Wednesday, December 16, 2009

Getting reallly close! Canvases out the do'!

You may remember from years past that my staff is required to MAKE their Christmas gifts to each other! This year, I bit the bullet and said, "you can decide... make it or buy it." And I think you KNOW that I would never dream of buying mine! Sooooooo.....
here is my gift. I made it for Christy, one of our speech therapists.
She has three little ones. I think it is cute that the baby has a bib on! And I added that he is not yet fully developed, like his older siblings, as he has no arms and no mouth!
I added each kids' name.
I think she really liked it. I will show you later what Karl made me. Yay for anyone who actually MADE their gift! Office party was Friday night, so expect those pics soon.

Melissa, I am banking on the fact that your husband does not read MoJoy. If so, uh oh!
He is apparently a Saints fan!
And then, we have this one for the Schroeders. I love how it turned out.
They have a slew of kiddos! I tried to incorporate all the names on the canvas.
They have a baby, Ellie, who is an angel in Heaven.
and two sets of twins! Dude!
This is one of a pack of 5 for teachers.
And Alysha came back for another order. She has some cheerleader buds who needed a Christmas gift. I used orange and blue to make an ornament. And admit it... "Be of good CHEER!" is pretty dang clever!

ANother big family canvas.
I just listed the names under the family name.
This little canvas was a try at making it primarily pink. I think some prefer weird colors for Christmas. I am one of those who can't figure out what I like! I have all red and white and green in Ellie's tree and am collecting teals, lime green and hot pink for Gabbi Girl's!

Susan, I think we are finally done! She got all of her friends canvases for Christmas. A very thoughtful gift, I do think!

When I was in Memphis, I got some new cool paints. I got this pearly sticky-uppy paint that I wanted to work into a canvas. This is actually a painting I am giving for a gift. FINALLY, I am making it to my own presents!
I have had a blast painting this season. I look forward to keeping it up in the new year. Not having that "deadline" will be very refreshing!
Nadine. I hope you liked this. It was a little tough to make it "christmasy" and blue and yellow and match the words you liked.
I think it turned out pretty cute.

This is my little assistant, going through my order book.
If you'll notice the countertop, you will see that she pulled out all of the tabs. You know the ones which tell me who has paid, been mailed out, etc. See why my life is doubly disorganized?!
Oh and one more for teachers. I LOVE this one! I may have to do one similar for myself! Just love it!
If you ordered a canvas this Christmas season, thank you. I loved making them. And I hope you will love giving them! Mo


Kathryn said...

Those are beautiful! I love that tree with the plaid! Cool!

Ally said...

Hey Mo, where is Hannah's canvase??

kelly said...

Mo, I love, love, love my canvases. I hate to part with them so next year I'll have to order one to keep for myself. The best part is that I let my 8 year old choose the ones for his teachers. He moved to a new school this year specifically to get learning support for a reading disability. When he was choosing which teacher got which canvas, he said we had to give the angel to his learning resource teacher "because she is like an angel to me." How sweeet is that? Can't wait to tell her that story. Thanks again and give those baby girls a hug from their fans in Charlotte. Merry Christmas.

Susan S said...

Yes, we are finally done! I loved giving all of my good buddies their Christmas canvases! My sweet friend Amy even cried! I love my canvas, too. It just makes me smile every time I see it. Thanks for all of your hard work!

Mindy said...

I've loved seeing all of your canvases. They are great! I mentioned before that after the first of the year I am going to place an order for a canvas or 10 for my beach cottage. I'm still thinking about what I want....any ideas??

Cori said...

You are SO talented!! I LOVE the last Joy to the World one!! I am so going to place an order for next year.

MLP said...

Everyone who gets a unique, one of a kind MO canvas will LOVE it!!! These are the one with the three snowmen and then the pink one! You ROCK!!! Way to be living out a passion!

Teresa @ Grammy Girlfriend said...

am I too late to get one....They are fantastic....I want to do an entire post on them....


Connor said...


I would love to order one of your canvases...but it doesn't need to be done by Christmas! Can you tell me how to contact you so I could give you further information & see what you could create?


Christie said...

You did an awesome job!!! I cant wait to see what else you create in the new year. You are truly talented. By the way did you get my order for the Christmas canvas? It isnt for Christmas, I just wanted to order one. No deadline on it just wanted to get it ordered when I saw the one I wanted.

Diana said...

Hi Mo ~ I love your work - I will be ordering for next year and I am excited already! I know just where I'll hang it and everything. I have to say that the cutest picture was that of your assistant - how could you go wrong. I am the most uncreative person on the planet, so bad that when my girls were young and had a school project, they would BEG me not to get involved. Too funny. My mother taught fashion design at FIT (Fashion Institute of Technology in New York) a TOP college for fashion design in the world, and I can't even sew a hem. Where the heck did I come from???At any rate, just checking in and loving your work. Have a great day, Diana from Colorado.

Diana said...

Hi again Mo ~ I KNOW this is last minute, and if you can't do it, I TOTALLY understand but I was wondering if you could do an 18 by 24 canvas the same as you made for "The Schroeders" with the Christmas presents for me? I would like it to say "The Liffrig's" and they have 5 children & their names are: Lindsay, Mallory, Alex, Andrew & Jack. I can pay by credit card so you can be paid asap - you would just have to tell me how to do that & I will. Please do not stress out about this, because it's my fault that I did not order sooner. If it can be done, great, if not there is always next year. Please let me know either way & thanks, Diana from Colorado

Unknown said...

You better start on your Valentine's Day and Easter ones now!

Beverly said...

I just love your canvases. Maybe next year I can get a Christmas one. I just love my extraordinary every day one! Your girls put a smile on my face every picture. Thanks for all the smiles!

Dannon said...

I'm cracking up at the People Sex Forever Magazine in your photo of the gifts for the cheerleaders!!! You truely have an amazing talent and I'm amazed with your busy life how many canvases you have managed to get done for the holidays!

randdmom said...

I really, REALLY wish I'd gotten an order in on time! They are gorgeous!!

Ness said...

Now you've got a year to come up with a Santa kneeling at the manger of the Baby Jesus with the word Believe incorporated. My house needs it. I finally found a bunch of Believe signs and they are all over my new-to-us house. Your paintings are wonderful Mo. Thanks for sharing your talent. I missed the Memphis Marathon because of a messed up ankle.

Maureen said...

Got my doggy canvas today... love it!! Thanks!