Friday, March 19, 2010

Gabbi & Sayla, and Q11!!!

Ok, so as you know, no current pics. It is on my weekend's agenda. Jessi thinks she may have found the answer, and by the way, the actual problem is that my harddrive is so full that it won't even open enough to let me open my pics to transfer them to the plugged in hard drive.

In the meanwhile, I am begging others for pics on their computers to upload on my blog. Jessi shared these with me. These are my little buddy, Sayla, doing therapy and my other little buddy, Gabbi, getting right in the mix.

By the way, she is signing "candy" in the picture below. I know, I know, "genius" you must be thinking!

I love that my kids see so little difference between themselves and kids with significant motor delays. Just today in therapy, Ellie got kinesiotape on her arm, just like the little girl I was evaluating.

As you can see, first: Gabbi's skirt was waaaay too big.
and second: she got that candy after all.

And finally, Question #11:
Who would you want to play you in a feature film about your life?
(I think I'd pick Sandra Bullock.) and btw... Hatin' on her husband!


MaryH said...

What is up with those "Hollywood" hubbies - how could you do better than Sandra Bullock? I mean, look at her - seriously, don't you people acheatin' think you are going to get caught - in this day and is a given.

Okay, hope the computer is fixed soon but I am enjoying all the other photos - we even get to see shots of Mo!!! I love Gabbi doing her sign language. I need to teach my grandson signing, if I ever get to see him again...that's whole other story. Have a good weekend.

Denise said...

Lovin' your pics!! Thanks for Q11. I'd also want Sandra Bullock to play me in a movie. And btw, DITTO! on that cheating husband of hers!!!
Have a great day!
Hugs, Denise

Shannon said...

I LOVE that children don't see a difference. My son is special needs, and the kids in his class and school for that matter see him as just another friend. It warms my heart to watch them when I visit.

Ok hmm...I would say Reese Witherspoon.

Get that puter fixed Jessi!!

SamC said...

The thing with Sandra Bullock sorta reminds me of Brad, Jennifer and that nasty Angelina. What man in his right mind would give up such a beautiful woman for a skank? I heard that tattoo woman has tats in her arm pits! Now that is really sexy. NOT.

Love the pictures and hope you are able to get all of yours back.

If Lucille Ball were still alive, I'd want her to play me. She was so funny. :o)

SaraG said...

Great photo's!
your girls are just beautiful! even your therapy girls!!
I love Sandra Bullock and watching the Emmy's I thought she had it all in life, she thought that too. Can't believe JesseJames did that to her...
Sad sad.
Take care and have a nice weekend

Liloia Family said...

I'd pick Merryl Streep (a younger version of her)...LOL.

Amy said...

I've missed you Mo! Sandra needs to drop him like a bad habbit!!

Beth E. said...

Hmmmmm....whooo would I want to play meee in a feature film about my life? Betty White ;-)

Poor Sandra Bullock...I feel so bad for her. She deserves much better than that guy.

Amy K said...

Thanks for posting Q11...hmmm....
Sandra Bullock--perfect choice for you! Great pics of all the cute gals in this post.
Have a wonderful weekend.

Sandy said...

Awe Mo that is a great post. Glad you had Sayla in the post today. I am getting ready to take a few deserts to a bake sale going on in Farmerville today for the precious to have more treatment with you. Makes my heart melt that so many babies need the intense treatment yet our insurances will not cover~yuk. Anyway I would go wit Sandra Bullock too.

Beverly said...

I missed you! Glad you found some pics! That Gabbi is so sweet! I love that she is signing. Can't wait for more pics from you! Have a great weekend!

Laura said...

Love the pics! Your girls always make me smile. I must say, I wish I was a kid because my PT office is not nearly as much fun as yours looks!

I would have to concur with the Sandra Bullock choice. I just love her as an actress and person. I'm obviously not up to date on what is happening with her hubbie; must go do some research!