Thursday, December 17, 2009

Winding down on the canvases now!

Ok, I am on the downhill slide! In fact, I THOUGHT I was done, until I got an email tonight, and someone up in Maryland has not yet gotten theirs. I am stresssssssed! It is a very big thing to hold up someone's Christmas presents. I mean, seriously stressful business! As has been the case a couple of times before, I show where the items were shipped, but for whatever reason, they were not received.
I just thought since I am almost there, that I will finish up with a few pics of the last leg of the crop.

This is for a grandmother who says to her Grandkids, "where are you?" and they say, "Forever in your heart". Or at least that is the general sentiment.
So the grandkids are giving her this for Christmas.
Ellie and Gabbi's pediatrician has this as her "saying" around her office. She also has super wild/ bright colors in her office, so this is our gift to her.
I gave this one as a prize at our MMPT office party Friday night. More on that later.
and after this past weekend, I had to go back and add, "2009 State Champs" to this one I made for Austin. Yay for you, Neville!
and this is for someone's mom who went through cancer treatments and this was their mantra throughout. Look closely in the background to see the ribbon.
I just love this one. Felt like taking a break from Christmas. It should be on my Etsy site soon. Needs a home. After Christmas, expect LOTS in my Etsy shop.

or maybe I should keep it for Ellie Sue. I gave Gabbi the "Let your little light shine", remember?
This was also used as a prize at my MMPT party.
And then there are the 20 or so more in my kitchen that are for my family, friends, and business associates. I don't know that I can guarantee anymore out for Christmas, but to those of you who have asked, I will respond to you personally.

And for those of you expecting the big ones, I started on those this week. SHould be out next week! Mo


Kathryn said...

I am claiming both the "You are my Sunshine" ones if I may. You have no idea what you have done, sweet thing.

When our Jim was little, I would rock him to sleep every night. Yes, that six foot eight inch man. And, that is the song I would sing to him. When he was two, he'd sing along with me.

I would like both of those for his daughters, aka the Grandgirlies! Guess what? When night falls, there is a beautiful voice coming from each of their rooms, and guess what it is singing?

I can't believe it!

Sharidrew said...

Hey Mo!
I just read that the Happiest States in America list was released. And Louisiana was #1! They said you may be surprised by this....I'm not and it's because Mo lives there! It must be a happy place! heehee....

As usual the paintings are great!! Have a great weekend!

Hugs from Missouri,

Carri Russo said...

No artist should never be rushed!!!!!And you my friend and an INCREDIBLE artist!!!!!

KKGrimmer said...

You continue to amaze me with your wonderful creations! I think the snowman one with just the head looks like he is shivering! I love them all!

connie said...

hey mo i would love to have one of you are my sunshine if i can get it after the holidays also im going to email you my cell number i would love to get a canvas painted for this young woman that is very very sick she has this diease a tumor on her brain stem and it cant be surgical removed and she has something else going on iwth her too they are strong believers in god im not sure what i can get you to make for her. for her room she is bed ridden so something to cheer her days they live in fl anyway i will email you my number so we can talk on the phone about what to do for this young lady.i would love for you to mail it straight to her too anyway i love your paintings you are a amazing artist wish i could paint like you i cant wait to see what else you paint after christmas. sure wish i could have afforded one for christmas. give your girls a hug from me. hugs and love ya

snekcip said...

Kathryn beat me to the "sunshine" one. I'm so ordering the YOU ARE MY SUNSHINE for my youngest daughter from your ETSY! I sung this song to her as a baby!!! That baby is NOW 20yrs old! She still remembers that! It will be a late Christmas present! Presents are welcome ANYTIME of the YEAR in her book! Get stocked up on the YELLOW PAINT Mo!!!!

MLP said...

You are a superstar! Your canvases are such a ministry. I love them all!

Holly said...

I am so MAD at myself that I didn't order these. I need to get my order ready to send next August or September for Christmas 2010! I just love these. I can think of so many people on my list who would love one of these!

You are sooooo talented!

Love Holly & JakeDog

Unknown said...

Hi, my name is Gina Kelley. You made a snowman canvas with our last name on it for Krista Fortenberry. She gave it to me for Christmas and I LOVE IT!!!!! WOW! you are incredibly talented. I would love to have one for every season. Do you have ideas on etsy to choose from or do you just do custom orders? My email address is I can't wait to order some for gifts for my family and friends. Also what are your prices? Thanks again! Gina Kelley