Saturday, April 24, 2010

At the Mall

This past week, ol daddy was out of town, so we girls did what we girls do...

We went shopping!
I got home from work, got the girlies dressed, and headed straight to the mall. MAINLY because I was craving Auntie Anne's Pretzels. I am not much of a mall crawler, but I will just about anywhere to get an almond pretzel with caramel sauce!

We went to Center Court where we hung out at the wishing well. I loved that the big sky lights in the middle of our mall made for such pretty lighting/ photos!

I know, I know, I have a problem! I keep the camera in the diaper bag.
For whatever reason, I always think of Jake around wishing wells. I remember him always saying, "I wish for no more chemo. No more surgery. No more "buddies". No more cancer." All I can say is.... well, he ain't go no more of any of that anymore! He is pain free, buddy free, cancer free, and healthy and happy. I can't wait to see him someday.
Just like Jake, we can't pass a body of water in a "well" that my kid doesn't say, "Mom, I need some money".

Gabbi Girl has been in a phase of copying everything her sister says. She repeats everything she says too. That is kinda scary!
And then we went by the cheap jewelry store. I knew they must have some clip on earrings, but I just didn't know how FAB-U-LOUS they would be...
Do you even know how awesome my little wee one thought she was?! She wore these suckers all through that mall! ANd then, Jessi's little girl, Kaitlyn, and our neighbor, Sarah, came over and saw them, and they have been MIA . These were some pretty popular earrings!!

We made some fun memories in the mall! Can't wait til our next trip. (and our next pretzel!!)


Carrie said...

Oh my goodness! Your girlies are the pretties little things I ever did see. You put so much thought into every outfit too! You are also very lucky they still go along with it. Audrey has been into choosing her outfits lately and my oh my do they get 'interesting'! Love the clip on earrings and esp love how you teased Todd on fb about them! Ha, you are such a hoot :)

Kelly said...

So adorable!!

Amy K said...

What little beauties E&G are! Isn't the diaper bag where the camera should be???
Lovin' the earrings - sorry to hear they're missing...might have to make another trip to the mall to get another pretzel, ummm, I mean pair of earrings! :)

Diana said...

Hi Mo ~ This is just the start of the mall crawl......and when I'm with my girls, we go like energizer bunnies and always have a great time.
I just love Ellie's gladiator sandles and that Gabbi girl with her pony tail - just too cute.
The earrings - there are no words!!! How did the packing go this weekend? Are you waiting for me to bring the Starbucks????
Have a wonderful Monday, Diana from Colorado

tricia said...

Ellie looks gorgeous in her earrings! And Gabby..oh she looks so grown up! Where did your baby go?

kimybeee said...

why don't you just go ahead and get the girls ear's pierced? i think age two is about right, that is when we had our daughter done. she was big enough that i didn't worry they would hurt or bother her while she slept, but too young to be afraid. she only pitched a fit because we had to hold her. then she was fine.

MLP said...

I bet your mall has NEVER seen anything cuter than those two doll babies before!!!

Bj said...

Well Mo, I keep a camera in my desk drawer at City Hall in Minden...ya never know when it will come in handy...and besides, you can never have too many pics of those sweet babies...they grow up sooooo ENJOY!!!

Shannon said...

That last picture of Ellie with the earrings on looks a little painful....I remember wearing my Grandma's clip earrings some of them were pretty tight.

Ditto on the pretzels!!! Yum-O

Theresa Shirley said...

Oh my goodness--that cheesy grin is TOO cute!! She just knows she's cute too, doesn't she?? Wonder how many times she's smiled for the camera in her little life? lol