Thursday, January 14, 2010

Nesting, hair-dos, and a great necklace.

Are you working every day toward your word?

I love that one of my co-workers, Karl, asks me this periodically. Do you have someone keeping you on track with your word? Be thinking about who that is. And if you are reading this and are someone I come into contact often, understand this... I DO NEED YOU to ask me regularly how I am doing. Ask me what I have done to NEST on any given day. I need the support!

Ok, so here's a little nesting for ya'!

This is early morning with the girlies. Everybody still in pj's. Ellie had JUST rolled out of bed!
Gabbi is our early bird, so she is sometimes the one waking us up with "MaaaMaaa"!

And notice my fancy hair-do.

And then notice my mini-me!!
I love that she wants to be and do anything that her mom is/ does.
Two girls with ponytails and headband.
I LOVE the mornings with my girls!
ANd I love this necklace that I found at an estate sale this past weekend. 15 degrees outstide! I got my tail up at 6:45 to meet JinJin and Mickey and found this steal for $45! Yay me! It is sterling and carved turquoise! Duuuuude!



Kenzie Holley said...

Cute! Love the matching hair! =) that necklace is SO pretty! I love it.

Kathryn said...

Beautiful necklace! Can't hold a candle to your smile with those little Girlies nestled up close, though.

I need some BE time. Suggestions are appreciated.

Oh, and I can not for the life of me get pics on my blog. Please tell your sister that I am with her.

Kim said...

You are working toward your word perfectly!! And it appears LOVING every minute of it with those precious girlies all snuggled up with their momma! You are so very blessed!!

Duuude....that was an AWESOME find ~ LOVE the necklace!!

MLP said...

That necklace is awesome!

Your girls look so very happy to be with their nesting mama!!!

Tracy said...

I used to love early mornings with my daughter too. Unfortunately, she is now turing into a very late riser!

Amy K said...

Beautiful necklace, and beautiful Groves girls! Nesting looks to serve you well! :)

Diana said...

Hi Mo ~ WONDERFUL pictures of you & your girls. I bet they LOVE having their Mommy home with them when they wake up! It does feel so good when all they want is to be like you. Those days were fun times - and the good times just keep coming. I am taking a trip back to New York where I was born & raised (Brooklyn) with my oldest daughter in March and we both can't wait. We have so much fun together, so see it just gets better & better. I always say that they are my best pals, just like I was with my Mom before she passed away. She taught me well! Btw, love the necklace too. Have a wonderful weekend, Diana from Colorado

Beth E. said...

It's just not fair that you all look so cute with bedhead and without makeup...not fair at all! For the way would I let anyone take a pic of me until I had my face on! ;-)

Love that did good, girl!

Ness said...

You are kickin' nesting butt!

I have ideas in my head but they haven't made it to paper yet...I burn a Yankee Candle in my room while I do my medical transcription and I'm taking the matchsticks and forming the word SIMPLIFY for one of my 52Q. Then I'm weaving ribbon together for one and weaving cardstock together for another. Using all things that I have on hand, thus simplifying. Now to get started...sigh...kick my butt, Mo, I need impetus.