Tuesday, April 13, 2010

The girl loves her shoes!

Yipppppeeeee! I have pictures! Donna loaded up pics for me today at work. Then, Todd cooked for the crew over at Staci and Don's so I was able to access my pics on her computer! Yayyyy!

So, let me tell you a story WITH pictures vs. rambling allnight long about my life, worries, etc. Was THAT conversation all over the place or what?!

Ok, so guess what Ellie really, really, really loves>>>

She did this all by herself! She matched up the matches and was quite perturbed when she found a singleton. Even though her need to change clothes numerous times per day (I mean, HOUR) is the very reason we lose many of her shoes!
Staci is carrying the cutest little glitter flip flops at her store! Of course, we had to have one of every color! She has never been able to wear flip flops, but this year, they are BY FAR her shoe of choice.

She has been asking me daily, "Mom, is it summertime?" so she could get out her flip flops.

And finally the day has come. It is flip flop season! And I have a happy kid!
I hate to admit it, but this collection has actually grown. We now have a red pair, copper, black and white polka dot, pink and white polka dot,.... And... That may be it. Hey, when your sister gives you the family discount, you take fulllll advantage!
Just one thing. The dog suffers because of her sickness.
YEs. That is Earl wearing a flip flop. She worked pretty hard to get that flop on his paw! Earl is such a good dog! He is tolerant. Just like Todd the Bod had to learn to be a Girl Daddy, Earl had to learn to be a girl big brother. And he is filling that role like a champ. Look at Earl looking away, averting his eyes, as if to say, "If only I pretend she's not here.... maybe she will leave me alone!" Sorry Earl. NO such luck! Ellie is a determined kid. She has made up her mind that you need to wear flip flops... so flip flops it is. I will make sure she gives you a bacon strip treat in just a bit. Gooooood dog! My kid just keeps us rolling!


One more very important thing.... Please visit http://www.caringbridge.org/visit/shelbimae. This is one of my precious kiddos who was diagnosed before Jake. If I remember correctly, she has lived VIBRANTLY, I might add, for 7 years with a stupid brain tumor! They recently found out it was back in growth mode. She is having a 6 hour brain surgery in the morning at LeBonheur ("Bonur" to Jake, where they "Took my bump out."). Please visit her site and let her know you will be praying for her and her family. You just cannot know how comforting it is to know that people are praying for you when you are in that critical moment of time. Brings a peace! Tell them MO sent you and that Jake is whispering to God to send a special blessing! Thanks!


snekcip said...

A girl after my own heart!! Love me shoes too Ellie!!! I need more info on Staci's store!!! Please share the info!!!

PS Stopping to visit Shelbimae.

Molly said...

Gotta have my flip flops, too. Not sure I'm quite as shoe savvy as Miss Ellie Sue, but I think I did buy 3 pairs just last weekend. Found some Yellow Box flip flops on sale and they are so comfy.

What a good sport and big brother Earl is.

Praying for Shelbi.

MLP said...

LOVE love LOVE it!!! You go, Ellie Sue!!! I think Hadlee will be wearing flip flops for the first time this summer. She hasn't liked them until now. Those look like little Yellow Box ones! SO CUTE!!!

I'll go visit Shelbi Mae's site. Can't imagine. I'm glad to pray.

Amy K said...

Ellie is hilarious! I love the rainbow of shoes, and Earl is such a good sport with it all.
So sorry to hear about Shelbi Mae...I'll stop by her page, and am adding their family to our family's prayer list.

Renee said...

Those flip flops are too cute. And Earl, that's just priceless. Keeping Shelbimae in my T's and P's.

Diana said...

Good Morning Mo ~ So glad to see pictures back! Your comment about Earl learning to be a girly big brother was too funny - loved it. How true. And the expression on Earl's face......priceless. You can really tell he is a great dog, letting her dress him. We had two dogs and both were mean - I always said I wish our dogs were nice........gave up on that and we now have two cats that love to cuddle - so were good. Have a wonderful day, Diana from Colorado

tricia said...

A Shoe addiction alreadt! LOL Way to go Ellie Sue!

I sent my prayers to that sweet little girl

SamC said...

I love the pics of Ellie and Earl. Not many dogs would be still for a flip flop to be put on them.

Praying for Shelbi Mae.

Beverly said...

A girl after my own heart - I love shoes too! And I have a more recent love affair with flip flops. I just started wearing them a couple of years ago. Now I could live in them. I love Earl - he is a winner! Any dog that will just lay there while Ellie puts flip flops on him is the best! I'm also praying for Shelbi and I signed her guestbook. It breaks my heart that these children suffer. I pray for them all. I still have my Jake magnet on my fridge and I give him a pat and say hello when I pass by. It's so faded but I still see Jake's sweet face.

Keep those pictures rolling.

Madison'sMom said...

Hey Melanie. I'm a follower, found you through Jake years ago it seems. I have a daughter of my own, and Love, love reading about your girls. They are the absolute cutest! I buy bows and flip flops from my friend Tracy. You should check her out on facebook...just search for What a Cutie Pie, she is in WV. I love buying bows for Madison and just got the cutest flip flops today! When I saw the flip flops Ellie has I cracked up. We LOVE flip flops and would wear them year round if we could.
Is Staci's store online?

Kellye Hoogland said...

OH MY STARS!! Love all the shoes!!! Give Ellie a hug for me! I forgot to tell you that I made her use the potty and afterwards she did the Thumbs Up Happy Dance! IT was funny!! SHe is a hoot!

Belinda said...

AWWW I love Earl!! He seems to be such a good sport. Thanks for sharing your family with us!