Thursday, April 22, 2010

The Daffodil patch.

Didn't I tell you a while back about the daffodil patch?

Well.... I ain't even playin' about how big this field of daffodils is. ACRES! And GORGEOUS!!
I took a gazillion pictures of this day, and planned to share lots and lots of them. Actually, probably still will, just bit by bit!

I happened to be at Staci's this afternoon, (after checking in on the BAH and seeing that the PAINTING HAS BEGUN! wooo hooooo!!!!), and I took a minute to snag some of my pics off her computer. I dumped them there a while ago when I didn't know if I would ever be able to use my own computer again. ok, so I am exaggerating, but at least I know that I have some at her house I can nab!

This would be such a picture. Is this priceless or what?!
Or this one, with me and my "big girl"?
You just gotta love a little girl in pigtails!
And if this picture were just a little closer up (click on it, I think it will enlarge!??), you could see the dribble coming out of the left side of her mouth. So sweet!
And last but not least, the one that makes everyone say, "Awwww... she is looking so big!"
These are my girls.

It is springtime in Louisiana. And we are LOVING it!!



Melanie Christian said...

I loved the pictures tonight! The girls are too precious! Gabbi is looking soooo big now!

Melissa said...

Awesome picutres. Gabbi girl is looking so grown up these days!

melanie, aka Mo said...

Well, I am so glad someone finally commented on my cute pictures. I went through hell and high water to get those on this dadgum blog!

Thank you to Melissa and Melanie!!


Molly said...

Well, I'm late to the comment party. ;) Love these! I feel like I always say "I love these pics" or "so, so cute," but it's ALWAYS true. Goodness, your girls are so very precious. Your whole family is.

Love the dribble. And the one with Ellie holding GG. And the one of you and Ellie. LOL

Yay for the paint in the BAH. Six weeks will fly by.

Amy K said...

Oh, I love all the pictures! I'm glad you could get to Staci's to post them, so I could get my Mo Joy fix with my morning coffee!
Have a fantastic weekend!
P.S. Did you happen to see I got all caught up on my questions/tags and posted them??!! Thanks for keeping me going on them! :)

Liloia Family said...

Love, Love, Love those pictures, the girls are adorable!! I always love pictures with a field of flowers in the background. Nice job with those!

Sharidrew said...

Morning! I don't look until the morning after you post. (usually) But of course they are amazing! We would expect nothing less! That is a great photo place!! The girls are getting so big. Thanks again for sharing them with us.

Happy Friday!
Shari in Missouri

Diana said...

Hi Mo ~
Beautiful pictures and your right, little girls in pigtails are just too cute - especially Ellie! And that little Gabbi with her drool....precious. Great pictures. T.G.I.F Have a great day & a wonderful weekend (don't work too hard packing) Diana from Colorado

Rhonda said...

Beautiful pics! And I love love love the one of Ellie in the chair! I am thinking that is canvas material!!!

Dawn A. said...

Sweet girls!! Girls rock!!! Having had all boys and now having 3 granddaughters I am having so much fun with them.

Beverly said...

Loved the pictures with the daffodils! It soothed my picture withdrawal from yeserday. Thanks for sharing, I love spring with all it's blooms!

Shannon said...

What cute pictures!!! Love the dresses/shirts...great colors!!! AND you can't go wrong with pigtails!! =)

Shannon said...
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Roberta said...

Beautiful pictures as always!

Dottie Phillips said...

Great pictures! I need to find a field like that. Haven't taken many pics of my big girl lately!

Belinda said...

Love the pics!! The girls are growing up!! Thanks for sharing them.

tricia said...

such beautiful springtime pictures.

More pics of the BAH please!