Wednesday, April 21, 2010

Dangit. Doggit. Dern.

Jessi Mae came over and spent, oh, like 5 hours tonight helping me get all my pictures uploaded onto my external hard drive. She wrote down the directions and everything so I could access the pics.

Jessi, ((picture me with head down, eyes averted, and pouty lip), I can't do it. I just CAN'T! I don't know what I am doing wrong!

So, with that, know that I will be back in action tomorrow when I am able to stalk her and get her to help me again.

By the way, my contractor, Mr. Joe actually said the words, "Six weeks" to me today. Ahhhhhhhhh.... that is a chorus of angels. I can hardly wait! Anyone in the mood to come and help me box up stuff? Let' s do it this weekend!

(Oh, and Jessi also videoed a tutorial for the silk corded necklace. The kits are packaged and ready for purchase. I will let you know when they are in the Etsy shop. Woo Hooo... we are cookin' with grease now! )

And if you have requested me as a friends on Facebook, please remember I don't know your name in all cases, so let me know if you are a blog follower, so I can accept you. Don't be hatin'!

Well, that should do it for "random"!
Love to all.



vanessadiephotography said...

Don't you just hate fooling with computer stuff!!! I always have to call a computer savy person to come help me out.

Amy K said...

Six weeks - that's awesome! If I was closer I'd help you out - you're going to be busy..not that you aren't busy enough already, huh?
Can't wait to see the necklace kit!

Unknown said...

Looking forward to pictures of the move AND the new home with all your beautiful things in it.

Wish I lived closer so I could help pack. You and your family seem like such fun people.

Diana said...

Hi Mo ~ Six weeks, fabulous - I bet you are VERY excited. I know I would I wish I were closer to LA. because I'd be right there with Starbucks for all to get us started!
Well, I got up this morning to "Breaking News" that Qwest (the company I work for) is being bought by CenturyLink who's headquarters are in MONROE, LA.
What a small world. At this time none of us have a clue as to where we will wind up........just sayin'.
Have a wonderful day & I hope you get all this computer stuff up & running real soon. Diana from Colorado

Melissa said...

I normally just lurk because I could never get my comments to post. (I think I have it figured out now! lol)
Hope you get the computer stuff worked out soon! Love looking at the pics of your babies...since A. I have boys and B. they are 20 and 25! :( They grow WAY too fast!!

Roberta said...

Haven't commented in awhile. Just know that I have been reading DAILY. I have fooling with computers too...not much patience LOL. I would luv to add you as one of my FB friends, but I don't recall your info to add you. Could you possibly post it again? Thanks and God Bless your family!

Denise said...

How are u listed on facebook?

Musings of a Homeschooling Mom said...

6 weeks is awesome! Is it Joe Ford? If so, that's my stepdad's brother in law! I'm sure you're excited about moving!

Renee said...

Whoo hoo - 6 weeks left on the BAH. Wish I lived closer cuz I surely would come help you box up.

Carrie said...

You better watch out or Jessi is going to strangle you! You are lucky to have such a good friend. Awesome news about the house. I bet you are more than anxious to get all settled in your BAN (Big A** Nest)!!

Sandy said...

Sabre' and I would love to come help you guys pack~Sabre' could actually help with the little ones and I will help you pack. Just give me a shout