Saturday, January 16, 2010

"Wing, Wing"

This is my little Gabbi Girl's "fake cry" face. And when she does it, Ellie says, "Mom. Gabbi is pitiful!" Do you think she has heard that one before? I better be watching my mouth!
But really, she IS pitiful... moments later... we were all smiles!
Gabbi points at the door to go outside and says, "Wing, wing". This is so cute and reminds me of my beloved Poppa. He used to take me outside to swing when I was these girls' age and I can vividly remember him saying, "Swing, swing. Swing, swing. Swing, swing" as I went back and forth.
I have done the same thing with the kids at my clinic and now with my own two girlies. I love it that that is now how they ask to swing.
As you can see, we are loving the opportunity to wear scarves and hats and such, but that is about ALL we like about the cold weather!
Ellie throws her scarf around her neck and literally slings it over her shoulder like such a big ol' thing.
But take a gander... she IS getting to be a big ol' thing!
And one who knows how to CHeeeeese for the camera!
Oh, yeah. AND strike a pose! I don't think this is a phase she is going to be out of any time soon. She sees a camera, and BOOM... POSE it is. Maybe I SHOULD consider those pageants after all!
Stay tuned for tomorrow. We will be moving on to the next 52Q. Get your tags, journals, little thinking caps ready!



Amy K said...

Just darling! I'll be checking back later for the next question. I just have to thank you for this challenge; it's been really good for me!

Mbeaty19 said...

What great pictures. The girls are so adorable and you can see the bond between them strengthening more every day. Thank you for sharing them with us. I can see your 'nesting' challenge is going well. You have really helped me focus in on mine. Have to finish my vision tag and anxiously awaiting the next question.

Amy said...

The girls look so cute, thanks for sharing. I have finally picked my word, moments. My 5 year old daughter is doing it with me. Her word is giving. I'll get some pics posted on Flickr when we get more done. I think it will be a blast to do this together.

Pining for Pinterest said...

They are getting so big! I love the pictures :-)

Beth E. said...

Gabbi looks as big as Ellie on that swing! Can't believe how fast they are growing, Mo. They are just adorable.