimybeee said...

that just means that you have done your job of making her feel comfortable and independent. she will have so much more fun and adventures this way. that maddi just cracks me up - she looks so serious, the opposite of ellie's happy go lucky attitude maddi will mastermind the adventures and ellie will lead the way!

Amy K said...

Maddi looks adorable in her hat! And, as emotional as it was for you, how adorable is little Ellie in her pig tails waving goodbye?!
I hope you're still bloggin' when these two are teens, because there will surely be stories to tell!!

Martha from NC said...

Yeah, get used to it! Girls are so independent...they just take off without a worry in the world. At least she wasn't screaming and having a problem deciding whether she wanted to go or not!! That's when it gets tough. Glad she had a fun time. We Moms on the other hand just end up in a puddle of tears missing our "babies." Oh well, it's who we are. Can't wait to see more pictures of the BAH.

Debbie Dankelson said...

The beach.....after a looooong winter......the beach sounds wonderful!!Ellie reminds me so much of our youngest. I've always said he is always looking for the next party. The world is his sandbox!!! Be's fun but exhausting :)

Jennifer Taylor said...

Ellie is so grown up to be so little!!!

Carrie said...

What a big girl! And I'm not just talkin' about Ellie!!! So proud of you for only getting teary eyed. I practically get teary eyed of the one night over-nighters with Grandma and Grandpa.
Ellie and Maddi are going to have so much fun growing up together and going on many more girlie outings.

Kathryn said...

Please bring those girles here ASAP. I need them!

Shannon said...

Too cool... your hat!!!

kanishk said...

The world is his sandbox!!! Be's fun but exhausting :)
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