Wednesday, January 13, 2010

Mom is nesssssting!!

Get ready for this.

Really! Sit down!
I decided to try and "bake" for my girls, with all this nestiness I have been feeling.

Ok, well, let me say it a different way... I want my girls to have a dessert. Since everyone in my family reminded me that it was not exactly "baking" per se. But, for me... it was a BIGGIE!
and then Todd walks in and starts taking over my whole station. Yes, I know about cooking "stations". I love watching "CHopped". Anyone else watch that? Todd plays that sometimes in our kitchen when it looks like we have nothing to cook. He just picks four or five ingredients from our cabinet and he rocks it out! Ok, so that was a bird!

Let me share Marina's recipe for the best dang peanut butter balls in the whole wide world.
Start with a whole pack of Nutter Butters. Unless, that is, you have a one year old in your buggy who INSISTS that you open the package while you are still in the grocery store. In that case, use as much of your package as you have left when you get it home.
Put it in a food processor and grind it to nuthin'!
Add a whole (8 oz?!) package of cream cheese.
There's Todd pretending that this is not MY project!
Then, when you have those combined, spoon it out in lumps and roll it around in your hand into little balls. I like the smaller balls (1") better than the bigger ones.

Then, do whatever normal people do to melt chocolate OR get this stuff and put it in the microwave for about 30 seconds.
NOTE: One of the above packages is not enough for the peanut buttery wonderment that was mentioned above. Soooo, I got all creative in the kitchen like you KNOW I can!
I found some Heath bar chips and I melted them. That meant that some of my peanut butter balls had a little chocolatey covering that had Heath bar chips on it for an added crunch. You know that's just how I roll!

And hold it. Hold it. Hold it...


You are very welcome!

(oh, and no comments on the REST of the stuff in my fridge! I'll admit it. They LOVE Lunchables! Sometimes I "bake" those for them too!)


Zhohn said...

I just may have to try that recipe! Seems like I may actually be able to make that :)I LOVE Chopped!!!! One of my favorite shows.

Way to go Gabbi, eating with a spoon! What a big girl.

Jason, Betsy, Jackson said...

I saw a pillow at Pottery Barn that says "Nesting" and has a little quote. I thought of you as soon as I saw it!

MLP said...

I want one of those right now!!! Looks d-lish!

Deb said... can also do them with Oreos and in Minnesota if you dip them in white chocolate, they are "Snowman Poop"!

Kenzie Holley said...
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Kenzie Holley said...

Now I am CRAVING them! YUUMMM! And BTW, I love lunchables too =) and I think I have that same green sweater you are wearing, Mrs. Melanie. Just sayin'.

Mary Allison said...

please make me another fudge cake!
and your prize will be a........


Kathryn said...

Smack me with a ladle! We are going to change your name to Julia. Good job!

I am recovering from food poisoning. I am behind in my BE's, but I promise I will catch up and post.

Carrie said...

Yummy!! These sound wonderful! Anything with chocolate, peanut butter and cream cheese has gotta be delish! Thanks so much for sharing little miss nesting bird!

Jeni said...

LOL - Thanks for making me belly laugh this morning! I love the way you write.

Ronda said...

Oh, hello! That sounds delicious! We've been making cake balls...a la Bakerella, but this sounds more like our tastes -- PB goes in everything around here. May have to try the snowman poop, too. Yummy!

Beverly said...

Oh, how I want to try those. They look delicious. I shouldn't. I don't have any kids at home to share with. It would mean I have to eat them all! OR take them to work. Decisions, decisions! But that looks like an easy and great recipe - something even I could make. Thanks, Mo! You rock!

Mindy said...

Way to go, Mel! It doesn't matter how it got done...just that it got DONE!

I'm all caught up on the 52Q. Now if I could find my point and shoot I'd upload pics. I cannot get good stills on this hybrid camcorder thing.

Have a good one!


SamC said...

Ummmm, sounds good. I've made the Oreo ones and my family loves them. Son is allergic to peanuts, but, my hubby loves them. I'll have to make him some.

Oh Kathryn, my whole family got food poisoning the day after Christmas. We had Whopper Jr.'s and the three of us got SO sick. My 19 year old son had to go to the ER the next morning. We will NEVER eat at BK again. Hope you are feeling better.

Lori said...

I am So impressed Melanie! The recipe is right up my alley! If only I had a food processor!!!! See, isn't it good to know that you are ahead of some of us in the nesting department?????!!!!

Unknown said...

Yum! I love peanut butter balls and never make them because it is such a process....I may just need to try it this way!

Ness said...

Thanks for returning my call but I can't remember what I called for...maybe the 52Q and wondered if it was to have a cover for the first card and then what the 1st question was? I really need to get started on many ideas, so much sickness. Great job on the dessert for the girls. I have another dessert for you to try---dump cake. One pan wonder! Let me know if you want the recipe.

Shannon said...

Those look Yum-O!!!! However I don't think they fit into my "life style change" meaning diet for the new year...I will just enjoy your pictures! :)