Thursday, March 18, 2010

More MMPT... what we do.

I think I showed this waaaaay back when, during the fall when it was appropriate to have brown and orange leaves on the wall! But, I found this old blog post that I never uploaded. So, let's check it out. That was the Thankful tree which was in the waiting room in our Monroe clinic.

And THIS is Keith (aka Keif) and Liles.
I have worked with Liles since he was about 5 or so years old. He was a tot then. Now he's a tater tot. Less the "tot' part!

I'm posting this so I can show his mom what he is doing in PT with Keif. Keif is one of the only ones strong enough to lift this big boy anymore.
I can honestly say that one of the ONLY places that I ever feel my age is in therapy. I am still quite flexible, which is necessary for a pediatric PT. We kinda have to contort ourselves. But, we also have to have considerable strength, as we lift those who cannot stand for themselves all day long.
Look, Aliscia. He's up! And he's not fussing, and he's quite satisfied. (Although a good deal of bribery goes into everything we do with Liles!)
This is Buck. And his trusty sidekick. I love it when our patients bring their kids. It means they think they'll have fun there. And what a nice compliment!
This is Donna (or Nonna, as my girls and thus most of the office now, calls her). She has been running the show over in the Monroe office for several months. She is about to be heading back to home office in West Monroe. Thanks, Nonna, for all you do.
That is our prayer board. We have them in two of our clinics. NOt sure why they're not in all of them. I'll work on that! We allow patients and staff to list what their needs are so all can be aware and pray for each other.
And this is crazy Lindsay! She is my PT in the Monroe clinic. She is probably channeling Lady Gaga here. That is her hero (I think she's a freak. Gaga, not Lindsay!). Lindsay does such a good job of keeping the atmosphere light and upbeat while managing MANY patients. This keeps the mojo of the MMPT clinics consistent.... healing of the physical, spiritual and emotional!
After all, remember our mission statement... Joyfully use our gifts to brighten the lives of others. You may borrow it today! GO out and touch a life with your gift!

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