Monday, March 22, 2010

Ellie & Mary Allison on the porch

Yay for Jessi who took my card from my camera today to work and added a few pics to the world wide web for me to use to make a blog post! LORD knows, I don't have space on my computer to do it! But we are getting closer! I would say this week. I hope!

So, we have been running around in shorts around here. The sunbeds are full, and the daffodils are in full bloom! Buuuuttttt.... yesterday......
IT WAS SNOWING! It is the weirdest thing! I was looking out in the backyard and saw snowflakes coming down all around my gorgeous forsythia in all its yellow glory!

Mary Allison came over for her usual role as Sunday sitter, and Miss Ellie insisted they go outside. Because I have been a painting fool this week (maybe that's the ticket... no blog... lots of work done!), she took Ellie out for me to get a little accomplished.

Earlier, and I mean EARLIER (I was still in the bed!!), Ellie came in and announced she had on her shoes and would be going outside. "Just right here on the porch, mom." How many two year olds call their mama, "mom"!? She had a sock on one hand and a glove on the other. I did not at all even kinda precipitate her winter clothing, but she instinctively must have known that this weather did, indeed, call for hand outerwear!

Interesting choice with the ankle sock with the blue trim on the right hand, but hey... whatever floats her boat!

Mary Allison actually found the cute winter stuff, and even added a hot pink bow to the top of her hat. HEEElarious!

Well, we are presently loading all pics onto Carbonite, an online service, and have also put them all on an external hard drive. I am psycho, so I am not deleting until they are securely in BOTH places!! I did not lose any pics, that I know of, so that is the very, very good news. THe bad news, is that at the calculated rate of 2 gigs per 24 hours, Jessi figures it'll take two months!!!

Surely not! In the meanwhile, she is loading pics for me at work, and I am as surprised as you in the evening when it is commentary time as to which pics she chooses. Kinda like a little scavenger hunt!



Denise said...

Glad you're back! Lovely photos. :)

Kim said...

So good to hear that you did not lose any pictures! Also good to hear that you are coming along with getting them in secure storage ~ it may be a long process, but think about how great it will be when it is all said and done!!

I do believe it must have snowed just about every state this weekend. Crazy how it can be so absolutely beautiful one day, and then the next is so drastically different ~ like changing of the season overnight! FUN how Miss Ellie knew it was cold out!!

MLP said...

So thankful you didn't lose any pictures! That was SCARY!!!

Lovin' all these posts. You guys are too fun and too precious!

By the way, I think Sandra would be perfect to play you in a movie! I'll have to think on that question.

Have a great week, Mo! Keep those pics coming as you can!!!

Amy K said...

Yay! I've missed my daily dose of Mo Joy. I'm glad to hear you didn't lose your photos. That Jessi is a wonder woman. Mary Allison fits right into your family, doesn't she? What a blessing - it looks likes she is absolutely wonderful with your girls.

Amy said...

I wish I had a Mary Allison!! She is so good with your girls and it's a blast to watch them together.
Thank you very much Jessi!!!

Shannon said...

Ellie you just go for it girlfriend!!! You wear socks for gloves, I think it is cute!!

Beth E. said...

Yay for Jessi! I can't believe y'all had snow. We had it yesterday. I'm soooo ready for warmer temps!

Melanie Christian said...

I'm glad you didn't lose any pictures! Don't you just love our southern weather? We wear shorts and tanks one day, and coats and gloves the next! Crazy!

randdmom said...

Glad to see more day isn't complete without a visit to Mo'Joy!!

jenny said...

What in the world has happened to little Mary Alison. It's like overnight, she has blossomed into this gorgeous WOMAN! I'm still waiting for that to happen to me! I'm 50 and I'm still in that awkward, gawky stage. In case she doesn't know it (and teenage girls often don't), tell her she is bee-yew-tiful. I pray her heart and soul are as lovely as her "wrappings."