Thursday, November 5, 2009

Random. In all its glorious randomness!!

So, tonight, I decided to just look back at pictures I have taken recently and throw together a big ol' potluck of fun times!

Let's start with what we sometimes do in therapy! After all, our two girlies on the top are cheerleaders! So, that is what we focus on in PT!
And here we have Grandpa Munster!
Cool breeze in the backseat, wearing her daddy's shades. Oh, and of course, with a purse of "things".
And especially for you Jill Jeffries, you Dingo wearing mama! Our new house!

Coming right on up, wouldn't you say?
My pretty, pretty little Gabbi Girl in her not so pretty high chair. (Tonight Ellie and Gabbi were in their first fashion show! Expect pictures soon!!)
Ellie getting herself tickled silly by her daddy!
My fun Halloween decorations in the waiting room in Monroe Clinic.
Shelbi Lou holding the goody we gave our chillin' at the clinic for Halloween.
And finally a pose that says, "I am SOOO fabulous!".
Didn't I tell you.... random?!


snekcip said...


Anonymous said...

SHUT UP about the house! It's so stinkin' small. Are you sure you shouldn't have added that "other wing" onto the back. I mean, my art room needs to be separate from yours and I don't think you're going to have enough space!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! ;)

Who rocks that small house?
The cheerleaders rock that house
and when the cheerleaders rock that house
they rock it all the way down!

Sandy said...

Great "potluck", your house is coming along great. Ellie looks like a DIVA!!, Gabbi is just beautiful. Did you make the Believe sign in the picture of your waiting room? if not where did you get it. I love it.

Christy said...

House is looking good! Do you have an estimated move in date? I'm sure you can't wait, but I bet you're dreading the packing...ugh. The girls are cute, as always.

Kathryn said...

Oh, I love potluck pictures! Your new house is going to be beautiful. Lots of room for parties and purses, dollies and dresses. I am going to have to dig out a picture of our youngest daughter coming out of her room at age 2 so proud that she had dressed herself w/o any help! Let's just say it was interesting.

MaryH said...

Random is great fun! More, More, please, about the house! It looks wonderful.

Unknown said...

Munster hair....I love it! The house looks great. I think the last time you should a picture it was just a slab of cement.

Anonymous said...

See? The house pictures were a HIT!!! Anytime you need blogging advice, I'm here for ya!hahaha!
BTW- They are not Dingos! They are FRYES and they are FABULOUS!!!!
Lastly, get on my blog and look at the picture of my husband. I think he looks like Don. Tell me what you think!=)

Melissa said...

Oh Ellie! She is just adorable.

Kenzie Holley said...

The house looks great! It's really big! Cute pics of the girls!! They are so pretty!!


MLP said...

Lovin' all the random!!! Can't wait to see fashion show pics!

The house looks amazing! So happy for you guys!!!