Friday, December 18, 2009

"Hotsy Totsy"

This crazy kid came in and said, "Hey mom. I 'hotsy totsy'!"
That is what I always call her when she gets all dressed up in what I have come to call her "gear"!
That hot pink chest on the fireplace is her dress up chest.
And the contents are typically all over the den floor! I mean ALLLLL over the den floor! Except for this purse and hotsy totsy headband!
Right about here is where she came in and made her announcement! Is she proud of herself or what?!
and there is that same pose!

yep, Ellie. Very Hotsy totsy!
I happened to call DeeDee last week and ask her if she thought she could make Ellie Sue a few headbands for Christmas. I measured, and DeeDee obliged. Ellie is alllll about some headbands! Especially if they have sequins or glitter!
When I asked her this week what Santa was going to bring her she said,

"a purse. A baby doll. bracelets. Dress up clothes. annnnnd headbands!"
The girl KNOWS what she wants! And do you see a theme there?!
Dee Dee. Hurrrrrrry! We NEED those headbands!



MLP said...


Pining for Pinterest said...

So cute!

Debbie said...

Oh my goodness, that girl is adorable!! What fun she must be!! Christmas will be fun at your house!!!

Merry Christmas
God Bless~
Debbie Jean

kate523 said...

LOL! You have Hotsy Totsy... I have Batman/Flash/Superman. My 5 year old son runs around with an old recieving blanket attached with a hair tie around his neck.

I think you're in for some trouble in about 15 years! Enjoy, it doesn't get any better then this!

Merry Christmas

Amy K said...

Oh my, she is just precious...and definitely Hotsy Totsy! I'm really diggin' the shoes too. :)

Anonymous said...

Too cute!!!! My favorite are the pajamas -- nothing like a sweet smelling baby girl in her pj's. I have three granddaughters and two grandsons and when they are in their pj's they melt my heart. It's snuggle time at my house!!!!

Love your family -- what joy!!!!
Merry Christmas and God Bless You and Your family (extended family as well)


Jenn said...

Mo - All these little girls are just rotten! (in a good way of course) I have a seven year old and we have told her so many times that she is beautiful she tells US now that SHE is beautiful. I wonder if she will be saying this as a teenager to all her boyfriends? Your girls are too cute! :) Have a great day!

Beth E. said...

And she can WORK IT, too! Little miss hotsy totsy is so adorable. I could just squeeze her!

Christie said...

Yes Ellie you are hotsy totsy!!!

snekcip said...

Like my Bree says' AWW SHUCKY NOW!!! LOL!!

Belinda said...


Kara K said...

Mo, I got the necklaces ("KK" and "A") today. LOVE THEM! They were worth the wait, and I really am sad you had to remake them. But thank you--they will make my Christmas (and my sister's) very merry indeed!