Friday, January 1, 2010

Christmas with the Jones Family.

Did you think our Christmas pics and stories were finished? HARDLY! I think we have enough pictures of our Christmas parties, gift swaps, and festivities to round out a whole 'nother week! Get ready, peeps! Many people who read my blog are "strangers". But, a lot of my family members also read the blog and this is my way of sharing my pictures with them. My blog also serves as my "scrapbook" during this very busy phase of my life, with two toddlers. Ok so let's cut to the chase. I need Mike to come live with me! This is the second time this has occurred, so it is obviously not a fluke! She went to him at Thanksgiving and now again at Christmas. It is a Christmas miracle!
Poor, poor Baxter. He would have to start dating my mom during the holidays! All she does is wag him around shopping, returning, going to parties, going to event after event.... that poor man is nothing if not dedicated!
These are a few of my cousins, and a new cousin-in-law (Jen in the purple). Kelli, in black, was always my favorite and closest cousin growing up. We are not nearly as close these days. I suppose the distance has separated us. Drew, far left, is Kelli's sister, Cherry's son. And he and Jenn live near us in West Monroe. We've become weekend friends. They come to all of our football game get togethers!
I can't get enough of this! Sigh!
I know I 've mentioned it, but Jin is the baby of eight. This is my Aunt Betty Lou. She was always the one who was an absolute nut! She always made a crazy face when the camera was pointed her direction or played pranks on all us kids!
While Miss Ellie loved...
and kissed....

on her daddy,
Miss Gabbi kept her distance and rocked herself vigorously back and forth in this gigantic rocking chair.
More cousins... Cole, is Kelli's son, and Jordy is Kelli and Cherry's brother, Scotty's son! I love knowing how totally lost I am making you. If you read back, it'll all become glaringly clear!
Ok, so my mom and her siblings are from Olla, Louisiana. It is small town USA! I mean S-M-A-L-L town! This is my mom's older sister, Aunt Mary. The girls went outside to show me one of the "fun" things they used to do as kids!
One person gets on one end of the window and the other does this...
If you are looking down at the right angle, it looks like the image is your opposite extremity. What can I say?! Thank God for Nintendo DS!
They also walked me to the alley they used to play in. It was all of about 24" wide! This boy right here...
would've pulled every bit of his hair out! He needs a tv, phone, computer, gaming software, etc to fulfill his days. My how things have changed!

In Olla, we all draw names. That really makes it easy. You only have to figure out the person whose name you drew!
The Jones family is BIG too, so we need to draw names! Otherwise, things could get expensive... quick!
This is my cousin, Shay. She is Aunt Mary's (in the window earlier) granddaughter.
ANd WHAT IS THIS?! Another person Gabbi will go to?! I am definitely seeing if they can come visit more often!
I just don't get what attracts her to them. They both have a beard, but so does her dad, and well... she most of the time won't allow him to take a load off me at ALL!
And, let's see.... Oh, I know. These are Aunt Betty Lou's grandsons... their dad, Stevie, is my first cousin! We used to play football every time we all got together. I miss those days!
Guess who got dress up accessories!
And who is feeling extremely beautiful!
Oh, wait. A crown! And earrings. WOW!
Gabbi got the same, but she is my little inspector!
After the opening of the gifts, we round up for our ornament exchange!

We play this in that Dirty Santa style, where you can "steal" from anyone who has opened their ornament prior. And don't you think those adults are all sweet-like and protect the feelings of the children. Ha. Hardly!I think this is my cousin, Kevin, acting a fool after a big theft of an LSU ornament! Punk!
These two enjoyed sitting in the circle and just watching the adults yell and scream and steal from each other.
Ahhh... family!

I was a little behind on my ornament buying, so I picked a few things from my workshop and used them as my contribution.
But I did make sure that my precious oldest daughter brought her own ornaments! She MADE them! Yay for Ellie! ANd I mean she did them with very little help from me. She is an excellent pattern follower!
Needless to say, I stole those puppies and they went right home with me!
It's so fun to see how excited the kids get to play!

Gabbi Girl snagged my camera and I helped her aim it for this very attractive photo!
This is my Aunt Bonnie. She and my mom were always really close. I think it was because they had girls about the same age. Me and Kelli. Aunt Bonnie is also mom to Cherry and Scotty. And grandmother to COle and Jordy. Oh, and Drew. Got that?!

Cherry went ahead and stole that canvas... until it got stolen from her too! Being a great cousin, I made her another one and added, "Jones Family Christmas", like this one has on the present's tag.
And then came the talent show. First, Jackson, a recent black belt, put on his show.
It started with just Jackson...
But then, we had break dancers....
splitters.... (yeah, I still got it!)
and these two... they said their trick was that they could get up and walk!
ANd then Sissy busted off with a "I've got one arm shorter than the other." Really, Sissy? That's all you got?!
Oh, and cartwheelin!!
With that, I will move on to the next big Christmas party. I am telling you... we had a LOT of them! My girls have been sick for over a week. And I am quite sure that our hectic schedule has not been good for them getting better. Will be glad when things slow down and we can all just "nest" a bit!
Looking forward to a great new year. I always get highly reflective and introspective and "plannish" this time of year!! And you?!

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