Friday, November 6, 2009

To be mailed soon!

I have had so much interest lately in my canvases. And lo and behold, I have NOWHERE for folks to go and see them! I suppose I am not a very savvy business woman! I am presently working on a Mojoy website, which should make this easier. Likewise, I think I may load it them up on my Flickr account, down the right side of my home page of the blog so I can at least have a place for people to come see them in one spot. Capiche?

Anyhoo... these are for the Lameiers!

Hope you like them. That is one 11x14 Santa with "Believe", an 11x14 Snowman with The Duvalls, and an 11x 14 Snowman with The Lameiers.
Order complete. Check.
And this little beauty is for my friend, Julie. I thought about her along time ago because the three presents just kind of reminded me of her three boys.
Soooooo.... we added their names on the Christmas presents with little tags.
Don't you think this is plum cute? Jill Jeffers Jeffries Johnson, (and you too, Missy), I would need a much bigger canvas to accommodate all of your presents!
Cassandra, do you even still read the blog? Well, I added a strip of glitter to your Believe and I LOVE it now! I will be sending it soon. I need your address! Send it please. Oh, and Mary Hussman, if you are reading, I need yours too. I made your star canvas a LONG time ago, but haven't had a place to send it! (with your grandchild's birthdate!)
Angela, I can't promise, but I put five little canvases in a box for you yesterday. At least one of them was a little present one like this...
Or maybe it was this one? There was someone else who wanted three 8x10 presents and some of these are going in that little box too.
And then... for three little doll babies....
We have a princess crown, complete with rhinestones...
that I went out and got after I saw the completed project and felt it MUST have bling... for Lindsay!
A basketball for sweet little Kelly.
There you go, Kelly.
And lest we forget...
a softball for Caroline!
I think they looked pretty "girly " considering they were sports themed.
and then, we have this one too.
It is a tiny little thing that will probably be going in a box to someone who orders multiple 8x10s as many have for teacher gifts. Have i mentioned that I give a discount for those who order five or more? It ends up being a pretty significant discount. And a pretty good deal for anyone who has to buy multiple gifts. ($20 each. ) OH, and let me clarify.... if you decide to do this, expect a simpler design, an ornament, polka dots, a stocking, Christmas tree/ bell etc. I can't rock out those three present suckers or snowmen as they are more labor intensive! Sorry about that. But hey, it's 20 bucks, and what were you going to give them? a box of pecans? (that's for you, Susan!)
Many of you have asked that I contribute to various fundraisers. I got asked for three in two days this week. Being on the receiving end of MANY donations through Jake's foundation, I am always willing to help when I can. Understand that I am so far behind on my orders that any "free" (hahahahaha) time I have, I need to spend on getting those out! I did, however, have a partially completed canvas that I gave to my buddy, Tashia this week.
The cheerleaders were having a fundraiser (Rebel Runway... the style show Ellie and Gabbi were in last night), and I told her to come by after lunch, and the glitter should be ready to roll.
It is a busy one, but I thought it turned out pretty cool. Especially for a bunch of teenage girls! Who DOESN'T love glitter?!
And lastly, dude... I wish I could remember who this is for. I just don't have my little order book with me at the present....
But it is someone who asked for "Let it Snow" with a tiny "Believe". See the tiny Believe on Snowman's hat?! Look close!
So, that is what is going out this weekend or Monday, whichever works out!

For the many of you who continue to ask....
8x10= $35
16x20= $60
18x24= $85

And typically $10 for shipping.
K. Have a good weekend!



breanna said...

Wow!!! I think each set gets more awesome!!! LOVE that Santa...adorable!! And the glittery one for Tasha!

jneman said...

These are awesome!
What do you use to create the texture?

MLP said...

These are just the!!! I am still ordering one for Baby Boy Love...just trying to decide on the paint color for his room and a name. I love how you put the girls' names on the basketball and softball. I'd love that on my boy's football. You rock, sistah!!!

Lori Curran said...

I have to tell you - you simply amaze me. Everytime I think I am getting tired or overwhelmed, I just think of you - all of your gifts and talent and E-N-E-R-G-Y! You really do inspire me to live life to it's fullest... Thank you!

Lori from Oregon...