Saturday, November 7, 2009

Rebel Runway 2009

Ok, let's talk FASHION SHOW!

The local high school's cheerleaders were having a fundraiser. They asked local businesses to donate clothes and have models (mostly the cheerleaders and also a few teachers and coaches... oh and a few ADORABLE little kids) don the clothes and strut their stuff right down the runway!
This is us getting ready backstage. If I could make one suggestion, it would be that the "little kids" go on EARLY in the show. Two hours into it, and we were still trying to just keep it all together. Clothes clean, kids happy, snacks without disaster, etc. This was Ellie's first outfit.
And soon thereafter, we were in this one! Please note the TWO eyed owl!
This is Annalee, Maddi, Ellie and Angel Grace.
JIn went on in and took a seat where I could wheel mine in and out so they didn't lose their minds with all the "backstage" hustle and bustle. Ok, ok. so I didn't lose MY MIND!
Would you look at this PRECIOUS owl corduroy awesomely sweet and adorable dress? It was a Maddi hand me down, but actually from Spoiled Rotten, so it got to make the show!
Here is another shot of our little models.
And this is the BIG group. Or at least about half of them.
Ellie was totally mesmerized.
Look at her here. Because it was a fashion show, the girls were OVER THE TOP in accessories! Nirvana for Ellie! SHe would tell every one of them... "I love your necklace. I love your earrings too." "Are those your earrings? Did my mama make them. Oh. DId you buy them at the store?" Seriously. She is HUNG up on jewelry!!
ANd so the show began.
Yep. I think this is actually mink! Dang. Where's the love, Spoiled Rotten?
Bow chicka wow wow.
and finally the "important" people! First up... Emma Lou!
And just about as quickly as she made it to the end of the runway, she was flipping around and heading back. Emma. I expected a SHOW at the end of that runway!
Maddi refused to walk, but I was at the end of the runway anyway to try and coax them all to the end. When she saw me, we got this big grin.
And the youngest in the show.
Gabbi Girl also saw mom and cheesed it up.
And then, Miss Sassy Pants, just took right off, like this wasn't her first rodeo.
I am not totally convinced that she wouldn't have walked alone! But, you know... it IS Ellie we are talking about and there are edges on that stage.
Yes. That's right. NOW we have a ONE eyed owl. Way to go SUe.
La de da... just another day of being fabulous!
Daddy was in the audience with a video camera, like any good daddy would be.

ANd here is the whole Spoiled Rotten crew!
It was pretty fabulous. It also confirmed to me that my girls will NOT be doing pageants. The stress. The drama. The wardrobe changes. Not me!



Kathryn said...

How wonderful! What lovely girlies dressed like little girlies!

Sandy said...

Girl you are too funny. Those babies (big girls) you have are just precious. I love Ms Gabbi and Ms Ellie all so grown up. Ellie might just give a pagent a whole new She could definitely show girls how it is to be done with all her accerories.

MLP said...

I couldn't wait for this post! Your girls did FABULOUS! I am so impressed!!!

And I love the clothes! Darling stuff!!!

Teresa @ Grammy Girlfriend said...

Loved this post....Great way to end this Sat night

Liloia Family said...

Too Cute!! What fun. That was cute about Ellie loving jewelry and asking all the "big kids" about where they got it. She is such a doll.

Carrie said...

Oh, that looks like so much fun! The grilies and the outfits are adorable :) Can't believe how big they are getting already.

Kenzie Holley said...

Cute! I love the outfits on the girls! Especially the owl outfits!


jneman said...

Very Cute! Does Spoiled Rotten have a website to order from?

Beth E. said...

Wait 'til those young'uns get older...they'll be struttin' their stuff just like those cheerleaders! Sheesh...scary thought, isn't it?

They did a great job and looked adorable! I agree with you. Having them at the beginning of the show would seem to make sense!

breanna said...

I CANNOT believe she got an eye off!!! ELLIEEEEEE!!!