Monday, April 19, 2010

Just another day in the crib!


What can I say?

The kid loves to dress up!
And I swear, one day I am going to take pictures of every change of outfit she has in a day. Right now, she has on her " high heels". She tells me she is sleeping in them. I told her to go get on her pajamas, and that this would be the LAST time she could change clothes tonight. She emerged in blue jeans, a tee, and her "high heels". Have you seen these? They are cork wedges that are strappy little brown sandals. She loves them! I tried to tell her that she can't wear shoes to bed, but she insisted that she IS going to. I think tonight, I might just make her wear that get up to bed. PERHAPS, she will start choosing her pj's. But I digress....

Back to THIS! Ha.
Would you please look at this cute pony tail?!
Gabbi is just starting to be able to sit at the counter like a big girl.

And, buddy, she loves it!
That doesn't mean we aren't still a little biased to the high chair.
I think I am going through a really emotionally challenging time, realizing my days of bitty babies may have come and gone. First, I threw out the bottles. Now, I am looking at Dora panties about as often as I look at diapers. (Well, that may be strettttttching it a little!) And my baby might not be in a high chair much longer.

Wah. Wahhhh. Waaaah...
and Diana, I remember reading about your trip to New York with your daughter. I remember thinking that will be so fun someday, too! So, I really DO read all your comments, and I am encouraged by many of the things you write. I am so thankful that as much as I share my girls with you, some of you share your experiences with me. Diana, from Colorado, thank you for letting me know that the best is yet to come!

Hard to believe! But for today, I am relishing this little 19 month old and 32 month old. It is a good life!



Jeri said...

My daughter is a soldier in the Army stationed in Korea....I sure wish she was still playing dress-up and sitting in a high-chair! Enjoy your girls...they grow up FAST! Missing my Army Girl!

Kathryn said...

Did I ever tell you about the trip we took to Washington, DC when our Liz was four weeks old? I had been in bed most of the time since I was two months pregnant. She came into this world howling and opinionated and perfect. By two weeks old, the big kids had gotten used to her, somewhat. We lived three hours away from DC. We had a weekend. We were out of NJ like a prom dress. Stayed at the Mayflower on a weekend, and the intern manager sweetie took a shine to all three of the children. Volunteered to stay with them while Himself and I went out one night. Took the kiddo's on a tour of the whole hotel, which two of them still talk about, because of the history.
Those girlies of yours are sterling. I sometimes quail at their diet, but that is just me. However, I think you guys are great parents. Perfect for your girls, and ready to watch them grow and change.

Good job.

When you have time, please call my cell. I need the services of the PT that you and Emily liked.

No bottles!

Kaia said...

Now you just need that little Todd Jr.! ;)

Teresa @ Grammy Girlfriend said...

I think they are adorable when they dress up...I have not had enough blog time lately...So glad that I stopped by tonight..Be sure and stop by main blog
and witness a miracle.

kimybeee said...

you are frettin' about bottles and high chairs...just blink and you will be getting driver's liscenses and buying cars. my kids are 14 and 16 and for years they have been able to take care of themselves. that is pretty cool, but it is so obvious that you need at least one more baby - get out there and find that baby boy that todd needs to help him even out the house!!!!!!

Amy K said... is hard to let go of the "baby", but it's also so much fun to watch their little personalities develop as they grow.
We just purchased a junior prom gown for my oldest - a little more than a year and she'll be off to college - ugghhh, as cliche as it sounds, they do grow up way too fast!
Cherish your sweet, sweet girls and all the milestones that come along - and of course documenting them for us bloggin' friends who enjoy reading all about them...
Have a wonderful day Mo!

Bj said...

....And you think you love THESE girlies???....just wait until one of them blesses you with a GRANDCHILD.....OMG!!!...there is nothing that hold that sweet grandbaby in your arms and see all the ways that they remind of your little "E" or "Gabbi"...that too, is a precious unforgettable time...been there, done that...4 times!!!! huggers, BJ

Dottie Phillips said...

I'm just a little bit ahead of you with Brooke....she 38 months. I miss some of the things when she was smaller but I am REALLY enjoying 3! These kiddos are such a blessing, do u think they can even imagine how much we love them??

SamC said...

My "baby" boy will be 20 in a couple of weeks. It seems like a dream that he was every 19 or 32 months old. He is in college now and has a girlfriend. I am looking forward to being a grandmother in a few more years. (No big hurry!) It is worth every second of worry and lost sleep. I promise.

Doing, Loving, and Walking... (Micah 6:8) said...

hey mo, your girls are beautiful. I hope we get to see you all this friday. I don't know about girls getting any better but my boys are more priceless every day. Hope fully that is true for girls as well. Miss yall

Momma and Her Doodle said...

Share you potty training tips, Nick won't even sit on the darn potty!


blessedmomof3 said...

Enjoy your little darlins! Time does pass so quickly! My friends use to laugh at me because I got sad with every first my youngest had. I knew she was the last one and it hurt my heart to think that her first step, word, etc... Would be the last first for each of those things that I would experience as a parent! I actually still feel that way when she passes new milestones and she is almost 15!:)

Diana said...

Oh Mo ~ I almost can't contain mentioned me in your blog - I feel like a celebrity!!!! Thanks for the honorable mention. Of course I called my girls this morning to make sure that they saw this. Thank you, you do read the comments!
What a big girl Gabbi is getting to be sitting in a big girl chair eating her M&M's (Jake has to be smiling) I am told that being a Grandma is even BETTER...and I do believe that. I'll let you know. When my girls were small I was also taking care of my Mother who had Alzheimer's. I had her move in with us since I am an only child and there was no way I was going to put my Mother in a Nursing Home. So, when my girls were small, I was like the energizer bunny - running all day long just doing what had to get done. I do not regret it for 1 second and I would do it all over again in a New York minute (just thought I'd throw that in there since I am originally from NY) After my Mother passed away in 1996 I had no regrets, I just missed her and still do every day.
So, now I can look forward to enjoying grandbabies as I was very busy when I had my babies. First, I want the girls to finish school and meet nice, caring young men & get married.
In the meantime, I enjoy your girls and I will encourage my girls to "blog" when they have their babies.
Have a wonderful evening, Diana from Colorado

Julie G. said...

Your girls are so adorable. I love Ellie's individuality and style! After all your talk about their lasts, you have got to go buy the book "Let Me Hold You Longer" by Karen Kingsbury. It is a great book for parents (written and illustrated as a children's book) that I dare you to read without shedding a tear or two!

Linda Corn said...

BJ beat me to it but she is right, being a grandmother surpasses any joy I've ever experienced and I've had many. I didn't have any idea what a special feeling it would be until I held my 1st grandchild in my arms. Savor and cherish every moment because they do grow up so fast. Between my husband and I we raised 6 children and now have 9 grandkids ages 11-20. Time flies by! The hardest time for me was when they turned 13, the aliens would come down and take my child and replace them with a different child. The teen years are a challege but worth every minute. Now that they are grown we're very close and enjoy being together, which I'm sure you know what I mean since you are so close to your family. The girls are so precious, again thank you for sharing them us. I want to share a story about my oldest son. We were stationed at Ft Sill, OK. He was about 2 1/2 and had some how climbed out of his bedroom window early one morning. I woke up to the sound of someone knocking at my door. There stood a woman and my son dressed only in his underwear. He had walked about 2 blocks down the street and went into her kitchen and said "can I have a cookie?" Since all of the Gov housing looks the same she went knocking door to door to find out where he lived. Needless to say I was soooo embarrassed! (we made sure the screen on his window was nailed shut after that) I have a book full of memories . I wish we had computers back then so I could have journaled like you do. You do such a great job and I can't wait each day to see what Ellie has done and see Gabbi girl's sweet smile.

Carrie said...

I have to agree! It is so sad to 'leave' each stage but it is also fabulous to be able to watch our children grow and change. I too have to hold on to the thoughts of what fun is yet to come but can't help being a little sad at the same time. Makes me want to have 'just one more'!

René S said...

I know they seem so big, but trust me they are still very bitty! My oldest has orientation for MIDDLE school tomorrow night. I don't know how we got here, but my perpetual advice to moms of wee ones is to enjoy every moment -- especially the CUTE dress up moments. Having a tall, thin 8 year old has made me realize how hard it can be to find clothes as cute as when she was a preschooler! At least for now she will still wear a bow SOMETIMES! Thanks for sharing your life with us.

Beth E. said...

Seems like you blink and they grow up on you! Almost 2 and 3??? Wow!

I don't know where the years went with our boys. They literally FLEW by. Can't believe we're empty-nesters now...wahhhhh! :/

sococo said...

Mel, each stage has great qualities, as well as challenges. My twins are 18 yrs. old and graduate in less than one month. It is unbelievable. Ashley will be going to ULL and I will miss her SO much! I am sure that I will make frequent trips to Lafayette. Girls are a mess. They have major drama, but bring such joy to our hearts! My son brings just as much joy, w/o the drama, but he has his own boy stuff~lol! Enjoy it sister, it passes SO fast! I will never forget about 17yrs. ago when you laughed at me for driving a Mini Van. Seems like yesterday! You will have awesome memories from each and every stage and journey of the girl's lives!