Tuesday, April 13, 2010

PHoto less Tuesday

It is going to happen. Just wait. It is! NO photos today. BwahBwahwah. (That's me sobbing!)

I have none left on my computer to share. I didn't go to Staci's like I was supposed to, and I am still waiting for my pics to upload onto Carbonite. I was serious when I said it would take about two months.... but I am trying to stay the course for the long term prize of secure pictures. Yes... I DO have them on an external harddrive, but as has always been the case, I am a bit OCD about pics, so I am buying the insurance!

I have only been able to take pictures with my dinky little cell phone. I am sorry, iPhone, I love you. Really, I do! You are why I get to have pics these days, and have I told you how much I LOVE docking you at work to blare out Pandora stations to the patients? They have loved you too. Actually, those pics are the only way I get to share my girls. I think it is an obsession. So, if you want to see my girls... Facebook, my friends.... done entirely by my phone. I never thought I'd see the day!

With that said, let's discuss...

Hello to all my new Facebook friends. Many of you did actually let me know that you were blog buddies, so I added you as friends. So nice to have you! My little facebook friends list really grew!

This is weird. Commentating to nothing.

I am sitting here looking at lots of completed canvases. I am really cranking some out this week. The creative juices are in high gear. ANd thanks to those of you who also replied to remind me of what you needed/ wanted... the apple, the teacher gifts, the zebra painting, the house portrait..... And more. It gives me nice direction! Just stay on top of me... that is all I am saying. I need the push. I sometimes cannot believe that I operate the size business that I do considering how "disorganized" I am . My orange personality is not a fan or writing things down. And if I do, it is on a tab sized sticky note that I stick to my steering wheel and typically lose within the first 15 minutes of having. My office does NOT give anything to me that they dont' first make a copy of. My vehicles look like war zones. Really!!

Can you tell I can't sleep? I am that person that if there is anything going on at work (and with almost 40 employees and 90% women, there is ALWAYS something), I can't sleep. I hash it over in my head all night and try to think of all the options (another "orange" trait) and try to problem solve for the best solution. It is 1:30am right now. ugh!

Hmmm... what else? Let's see. Oh, I know. As for the 52 Questions. Thanks to the two of you who I think are still playing. I WILL get those for you and catch them all up this week! I have a list I made the first week of the year of all 52 questions! That list... hmmm... it is in a box ... somewhere... in the garage, I think. No really! I put it in a plastic box with a few supplies that I pulled out of my artroom because I knew I would need a handful of supplies, including all of my tags, to complete the project. WEll, I seem to have lost that box. I could make up new questions, but I keep thinking I will find it (although I haven't gone on one of those serious hunts yet), and why would I make up new ones when I already had the year planned out? SO, tomorrow, I will go on a hunt! I have until 11:00 am. Then, I have to be at my office for a pelvic floor evaluation. On someone I know. Weird.

And then, I have to give an inservice to my staff on how to choose the appropriate orthotic device... AFO's, SMO's, Hinged AFO's, floor reaction AFO's, maximum support vs. minimum support shoe inserts... I feel a little like Bubba in Forrest Gump. AFO stands for Ankle Foot Orthosis. It is a brace worn up the back of one's calf to provide support both to the ankle and to help with knee control. If you'd like to know more, bring a brown bag and join us at MMPT WM for lunch! I have decided to start having Tuesday TEACHINGS. I have so many new graduates as therapists, and it has dawned on me, (don't know why it didnt' before), that mentoring them is about as good a gift as I could give them, as I could give myself... seeing as how I own the company, and their increased knowledge, long term, only builds the reputation of my company! So, anywho. This week, brace selection. Next week, infant development! That is my real passionate area! I KNOWS me some infant development!

I have been a PT for 17 years. Karl (15) is right there with me, as is Becky(18?), and Amy(17), who is about the smartest OT I have EVER been around. Then, there is JoEllen who has been out 26 years. Jenn is over there in Shreveport with 14 years. Yep, we have a pretty salty staff!

Welp, I suppose I should try to go lie down now. I am cold. Todd keeps this dang house on about 62! I freeze! And I don't have on any pants right now. NOT COOL. Well, actually, VERY cool!

I will really try to get pics loaded soon, so you won't have to suffer through another one of these kind of posts. Actually, it was a big cathartic for me! Enjoyed pouring out a big bunch of nothingness to clear the head!

Nighty night.

Wait... I forgot all those decisions I am making about my house right now. Pile those on too, please. For instance, when I drove up yesterday and the painter had apparently decided FOR ME that my front door, about which I had been sweating and warting and worrying about the paint color, was STAINED the floor color I chose for inside. I just told Todd... well, the GOOD news is that I no longer have to worry about what color to paint the front door. LORD!

We put in humongous 10'"x 10"x9' cedar posts right in the smack dab middle of the kitchen/den this week. That was weird! I found out that there was actually a limit to the number of colors I could have in my house, although we point blank asked that question up front and was told there was none. I chose 32!

What else? I logged back on to add a few things that were still on my mind. And yes. I am still freezing.

I think they are going to start painting the walls tomorrow. I can't wait. There is a particular color that I just love called Tupelo Tree by Sherwin Williams. I would like to have it in the whole den area. That is a BIG space. It also encompasses the kitchen and the entire loft area. And of course, 21' ceilings in the den. I think I could handle it, but don't know if Todd could live in it. On the other hand, we are going with Bamboo Shoot, by SW. It is a little too neutrally to me, but I know Todd could live in it and so could I, so that is where we are heading. They are FINALLY painting the little cove where the spiral staircase, so FINALLY we can access upstairs without climbing a ladder. We have climbed a 20' ladder for the past YEAR! And the poor builders built the whole house with scaffolding and ladders. It was pretty amazing to watch.

The last of the stone arrived yesterday, so they should be finishing the fireplace inside and the exterior stone this week. PTL! I am really debating moving my cottage. I WANT to! Todd does NOT want to. I think it is worth the expense. (and it is a big expense) Todd does not. I even walked around out at the new place yesterday evening and decided it may need to be up closer to the house than I once thought. I used to think it would be gorgeous down by the pond. Now, I think it is most gorgeous worked into a garden, and I want my garden closer to my house this time than in my current house, where I have to walk up the hill to access my garden. Not to mention, the little munchkins would be more likely to have little sleepovers/parties if it were up closer to the house. I don't know. Just thinking!

Well, let's try this again. MO


Photography by Kimberly Craig said...

some of us have been asking to be your friend for a month or so, but you never add me, LOL - add me MO! Kimberly Craig

Amy K said...

Hopefully you're sleeping soundly as I write this....
As much as I love looking at the photos you post, I still enjoy reading with or without photos.
I bet your BAH is becoming more gorgeous each day.
Yeah, I've been patiently, ok maybe, anxiously awaiting the 52Qs. I hope you find the box you hid them in!
You didn't mention....is your little beach baby home? And, just curious about the Easter Bunny taking the bottles - did it happen?
Have a fabulous day!!

Anonymous said...

It is great to read your blog even without photos! I enjoy it every day because you let us into all parts of your life. I hope you can post photos of a few of your paintings!

Anonymous said...

camilleI would love to be your friend on facebook -- double the joy of those two precious girls!!! I enjoy readying your blog each day -- although I rarely comment -- your energy and talent get me going. You were my inspiration to start scrapbooking and I love it. How do I find you on facebook. I have searched your name and no luck! Thanks for blogging each day!!!

Anonymous said...

Sorry about the post -- somehow -- not sure --but the first word should not be there. SORRY!!

stephleighjenkins said...

I hope you got some rest. Doesn't it stink when you have so much on your mind that your brain is working overtime??

Lisa said...

I vote for moving the cottage. I love that little space and have seriously been debating adding a cottage to my current house for my sewing room. I currently have a great sewing space but love the cottage concept.

Beverly said...

I only have one comment - move the cottage. If you can afford it, it must be done!

Sandy said...

Mo your Cottage is simply beautiful. I say whatever the cost just take it with you. You will regret it later if you don't. You will actually love it where your'e gonna be. Just sayin

breanna said...

i like bamboo shoot better too, and YES YES YES to moving the cottage!!! can't wait to see it all !

snekcip said...

Girl, hitch that cottage up and drag it to the BAH!!!

Bethany said...

Ok - I have never commented before -even though I have been reading your blog for years! Yes, I am one of THOSE slackers! But here it is -hopefully- the first of many more comments in the future. Now I'm gonna try and offer some excuses like I'm the mother of 5 munchkins ages 1 to 15. That keeps me a little busy. There is a set of twins in there where one has that extra magical chromosome which causes Down syndrome. That keeps me a little busier with all that advocating you've gotta do :) Then there is that darn Breast Cancer that can really mess up a schedule - but that is really the lamest of excuses because I've been done with my treatment for awhile now. But come see for yourself - in color - at my new blog


Oh and I'd love to befriend you on FB - could you add me?! Bethany Mirka as one of your friends? I've tried looking you up but I've not had any luck.

BTW - I'm so loving your cottage. I also vote you take that piece of your nest with you!

Kacy said...

LOVING Tupelo Tree...we had Bamboo Shoot in the house before last...Now I'm Key Lime Pie. I enjoyed Bamboo Shoot and kept it for a long time. You can "accesorize" it to your taste! Sorry about the insomnia. I did it for MONTHS. I finally tried Ambien again and it seems to be helping this time. Lack of sleep will make you NUTS:)


tricia said...

you have a busy&full life;no wonder there is so much on your mind. LOVE hearing about the new house&it's progress. MORE please

Debbie said...

Hi Mo
I want to be your friend on Facebook too, I have already sent you an invite.
Debbie deKnoblough

Lori said...

Hey Melanie! You know, since you were blogging with out your pants, it may be a VERY good thing that you didn't have your camera!!!haha!!!

Judy Cousans said...

I sooooooo think moving the cottage is worth the expense. (Even though I have no idea what the expense is AND it's not my $$$$!) With all the girlies ya'll are going to have around, it would be great to have and they would have so many great memories of it!!
Men don't get that-just move the thing!! :o)

Unknown said...

Just sayin....movin the cottage could be more room for retreat guests. I think it could actually turn out to be profitable LOL. Good for your art business. :) I feel like I should have a tshirt or something that reads "I climbed the 20'ladder" LOL.
Sounds like things are fast and furious. Hope to catch up soon.

Renee said...

Yeah a BAH update. Moving the cottage sounds awesome but then again, I'm not paying for it. Good luck with that decision.

jneman said...

I had a sleepness night too, but it was because I had a little dog freaking out with the first thunderstorm of the season - finally fell asleep fully at 6am, only with the alarm going off at 7am :( I am still playing 52Q, just need to take time to upload - looking forward to new questions -